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Alumni Chapter Petition & Charter

No two alumni chapters are the same. There are components, though, that must be a part of any successful alumni chapter. Some of those components are requirements of The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., and some are best practices that have proven to be effective for all alumni chapters.

An alumni chapter must include the following:

  • Charter
  • Governance structure
  • Operations

The Charter, and the process by which it is obtained, is a simple, two-step process.

  1. A petition for charter of an alumni chapter MUST be signed by 10 alumni in good standing.
  2. The petition MUST be approved by the High Council.

Per The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., Article Three, Section 4 - Chartering of an Alumni ChapterThe Council shall grant and issue charters for the organization and establishment of Alumni Chapters.

4.1 PETITION. The petition for a charter shall be addressed to the Council of SIGMA NU FRATERNITY, INC. or to the Grand Chapter of SIGMA NU FRATERNITY, INC. Only Alumni Brothers of a Collegiate Chapter may petition for a Charter for an Alumni Chapter to bear the name of the Collegiate Chapter. The petition must be signed by not fewer than ten initiated Alumni Brothers of the FRATERNITY in Good Standing. 

How to File a Petition

  1. Recruit a group of 10 chapter alumni to the effort of establishing the alumni chapter.
  2. Download and sign the Petition for Charter
  3. Submit the completed petition to the General Fraternity, via email, to the Director of Member Engagement.

Upon receipt, the petition will be reviewed, and the signing members confirmed. Once that review is complete, the petition will be placed on the High Council's agenda for review and approval. The determination of the High Council will be communicated to the petitioning members.

The Charter

The charter is a license which authorizes a group to operate as a Sigma Nu affiliate. This license represents the alumni chapter's right to represent Sigma Nu, to use its rituals, emblems and other official markings. Without this license and High Council recognition, an alumni chapter cannot be considered a part of the Fraternity. This license may be revoked by the High Council, if a group fails to uphold the values of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

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