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Recruitment Chairman

This webpage consolidates the many resources pertinent to your specific position in order to provide a 360-degree view of what tools are available. It is recommended you take the time to review the resources on this page shortly after election, as it will help you better prepare as Recruitment Chairman. Throughout your tenure in this position, you will undoubtedly be faced with some difficult challenges. Trust that this webpage will serve as an easily accessible source to help you meet those challenges. Good luck!

Primary Resources

These resources pertain to the specific expectations of your position. It is recommended that you start by reviewing your officer manual, as all other links on this webpage stem from the information in the manual.

Recruitment Chairman Manual

The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

The Law is the Fraternity's constitution. It sets membership requirements, standards of conduct, and the framework for the operation of all entities of the Fraternity, including collegiate chapters. The Law also includes the Trial Code - a set of due process rules and procedures for disciplining initiated members.

Risk Reduction Policy

Along with The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. the Risk Reduction Policy provides our constituents with specific policies on areas such as the education of initiates and candidates, activities of the chapter, premises of the chapter and hazing.

Pursuit of Excellence Evaluation Guidelines

As Recruitment Chairman, your role is most pertinent to the Recruitment and Manpower subcategory within the Pursuit of Excellence Program. This is a list of criteria for each operational area measured by the program. 

Recruitment and Manpower Action Plan

This resource facilitates strategic planning within the operational subcategory of Recruitment and Manpower (as defined by the Pursuit of Excellence Program). This action plan instructs the Recruitment Chairman and his committee on how to establish expectations, tasks, goals, and strategies relevant to the recruitment efforts of the chapter. 

The Recruitment Bluebook 

The Bluebook is a step-by-step instruction manual on how to create a values-based, year-round recruitment plan. It is the "nuts and bolts" or the "how to" of recruitment. Use the Bluebook as a guide to develop a year-round recruitment plan that your chapter will use. We believe The Recruitment Bluebook will revolutionize the way our chapters recruit. 

Values-Based Recruitment 

This link connects you to information on Sigma Nu's Values-Based Recruitment philosophy. On this page you will find additional resources and educational materials for aligning the Fraternity's values with your recruitment efforts.

Officer Transition Checklist

This checklist should be used by outgoing officers, so they know what to prepare and provide to their successors.

Officer Binder Checklist

This checklist will walk new or outgoing officers on the preparation of the Officer Binder/Notebook, an important resource for the officer transition process. 

Supplemental Resources

Although not directly related to the expectations of the position, these resources can help you execute them.

Sample Master Prospect List (MPL)

The Master Prospect List is the secret weapon of every good Recruitment Chairman. This resource outlines the standard elements that should be included in your MPL. 

Recruitment Skills Workshop 

Sigma Nu's Recruitment Skills Workshop is an interactive session for the whole chapter focusing on individual recruitment skills. For new members ready to start recruiting and upperclassmen brushing up on their skills, it is a great way to get your chapter ready for recruitment every semester. The workshop can be facilitated by the recruitment chairman and his committee, your chapter's leadership consultant or an alumni advisor. Click HERE to download the presentation

Chapter Recruitment Self-Evaluation

The Chapter Recruitment Self-Evaluation is best used during a Recruitment Committee Meeting or Chapter-Level Recruitment Meeting. This guide walks chapters through the process of determining their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats during recruitment.

Weekly Recruitment Committee Meeting Agenda and Chapter Report

This sample meeting agenda and Chapter Meeting Report outlines meeting topics for a standard Recruitment Committee Meeting and provides sample talking points for the Chapter meeting. 

Sample Prospective Member Email Templates

The email templates provide you with sample language to use as you reach out to prospective members on your campus. 

Chapter-Level Recruitment Meeting Agenda

Successful recruiting chapters understand that recruitment is a team effort. This sample agenda will walk you through a game plan meeting to be held with your chapter to get everyone on the same page. 

Sorority Referral Procedure

This sample resource provides you with a go to option for reaching out to sorority organizations on your campus to refer quality men for the fraternity. 

Barriers to Commitment

The Barriers to Commitment guide provides you with a set of responses to addressing some challenging questions Recruitment Chairmen hear on a regular basis as they recruit prospective members.

50 Ways to Strengthen Recruitment

Wish you had a list of recruitment ideas that could make all the difference? Here’s a listing of 50 things you and/or your chapter members can do RIGHT NOW that will greatly increase your chances for recruitment success!

Talk About Learn About Activity

Put your recruitment skills to the test with this interactive creative conversation exercise. This exercise is not for the recruitment rookies. Be prepared to challenge yourself.

Guidance for Virtual House Tours

This resource provides chapters, who are interested in creating a virtual house tour, with guidance and intstruction on making sure their videos are effective and a positive reflection of the chapter and Fraternity.

Mental Health Resource for Officers

This resource offers an interactive, online program – Behind Happy Faces Advisor Resource Series – to equip officers and volunteers with an understanding on how to care for the mental health of themselves and their members. The Advisor Resource Series is comprised of five 5-10-minute online modules that can be completed in one setting or spread out over as many sessions as you would like.

Best Practices LibraryBest Practices Library

This library includes activities, programs, processes, and practices that result in or lead to excellent performance. Practices were collected from Sigma Nu chapters across North America of every size, institutional type, and region of the country. The best ideas and practices that could and should be replicated by other chapters are found here.

The library allows users to sort through over 400 ideas, examples, and templates. Best practices are sorted by area of operations (as defined by the Pursuit of Excellence Program) and subcategorized by type (e.g. accountability ideas, events, finances). 

Common Alcohol-Related Issues 
Many of the most important decisions a chapter must make do not necessarily present themselves in a formal chapter setting, but rather on the weekends or during special campus sporting and alumni events. How to handle situations that could potentially alter the future of a chapter and its members is a pressing issue. This collection of "white papers" addresses common alcohol-related topics and instances that chapter leaders and members face on a potentially regular basis and at most, if not all, colleges and universities.

We Have A Situation

While each of the topics covered in this resource should be of importance to the entire chapter, the section listed below directly affects the Recruitment Chairman area of influence. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the entire resource and pay attention to the section listed here.

  • Guest Accountability

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