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Best Practices Library

Values Congruent Environments

Chapter House Management

VCE1 - For members who do not do their house duties on time the chapter has an accountability mechanism called the 'wheel of justice'. On the wheel of justice are the less desirable house duties that every member only does once or twice a quarter, the wheel is spun, and that member draws a name as well and he takes that member's less than desirable cleaning duty.

VCE2 - The chapter utilizes a House Director, with two House Managers as assistants. The House Director is responsible primarily for proactively identifying areas in the chapter house that need improvement, while the house managers organize and enforce cleaning schedules.

VCE3 - The chapter has in place a bylaw that requires members to live in the chapter house for one full year. This ensures the house is always full.

VCE4 - The chapter has implemented a Chapter House Damages Contract/Committee to deal with house damages and hold members and alumni accountable for any damages they may cause.

VCE5 - The House Corporation has a property manager hired to oversee the chapter house and conduct all necessary maintenance. The property manager is responsible for ensuring the house is up to all local fire and building codes/ordinances. The House Corporation is billed directly for all services. This practice has helped the chapter in keeping the facility clean, well maintained, and safe for all members and guests.

VCE6 - Sample House Maintenance Plan 1

VCE7 - Sample House Maintenance Plan 2

VCE9 - Sample House Chores Assignment 

VCE10 - Sample Dish Cleaning Schedule

VCE11 - Sample House System Manager

VCE12 - Room Selection Tool (PC Users Excel 2013 or Newer)

Educational Programming

VCE13 - The chapter partners with the campus student organization One in Four, whose purpose is to prevent sexual misconduct, by educating men on the topic and training them how to support women who are victims of sexual abuse/assault. The members open the chapter house regularly for group meetings and assist in leaflet distribution to promote the organization.

Social Events and Risk Management

VCE14 - The chapter's Risk Reduction Chairman requires Comprehensive Risk Management reports (CRMs) for every planned social event prior to the event taking place.

VCE16 - The chapter uses a modified form of the Army's "Composite Risk Management" system in preparation for social events. With his committee, the Risk Reduction Chairman identifies potential risks facing an event, identifies ways to mitigate the risk, and the assesses the risk level posed after implementing mitigating strategies. Sober monitors also wear vests that identify them to brothers and guests during events.

General Fraternity Resources

GFVCE1 - Chapter Housing Operations Room Condition Report

GFVCE2 - Chapter Facility Self-Inspection Checklist

GFVCE3 - Social Planning Guide

GFVCE4 - We Have a Situation Guide

GFVCE5 - Code of Conduct Form

GFVCE6 - Special Event Request Form

GFVCE7 - Values Congruent Environments Action Plan

GFVCE8 - House Maintenance Checklists

Call for Practices

If you have a great example or resource that you think should be included in the Best Practices Library, we want to know about it. Send your examples and resources to Austin Lloyd, Director of Chapter Services, at austin.lloyd@sigmanu.org.

Additional Officer Resources

The perfect complement to the Best Practices Library is the specific chapter officer resources page. Here you can access additional resources and the chapter officer manual for each officer. Also be sure to check out the following pages on the Fraternity's service and philanthropy related resources: 

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