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Operational Excellence

Below are resources to pursue excellence in Recruitment and Manpower, Chapter Operations, and Governance, and Accountability. Also, for chapter officers, consult your Officer Resource Page for additional resources specific to your officer position.

Recruitment and Manpower | Chapter Operations | Governance and Accountability

Recruitment and Manpower

  • 50 Ways - Practical steps to strengthening your chapter's recruitment strategy. 
  • Best Practices - The Recruitment and Manpower portion of the Best Practices Library.
  • Chapter Event Notice - Post this notice in a prominent location at all in-person chapter events held during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Potential New Member FAQs - Answers to commonly asked questions from potential new members.
  • Recruitment and Manpower Action Plan - Planning tool for determining the chapter's goals and strategies for recruitment and manpower. 
  • Recruitment and Initiation Metrics - Calculator to help forecast future recruitment class needs to meet the chapter’s ideal size.
  • Recruitment Call Talking Points - Even if doing some recruitment activities in-person, your members are likely going to need to do some recruiting via phone. Use this resource to help make those calls productive.
  • Recruitment Chairman Officer Resource Page - Collection of resources, including the officer manual, for the Recruitment Chairman position.
  • Recruitment Presentation - PowerPoint template for a potential member presentation.
  • Recruitment Values Workshop - Facilitate a discussion on the important role values plays in the recruitment process.
  • Values-Based Recruitment - Developing and implementing an effective year-round recruitment plan in a time of social distancing and virtual operations.
  • Virtual Recruitment Best Practices - A collection of best practices for engaging in recruitment while operating virtually has been added to the new Virtual Operations section of the Best Practices Library.
  • Year-Round Recruitment - Review the recruitment section of the Fraternity's website for all the Fraternity's recruitment-related resources.
  • Growth Strategies and Recommendations for effectively navigating the impact of disrupted operations. This resource was created by Phired Up, Techni Phi, and the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values, a consortium of fraternity/sorority consulting and education organizations.
  • Phired Up’s Guide to Digital Recruitment - This resource includes the four likely scenarios to plan for, nine digital recruitment principles, three council-specific scenarios, and twenty-three specific tactical recommendations.
  • Multimedia Materials - Sigma Nu-specific video materials for sharing on chapter social media channels or through direct communication with potential new members and/or parents.
  • Greek Parent Orientation - a video created by LaunchPoint, fraternity/sorority member education consulting firm, for parents of prospective new members.
Recruitment Webinars

The Fraternity held a live three-webinar series that covered the recruitment scenarios chapters should prepare for, how to generate names and leads using new and traditional marketing tools, and how to extend bids in a virtual environment. Each webinar also includes a brief "Key Takeaways" page for future reference.

Webinar 1 - The Facts, The Reality
Recording on YouTube
Key Takeaways

Webinar 2 - Lead Generation
Recording on YouTube
Key Takeaways

Webinar 3 - Recruit!
Recording on YouTube
Key Takeaways

Webinar 4 – Virtual Formal Recruitment
Recording on YouTube
Key Takeaways

Webinar 5 – Socially Distanced Formal Recruitment
Recording on YouTube
Key Takeaways

Webinar 6 – Chapter Recruitment Q&A Panel
Recording on YouTube

Chapter Operations

Governance and Accountability

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