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1869 Club

The opportunity

Are you a collegiate member of Sigma Nu who has had a positive Sigma Nu Fraternity experience? Do you feel you have grown as a person and leader during your time in Sigma Nu? If so, we ask you to consider joining the 1869 Club today. 

What is the 1869 Club?

The 1869 Club is Sigma Nu’s collegiate giving society for members who give at least $18.69 to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation during the fiscal year. With your support, the General Fraternity can provide an outstanding Sigma Nu Fraternity experience and continue to improve or expand our leadership development and educational programs for collegians at your chapter and all across the country. Your investment in Sigma Nu helps protect, strengthen and advance our Fraternity.

How do I join the 1869 Club?

Visit the Donate Now page and join your brothers in support of Sigma Nu! 

If you have questions, please contact the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation staff at foundation@sigmanu.org.

Why should you join the 1869 Club?                                   

The following are some reasons that collegians have joined the 1869 Club in the past year:

  1. I believe it is important that Sigma Nu remain a strong national fraternity.
  2. I believe it is important that Sigma Nu continue to provide the best leadership development program, the LEAD Program, for collegians in the fraternity and sorority community. 
  3. I believe it is important for Sigma Nu to hire outstanding Chapter Leadership Consultants to support, coach, and share best practices with chapter officers and chapter members.
  4. I believe it is important for Sigma Nu to be able to provide resources for chapters to build a strong brotherhood based on Love, Honor, and Truth.
  5. I believe it is important for Sigma Nu to provide a fraternity experience that has meaning and adds value. Not just one that is based on parties and social opportunities.
  6. I believe it is important for Sigma Nu to provide collegiate members with a strong network of more than 180,000 alumni.
  7. I believe it is important that we protect, strengthen, and advance Sigma Nu.
  8. I want my future son or nephew to be able to become a Brother in Sigma Nu.
  9. I believe it is important to keep the Sigma Nu Fraternity Headquarters Campus as our shrine and a place for brothers to visit.
  10. I believe it is important to keep my local chapter strong and I value the assistance and resources that Sigma Nu Fraternity provides to help our chapter move forward.

Learn why other Brothers have joined the 1869 Club

"Sigma Nu Fraternity has given me the opportunity to grow and learn vital leadership skills outside of the classroom. This place is not only a home in which I feel welcomed and supported but also is a place that cultivates motivation and success for my life beyond college. The different programs like College of Chapters and Sigma Nu Institutes funded by Sigma Nu Educational Foundation enables this experience to happen and supplements my growth as a member of my chapter and a leader at my university. I can easily reflect on how much of an impact Sigma Nu has made on my life and I want to share this to my fellow Sigma Nu’s across the United States through my gift."- Spencer Davis (UC Davis)

"I support the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation because it gives college kids like me access to build their leadership skills unlike anywhere else. The bond members have with Sigma Nu is special and lifelong, and the 1869 club is the perfect start for collegians to build a connection with an organization bigger than themselves. The undeniable need for leaders in our country largely depends on well educated collegians and I cannot think of a better organization to support and shape the impactful men of our future." - Kingsley Smith (Mississippi)

What are the benefits I receive for joining the 1869 Club?

$18.69 1869 Club Lapel Pin. Listing as a donor in The Delta.
$50.00 1869 Club lapel pin and 1869 Club T-Shirt. Listing as a donor in The Delta.
$125.00 1869 Club Lapel Pin, 1869 Club T-Shirt, and 1869 Club Nike Dri-Fit Polo. Listing as a donor in The Delta.
$250.00 1869 Club Lapel Pin, 1869 Club T-Shirt, 1869 Club Nike Dri-Fit Polo, and a Pathway of Honor Brick at Sigma Nu Fraternity Headquarters. Listing as a donor in The Delta.

Current 1869 Club Members (Fiscal Year 21)

