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Phase III: The Light of Truth

Phase III offers an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills developed throughout Phases I and II. This phase takes a "Leadership Lab" approach that drives participants to refine their skills while benefiting their university, fraternity/sorority, and local community. 

LEAD Phase III Introduction and Coach's Manual

The Introduction and Coach’s Manual provides an explanation and instructions for: implementing and managing Phase III; scheduling module completion and cohort meetings; recruiting and utilizing a LEAD Coach; as well as resources and guidance notes for cohort meetings.

Online Resource Library

Each phase also includes an online resource library of supplemental and reference material for session facilitators and participants who are interested in learning more. Review of this content provides a deeper dive into each topic. For Phase III, the online resource library also includes project descriptions and instructions for each module.

LEAD Phase III Session Descriptions

Orientation Session & Kickoff

This session serves as an introduction to Phase III of the LEAD Program. Participants will be introduced to the “Leadership Lab” approach, begin creating a community through interactive activities and set a schedule for their independent work and cohort meetings.

Module 1: Organizational Development

How do organizations make progress? Change? This session will introduce you to key concepts about organizational development and Peter Senge's concept of Learning Organizations. You will plan and facilitate a retreat, goal setting workshop or teambuilding workshop with another campus organization.

Module 2: Personal Development

Part of your growth during college has been discovering who you are and how you want to live your life day to day. Self-awareness is vital in the interview process and in selling yourself to others. This session will give you tools you can utilize to help you assess your skills, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Module 3: Effective Change

The only constant in today's society is change. To excel, we need to learn to be more flexible as individuals in working through change. As members in organizations, we need to understand the change process and how to implement change. In this session, you will focus on Effective Change by selecting a change project to address.

Module 4: Career Development

The next year will be a time for making many decisions about your future. You may still have some questions about what you want to do after graduation. Maybe you have your choices narrowed down to a particular field but aren't sure what position will be a good fit for you. This session will help you assess your skills and give you information that will assist you in making decisions about your future.

Module 5: Social Change

Social Change is about making a difference and impacting a large group of people. It starts with you and your cohort group identifying a need in your community. In the session, you'll learn how to use service to impact social change.

Module 6: Ethics

In a recent study with CEOs, honesty was listed as the most important characteristic to look for in prospective employees. As a Sigma Nu, you have learned that living a life based on the Cardinal Principles can help you become successful. This session will help you take a closer look at ethics and understand personal morals, and values and principles in the working world.

Module 7: Problem Solving

What is the best way to work through a problem and produce viable options? How can you ensure that you've looked at a problem through the views of all those involved? This session will focus on problem solving and teach you several techniques to use in addressing problems in organizations.

Wrap Up

This session will serve as a conclusion to Phase III. Participants will reflect on their Phase III experience and provide feedback on the program.

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