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Phase IV: The End...The Beginning

Phase IV provides an opportunity for graduating members to refine specific skills to be successful in the years immediately following their graduation, as well as an opportunity to continue their committed involvement in the collegiate chapter. 

LEAD Phase IV Facilitator Manual

The Facilitator Manual provides instructions and updated session guidance notes for implemented the redesigned Phase IV programming.

Online Resource Library

Each phase also includes an online resource library of supplemental and resource material for session facilitators and participants who are interested in learning more. Review of this content provides a deeper dive into each topic.

LEAD Phase IV Session Descriptions

LEAD Phase IV Introduction
What do I need to get Phase IV started in my chapter? Who facilitates Phase IV sessions? What are some activities that I can do for my senior members? These are questions that can be answered in this section.

Orientation & Kickoff: Senior Class Retreat
What can you do to leave a legacy after you graduate? What can you do to mentor and teach younger brothers in the chapter? How can you have a positive influence on others and be a role model? This retreat will provide a kickoff to Phase IV and get participants thinking about how they can contribute during their senior year.

Session 1: Negotiating Salary Offers
What are the steps in negotiating salary offers? What kind of research do you need to do on companies? What do you need to know about yourself? This session will give participants information on the steps of negotiating salary offers, share questions to be prepared for in the negotiating process and focus on the do's and don'ts in the process.

Session 2: Networking
What is networking? How do you use your network to get maximum results? Where are the best places to network? This session will focus on networking, an essential skill for success in life. Participants will learn the steps in networking, how to "work a room" and participate in a networking simulation.

Session 3: Servant Leadership
How do you continue to be a leader after graduation? What role can you play in the company, community and organization you belong to? During this session, participants will be introduced to some of the concepts of servant-leadership and will be invited to take measure of themselves as leaders, both as designated leaders and situational leaders. This session will also focus on how participants can apply the principles of servant leadership in the different roles in their lives.

Session 4: Managing Your Money After Graduation
How do you deal with all the expenses that come following graduation? How do you manage debt from car and school loans? How do you start investing? Participants will learn about managing their debt, creating a realistic budget, basic investing principles and financial planning.

Session 5: Conflict
Learning how to work through conflict in the workplace and in your personal life is vital. This session will focus on conflict and provide specific steps in dealing with conflict. Participants will learn about their conflict style by completing the Conflict Style Inventory, address specific conflict situations through case studies and learn about other key issues in conflict.

Session 6: Success Tips for the First Year on the Job
What are the keys to success during the first year? How can you get ahead and make a good impression? How should build positive work relationships with co-workers? Supervisor? This session will focus on the First Year on the Job and how to build a foundation for your success. Participants will learn about the experiences from a young alumnus, get tips on how to make the most of their first year and ideas on how to be a "star" at work.

Wrap Up
This session serves as a conclusion to Phase IV. Participants will reflect on their Phase IV experience and provide feedback on the program. Participants will also receive information and participate in activities related to graduation and their transition from collegiate to alumnus member.

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