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One way that Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. supports its chapters in achieving organizational excellence is through regular coaching by professional staff members with chapter leaders and advisors. Our staff provides ongoing and personalized coaching and consultation services throughout the academic year to help chapters improve their operations and the overall Fraternity experience.

Schedules for each of our Leadership Consultants have been provided below. Quick links for each region are also provided.

Southwest Heartland Coastal Valley PEP Support Prairie
Northwest Northeast Peachtree Colonies (East) Colonies (West)

Austin Lloyd - Southwest Region

Eta Delta January 13th Zeta Upsilon February 8th
Zeta Omicron January 14th Eta Iota February 9th
Zeta Kappa January 19th Epsilon Omicron February 10th
Kappa Rho January 20th Iota Kappa February 11th
Beta Psi January 21st Zeta Xi February 15th
Zeta Chi January 25th Beta Chi February 16th
Mu Upsilon January 26th Epsilon Pi February 17th
Zeta Pi January 27th Kappa Pi February 18th
Zeta Psi January 28th Eta Tau February 22nd
Lambda Upsilon February 1st Eta Upsilon February 23rd
Lambda Chi February 2nd Iota Theta February 24th
Kappa Eta February 3rd Lambda Epsilon February 25th
Eta Phi February 4th    

Ryan Ewing - Northwest Region

Delta Tau January 13th Delta Rho February 4th
Gamma Chi January 14th Epsilon Lambda February 8th
Gamma Zeta January 18th Gamma Omicron February 9th
Epsilon Kappa January 19th Gamma Xi February 10th
Theta Sigma January 20th Epsilon Eta February 11th
Zeta Nu January 21st Epsilon Delta February 15th
Eta Theta January 25th Rho February 16th
Gamma Eta January 26th Sigma February 17th
Delta Omicron January 27th Delta Eta February 18th
Gamma Tau January 28th Mu Kappa February 23rd
Lambda Delta February 1st Epsilon Sigma February 24th
Gamma Kappa February 2nd Beta Omicron February 25th
Delta Iota February 3rd    

Hayden Pilcher - Heartland Region

Iota Gamma January 14th Nu Beta February 9th
Phi January 19th Nu Alpha February 10th
Theta Gamma January 20th Mu Beta February 11th
Lambda Phi January 21st Beta Theta February 15th
Iota Lambda January 25th Delta Epsilon February 16th
Gamma Upsilon January 26th Epsilon Beta February 17th
Mu Tau January 27th Delta Mu February 18th
Lambda Theta January 28th Nu February 19th
Theta February 1st Epsilon Epsilon February 22nd
Iota February 2nd Epsilon Zeta February 23rd
Epsilon Xi February 3rd Kappa Theta February 24th
Eta Zeta February 3rd Theta Alpha February 25th
Eta Nu February 4th    

Benjamin Astrum- Northeast Region

Delta Beta January 13th Delta Phi February 4th
Beta Iota January 14th Kappa Zeta February 9th
Delta Gamma January 18th Mu Chi February 10th
Epsilon Chi January 19th Beta February 11th
Eta Pi January 20th Delta Sigma February 15th
Kappa Lambda January 21st Gamma Delta February 16th
Gamma Pi January 25th Lambda Eta February 17th
Iota Delta January 26th Zeta Sigma February 18th
Theta Xi January 27th Delta Alpha February 22nd
Beta Rho January 28th Iota Sigma February 23rd
Mu Iota February 1st Beta Alpha February 24th
Mu Pi February 2nd Epsilon Theta February 25th
Kappa Delta February 3rd    

Michael Lay - Coastal Valley

Eta Omicron January 13th Eta Rho February 2nd
Theta Zeta January 14th Kappa Chi February 4th
Delta January 15th Nu Epsilon February 8th
Eta Mu (A) January 18th Mu Eta February 9th
Nu Delta January 20th Psi February 10th
Lambda Pi January 21st Gamma Gamma February 15th
Beta Tau January 25th Gamma Iota February 16th
Eta Beta January 26th Iota Beta February 17th
Eta Chi January 27th Zeta Theta February 22nd
Eta Epsilon January 28th Theta Theta February 23rd
Epsilon Rho January 29th Kappa Epsilon February 24th
Gamma Nu February 1st Gamma February 25th

Christopher Brenton - PEP Support Chapters

Gamma Phi January 19th Mu Phi January 28th
Theta Lambda January 26th Mu Rho February 2nd
Lambda Omicron January 27th Mu Zeta February 4th

Adam Girtz - Prairie

Theta Eta January 21st Gamma Mu February 11th
Lambda Gamma January 26th Beta Upsilon February 16th
Delta Theta January 28th Theta Nu February 18th
Gamma Beta February 2nd Epsilon Mu February 23rd
Theta Rho February 4th Beta Beta February 25th
Zeta Phi February 9th    

Anthony Tornini - Peachtree

Gamma Alpha January 18th Theta Pi February 16th
Mu Xi January 20th Iota Pi February 17th
Eta Gamma February 1st Mu February 22nd
Eta February 8th Kappa February 24th
Theta Kappa February 15th    

Rhys Collins - Colonies (West)

Iota Rho February 23rd Epsilon Alpha February 25th
Zeta Lambda February 24th    

Joey Rizzo - Colonies (East)

Florida Atlantic February 2nd Beta Zeta February 25th

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