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Pursuit of Excellence

The Pursuit of Excellence Program (PEP) is Sigma Nu Fraternity’s chapter assessment, standards, and improvement program. Unlike traditional “minimum standards” programs, the Pursuit of Excellence Program is designed to be a year-round planning, evaluation, and improvement program. These pages provide a full overview and details of the program’s structure, as well as resources designed to help chapters excel in pursuit of our mission.

Pursuit of Excellence Program Resources

Chapter Self-Assessment Resources

Pursuit of Excellence Awards

Rock Chapter Awards 

Program Overview

Pursuit Of Excellence Program Overview and FAQ

PEP Standards and Criteria for Excellence

These summary documents explain the program in greater detail and provide a full listing of the program’s standards, criteria for excellence, and available resources to achieve excellence.  

The program assesses chapter operations across three standards, broken into ten subcategories for measurement:

  1. Values-Based Leadership
    • Service and Philanthropy
    • Campus Leadership
    • Values Congruent Environments
  2. Personal Development and Membership Value
    • Intellectual Development
    • Candidate Development
    • Brother Development
    • Alumni Development
  3. Operational Excellence
    • Recruitment and Manpower
    • Chapter Operations
    • Governance and Accountability 

Chapters are annually evaluated in each subcategory. Annual evaluations take the form of a chapter self-assessment which is supplemented by feedback from an assessment team of advisors and staff. In the final assessment, each subcategory is evaluated on a seven point scale from poor to excellence. The full rating scale is provided below.

Poor Substandard Fair Acceptable Good Very Good Excellence

A rationale for each rating is communicated to the chapter along with recommendations for improvement. Chapters receiving an overall level of excellence for one of the three standard areas are recognized for the Pursuit of Excellence in that standard and chapters which maintain an overall level of excellence for a period of three years or more are recognized as Rock Chapters.

All chapters of the Fraternity are required to submit documentation for the Pursuit of Excellence Program each year. Chapters should utilize the Self-Assessment Guide to complete the Chapter Self-Assessment Booklet by April 30.

Failure to submit by April 30 will result in a suspension of the chapter. This suspension prohibits the chapter from hosting, co-hosting, sponsoring, or participating in any events with alcohol.

If after a period of six months the chapter has still not submitted documentation, all activities of the chapter will be suspended.

Chapters receiving an achievement level below "Acceptable" in a subcategory must submit a plan of action for improvement in that area to the General Fraternity. 

PEP Chapter Improvement Plan Guidelines 

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