Last Name First Name Chapter
Bennett Brendan Beta
Allen Reese Beta
Rudd Harrison Beta Theta
West Lowry Delta Epsilon
Flint Garrett Delta Mu
Kleisner William Delta Rho
Avers Brandon Delta Rho
Horning Sean Delta Tau
Byars Chase Epsilon Alpha
Huston  Matthew Epsilon Beta
Cup Choy Tyler John Epsilon Beta
Zarba Dominic Epsilon Chi
Garrett Joshua Epsilon Epsilon
Harpole  William Epsilon Eta
Brucker Kristopher Epsilon Eta
Coffey Charles Epsilon Theta
Peets Reed Epsilon Xi
McDow William Epsilon Xi
Knotts Luke Epsilon Zeta
Taylor Glenwood Eta Beta
Coffee Spencer Eta Delta
Boudreaux Michael Eta Nu
Huang Eric Eta Phi
Nuss Benjamin Eta Theta
Penn Liam Eta Theta
Beyer Adam Eta Theta
Welder Seth Eta Theta
Fier Matthew Eta Theta
Ehlert Robert Eta Theta
Stanius Mason Eta Theta
Larson Mitchell Eta Theta
Rohrich Blake Eta Theta
Greseth Connor Eta Theta
Martel Casey Eta Theta
Olson Trevor Eta Theta
Hills Devin Eta Theta
Ellison Trevor Eta Theta
Becker Chase Eta Theta
Bufton Kyle Eta Theta
Nelson Jack Eta Theta
Penn  Liam Eta Theta
Greseth Callan Eta Theta
Miller Andrew Eta Theta
Christian Corey Eta Theta
Nyhus Zachary Eta Theta
Zeich Justin Eta Theta
Smith Garrett Eta Upsilon
Graham Bailey Eta Upsilon
Roberson John Eta Zeta
Wood John Gamma
Tichvon Colin Gamma Beta
Deckard Chance Gamma Eta
Chambers Benjamin Gamma Iota
Moylan Finnegan Gamma Kappa
Defrancesco Jack Gamma Kappa
Mullaly Myles Gamma Kappa
Mullins Robert Gamma Kappa
Gamble Kyle Gamma Kappa
Ketcham Samuel Gamma Kappa
Hennessey Tristin Gamma Phi
Limone Kyle Gamma Pi
McWilliams  Dalton Gamma Upsilon
Thomas Andrew Gamma Xi
Thomas Jonathan Gamma Xi
Winingar Christian Gamma Xi
Allison Luke Gamma Xi
Lienemann Zachary Gamma Xi
Hylton Cecil Iota Beta
Konstantinidis Chris Iota Delta
Gallops Jaret Iota Lambda
Schouten Samuel Iota Pi
Goodwin Riordan Iota Theta
Peninger William Kappa
Stein Andrew Kappa
Maurer William Kappa
Weiss Brandon Kappa
Harris Bailey Kappa
Corrigan Sean Kappa
Haller Alexander Kappa
Hamilton Connor Kappa
Pardue James Kappa
White Lewis Kappa Chi
Radeschi Ethan Kappa Chi
Faulkner Matthew Kappa Epsilon
Griffiths John Kappa Lambda
McKernan Gabriel Kappa Lambda
Murach Nathan Kappa Lambda
Dalessandro Adam Kappa Lambda
Simmons Benjamin Kappa Lambda
Graham Cody Kappa Lambda
McCarty Dallas Kappa Lambda
Campo Jonathan Kappa Lambda
Merle Cameron Kappa Lambda
Patterson Austin Kappa Lambda
Crewson David Kappa Lambda
Springer Kevin Kappa Rho
Hubert Patrick Kappa Theta
DiSerio Francis Kappa Zeta
Gilliland Brock Lambda Epsilon
McLeod Dylan Lambda Phi
Dingwall Bryce Lambda Pi
McClintock Christopher Lambda Theta
Williams Noel Mu
Hartman Hill Mu
Ege Tyler Mu
Clements Leighton Mu
Gillett Matthew Mu Chi
Stratton Brycen Mu Chi
Price James Mu Chi
Nowlin Malik Mu Chi
Gray Douglas Mu Kappa
Chesney Micah Mu Rho
Townsend  Jordan Mu Tau
Bryan Woodrow Mu Upsilon
Cook Jonathan Mu Upsilon
Alexander Quadry Mu Upsilon
Bryan Woodrow Mu Upsilon
Carrejo John Paul Mu Upsilon
Gillem Mason Mu Upsilon
Cook Jonathan Mu Upsilon
Doss Benjamin Mu Upsilon
Durham Landon Mu Upsilon
Fortune Gabriel Mu Upsilon
Freebairn Joseph Mu Upsilon
Gee Karson Mu Upsilon
Hall Joshua Mu Upsilon
Jackson Zane Mu Upsilon
Kirksey Sammy Mu Upsilon
Maris Brayden Mu Upsilon
Martinez Christopher Mu Upsilon
Pence William Mu Upsilon
Perin Eli Mu Upsilon
Pokrifcsak Tate Mu Upsilon
Rowland Nathan Mu Upsilon
Sunby Will Mu Upsilon
Young Tyler Mu Upsilon
Arvizu Tomas Mu Upsilon
Bialka Nicholas Mu Zeta
Hall Reser Nu
Aguilera Logan Nu Alpha
Bearden William Nu Beta
Patel  Avinash Theta Kappa
Gollehon Samuel Theta Lambda
Marsh Evan Theta Theta
Sinclaire  Luke Theta Zeta
Avila Diego Zeta Chi
McGregor  Ryan Zeta Lambda
Johnson Anthony Zeta Nu
Plunkett Jay Zeta Nu
Turner Logan Zeta Nu
Yerkes Christian Zeta Omicron
Smith Ethan Zeta Phi
Hachicho Mustapha Zeta Psi
Owens William Zeta Upsilon
Garcia Rodolfo Zeta Upsilon
Polston Andrew Zeta Upsilon
Ament Peyton Zeta Upsilon
Hopkins John Zeta Upsilon
Vipond Thompson Zeta Upsilon
Frattura Dominic Zeta Upsilon
Smith Alexander Zeta Xi


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