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Ambassador Program

What is the Black & Gold Society Ambassador Program?

The Black & Gold Ambassador Program is an outreach strategy for alumni advocates to promote the Black & Gold Society. Through this peer-to-peer strategy, Ambassadors recruit their fellow alumni asking them to make an annual gift of at least $1,000 ($84/month) to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation.  

Although the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation staff is continuously cultivating and soliciting Sigma Nu alumni and friends in support of the mission of the Fraternity throughout the year, the Black & Gold Society Ambassadors Program empowers alumni volunteers to greatly expand our network of donors. 

Why is the Black & Gold Society Ambassador role crucial to Sigma Nu Fraternity?

Last year, we had less than 300 alumni who gave at the $1,000+ level to be a Black & Gold Society member. In comparison, several of our peer fraternities have between 750 and 1,000 alumni members of their similar society.  

Black & Gold Society members are the bedrock of Sigma Nu donors. As a group, they allow Sigma Nu to move forward and provide the type of positive Sigma Nu experience that can be transformational to collegiate brothers.  Without them, we would fall behind and not be able to remain a top-tier fraternity.  

How do Black & Gold Society Ambassadors enlist alumni support for the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation?

The annual tasks for a Black & Gold Society Ambassador are manageable and include: 

Identify 10-15 alumni brothers who you believe had a positive Sigma Nu Fraternity experience and are capable of giving at the Black & Gold level.  

Doing outreach to the 10-15 alumni you identified: once in the fall and in the spring – the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation’s most productive fundraising months. Ambassadors contact Sigma Nu alumni they know through personal notes and telephone calls. The goal of this outreach is to build relationships, communicate the mission of Sigma Nu Fraternity and secure philanthropic support. You share why you believe in Sigma Nu and about the opportunity to make an impact as a Black & Gold Society member.

Is there Onboarding provided for Black & Gold Society Ambassadors?

Yes, we provide an online Onboarding session for all new Black & Gold Society Ambassadors. In addition, Ambassadors have a full set of resources including sample emails, talking points, and information about the Black & Gold Society. 

Am I Qualified to Serve as a Black & Gold Society Ambassador?

You are qualified to serve as a Black & Gold Society Ambassador if:

  1. You are passionate about Sigma Nu Fraternity.
  2. You understand, support and can communicate the vision and mission of Sigma Fraternity.
  3. You are ready to help protect, strengthen and advance Sigma Nu Fraternity.
  4. You are willing to encourage other Sigma Nu Fraternity alumni to follow your lead by making a leadership annual gift of $1,000 or more to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation. 

If you are interested in serving your Fraternity as a Black & Gold Society Ambassador, complete the Sign-Up Form. If you have any questions, please contact us at (540) 463-1030 or email foundation@sigmanu.org

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