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Alumni Advisory Boards

Alumni Advisory Board Operations

AAB1 - Alumni have taken advantage of the opportunity to participate in events such as candidate and initiate ceremonies and service and philanthropy projects with the undergraduate chapter.

AAB2 - The alumni are very involved in formal recruitment. The chapter has set up an alumni night where about forty alumni come and meet potential candidates during formal recruitment week. During the dinner, an alum is invited to provide a keynote speech, and time is set aside for the alumni to speak individually with the potential new members. 

AAB3 - One best practice that I tried to do was to identify the future alumni leaders of the various alumni groups. As the president, I kept a list of collegians that I felt had the leadership qualities that would be useful in a future alumni volunteer role. I also took it upon myself to try to prepare these collegians by sharing with them the things that the alumni groups do and would invite them to our meetings so they could understand the purpose and design of the group. I would also let them report to the chapter the proceedings of the meetings and only insert comments where needed. I think this encouraged a great deal of constructive dialog between the alumni and collegians and prepared that future volunteer for being in a role of an advisor or board member. 

AAB4 - Alumni attend chapter meetings, recruitment events, and brotherhood activities, and, each week, the Alumni Relations Chairman invites at least one alumni member to attend the weekly chapter meeting.

AAB5 - Each month, a meeting is held between the Executive Council of the house and the Alumni Advisory Board members. Each officer reports on what they have done in the previous month, and the advisory board and other executive council members give feedback and new ideas to build upon the tasks at hand.  The Advisory Board helps make sure that each officer fulfills the duties entailed by his position.

AAB6 - The advisory board facilitates an annual officer training lasting about half a day. In this training, all officers are expected to present what they understand their role to be and how they intend to improve upon that role over the next year. Each officer is also provided with information on which alumni advisor is the most appropriate to rely on for advice in his office.

AAB7 - Alumni Advisory Board Overview

AAB8 - Alumni Advisory Board Chairman Job Description

AAB9 - Chapter Advisor Job Description

AAB10 - Financial Advisor Job Description

AAB11 - LEAD Advisor Job Description

AAB12 - Social and Risk Reduction Advisor Job Description

AAB13 - Recruitment Advisor Job Description

AAB14 - Alumni Relations Advisor Job Description

AAB15 - Role of a Faculty Advisor

AAB16 - Supporting Chapters during the Founders' Month of Service Webinar

AAB17 - Supporting Chapters in the Pursuit of Excellence Submission Process Webinar

AAB18 - Utilizing the Pursuit of Excellence Program Webinar

AAB19 - Supporting Chapters in Intellectual Development

AAB20 - Alumni Year-Round Recruitment Checklist

AAB21 - Sample AAB and Alumni Chapter Governance Model

AAB22 - Sample AAB Governance Model

AAB23 - Alumni Advisor Contact Sheet for Parents

AAB24 - Tips for Working with Individual Chapter Officers

AAB25 - Discussion Topics for Campus-Based Professional Staff

AAB26 - Discussion Topics for Division Commanders

AAB27 - Sample Alumni/Volunteer Transition Guide

AAB28 - Sample Alumni/Volunteer Code of Conduct

AAB29 - Sample Alumni Scholarship Committee

AAB30 - Sample Chapter Function Chart

Alumni Advisory Board Meeting Organization

AAB31 - Alumni Advisory Board Communication Tips

AAB32 - Sample Alumni Advisory Board Calendar

AAB33 - Alumni Advisory Board Meeting Agenda

AAB34 - Alumni Advisory Board Meeting Tips

AAB35 - Sample Alumni Advisory Board Minutes

AAB36 - Sample Alumni Advisory Board Action Plan

AAB37 - Sample Alumni Advisory Board Contact Matrix

Effective Advising

AAB38 - The chapter holds weekly lunch meetings with their Chapter Advisor to review chapter operations and improve alumni relations. This provides an informal setting that allows for more open conversation with the Chapter Advisor.

AAB39 - 2024 Alumni Institute

AAB40 - Supporting the Commander's Action Plan and Goal Setting

AAB41 - Making the Most of the Chapter Consultation Program Webinar

AAB42 - Supporting Chapter Officer Transitions Webinar

AAB43 - Resources for Working with Generation Z Students

AAB44 - Working with Today's College Student

AAB45 - Advisor Purpose - Advise Don't Dictate

AAB46 - Successful Habits of Alumni Advisors

AAB47 - The Importance of Communicating Confidence and Trust

AAB48 - 10 Ways to be an Effective Alumni Advisor

AAB49 - Sample LEAD Phase I, Session 5 Presentation

AAB50 - Sample All Chapter LEAD - Alumni Speaker Series

Recruiting Advisors

AAB51 - 8 Steps to Successful AAB Recruitment

AAB52 - Recruiting Alumni Advisors

AAB53 - Sample Alumni Advisory Board Recruitment Letter

AAB54 - Why do Alumni Volunteer? Overview

AAB55 - Recruiting Alumni Volunteers Webinar (2022)

AAB56 - Recruiting Alumni Volunteers Webinar (2024)

Call for Practices

If you have a great example or resource that you think should be included in the Best Practices Library, we want to know about it. Email your examples and resources to Todd Denson, Director of Alumni Advisory Programs, at todd.denson@sigmanu.org.

Additional Advising Resources

The perfect complements to the Alumni Best Practices Library are the specific advisor resources pages located at the links below. There you can access additional resources and volunteer advice for various advising positions.

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