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1869 Club

The opportunity

Are you a collegiate member of Sigma Nu who has had a positive Sigma Nu Fraternity experience? Do you feel you have grown as a person and leader during your time in Sigma Nu? If so, please join your fellow brothers in joining the 1869 Club today.

What is the 1869 Club?

The 1869 Club is Sigma Nu’s collegiate giving society for members who give at least $18.69 to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation during the fiscal year. 
With your support, the General Fraternity can provide an outstanding Sigma Nu Fraternity experience and continue to improve or expand our leadership development and educational programs for collegians at your chapter and across the country.
When you join the 1869 Club, you are supporting the brothers in your chapter and more than 10,500 brothers across the country.  
Your investment in Sigma Nu also helps protect, strengthen and advance our Fraternity.

How do I join the 1869 Club?

Visit the Donate Now page and join your brothers in support of Sigma Nu! We accept Venmo, Credit Cards and pledges.

If you have questions, please contact the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation staff at foundation@sigmanu.org.

Why should you join the 1869 Club?                                   

The following are some reasons that collegians have joined the 1869 Club in the past year:

  1. You want to support the brothers in your chapter and help develop their mind, heart and character.
  2. You believe it is important that Sigma Nu remain a strong national fraternity.
  3. You believe it is important that Sigma Nu continue to provide the best leadership development program, the LEAD Program, for collegians in the fraternity and sorority community.
  4. You believe it is important for Sigma Nu to hire outstanding Chapter Leadership Consultants to support, coach, and share best practices with chapter officers and chapter members.
  5. You believe it is important for Sigma Nu to build a strong brotherhood in your chapter and nationally based on Love, Honor and Truth.  provide resources
  6. You believe it is important for Sigma Nu to provide a fraternity experience that has meaning and adds value. Not just one that is based on parties and social opportunities.
  7. You believe it is important for Sigma Nu to provide collegiate members with a strong network of more than 180,000 alumni.
  8. You believe it is important that we protect, strengthen, and advance Sigma Nu.
  9. You want my future son or nephew to be able to become a Brother in Sigma Nu.
  10. You believe it is important to keep your local chapter strong. You also value the assistance and resources that Sigma Nu Fraternity provides to help our chapter move forward.

Learn why other Brothers have joined the 1869 Club

"Sigma Nu Fraternity has given me the opportunity to grow and learn vital leadership skills outside of the classroom. This place is not only a home in which I feel welcomed and supported but also is a place that cultivates motivation and success for my life beyond college. The different programs like College of Chapters and Sigma Nu Institutes funded by Sigma Nu Educational Foundation enable this experience to happen and supplements my growth as a member of my chapter and a leader at my university. I can easily reflect on how much of an impact Sigma Nu has made on my life and I want to share this to my fellow Sigma Nu’s across the United States through my gift."- Spencer Davis (UC Davis)

"I support the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation because it gives college kids like me access to build their leadership skills unlike anywhere else. The bond members have with Sigma Nu is special and lifelong, and the 1869 club is the perfect start for collegians to build a connection with an organization bigger than themselves. The undeniable need for leaders in our country largely depends on well-educated collegians and I cannot think of a better organization to support and shape the impactful men of our future." - Kingsley Smith (Mississippi)

What are the benefits I receive for joining the 1869 Club?

$18.69 1869 Club Lapel Pin. Listing as a donor in The Delta.
$50.00 1869 Club lapel pin and 1869 Club T-Shirt. Listing as a donor in The Delta.
$125.00 1869 Club Lapel Pin, 1869 Club T-Shirt, and 1869 Club Nike Dri-Fit Polo. Listing as a donor in The Delta.
$250.00 1869 Club Lapel Pin, 1869 Club T-Shirt, 1869 Club Nike Dri-Fit Polo, and a Pathway of Honor Brick at Sigma Nu Fraternity Headquarters. Listing as a donor in The Delta.


List of 1869 Club Donors for the 2021 - 22 Academic Year

William H. Keen Beta 1/4/2022
Quentin Shin Beta 4/15/2022
Neil Hansaria Beta 4/16/2022
Taylor West Beta 4/18/2022
Ian Sanders Beta 4/19/2022
Ethan Jenkins Beta 4/20/2022
Ryan Bordner Beta 4/20/2022
Harrison Hutto Beta 4/20/2022
Jack Sasaki Beta 4/21/2022
John Jordan Beta 4/21/2022
Luke Kaplan Beta 4/21/2022
Krish Rajani Beta 4/21/2022
Justin Sword Beta 4/28/2022
Collin Bridge Beta 4/28/2022
William Trout Beta 4/28/2022
Justin Brady Beta 4/30/2022
Kenneth Callis Beta 4/30/2022
Noah D. Phillips Beta Eta 1/4/2022
Benjamin M. Retzner Beta Eta 1/4/2022
Joseph R. Orem Beta Omicron 1/5/2022
Peter T. Dazzio Beta Theta 1/5/2022
Charles W. Regan Beta Theta 1/5/2022
Noah G. Frank Beta Zeta 1/5/2022
Tyler Spurling Beta Zeta 2/22/2022
Brady Brouillette Beta Zeta 3/22/2022
Holden P. Bobb Delta 1/5/2022
Jackson T. Conner Delta Epsilon 1/5/2022
Gabriel C. Herrera Delta Gamma 1/4/2022
Jack C. Larsen Delta Iota 1/4/2022
Elijah Brookes Delta Mu 1/3/2022
Dawson W. Becker Delta Omicron 12/24/2021
Jonathan B. Muniz Delta Omicron 1/4/2022
Dakota Hernandez Delta Sigma 2/13/2022
Ryan T. Rathbun Epsilon Alpha 1/4/2022
Gregory E. Abraham Epsilon Alpha 1/4/2022
Matthew Huston Epsilon Beta 4/28/2022
Trevor W. Wintermantel Epsilon Chi 1/3/2022
Alec D. Stauffer Epsilon Delta 1/4/2022
Carson Iven Epsilon Epsilon 2/12/2022
James C. Carter Epsilon Eta 1/4/2022
Jackson Shelton Epsilon Eta 1/4/2022
Mitchell H. Stone Epsilon Mu 1/5/2022
Marvin Zetina-Jimenez Epsilon Theta 1/5/2022
John S. McCullough Epsilon Xi 1/4/2022
Cameron D. Head Epsilon Xi 1/5/2022
Luke A. Dobson Eta Beta 1/4/2022
Ethan J. Cameron Eta Beta 1/4/2022
Sebastian R. Lodwick Eta Chi 1/5/2022
Jason Roberts Eta Delta 1/4/2022
Garrett Stockham Eta Mu (A) 3/7/2022
Alexander Rouse Eta Mu (A) 3/7/2022
Thomas Shook Eta Mu (A) 3/7/2022
Aaron West Eta Mu (A) 3/13/2022
Rocco Alberino Eta Mu (A) 3/14/2022
Connor P. Ryan Eta Mu (A) 1/5/2022
Malachi D. Eovaldi Eta Mu (A) 1/5/2022
William Briggs Eta Nu 3/8/2022
Bryce Botkin Eta Nu 3/8/2022
Jacob Francois Eta Nu 3/22/2022
Matthew Landry Eta Nu 3/22/2022
Robert Foret Eta Nu 3/22/2022
Duncan Royster Eta Nu 3/22/2022
Matthew Parks Eta Nu 3/22/2022
Charles Kellum Eta Nu 3/22/2022
Preston Aucoin Eta Nu 3/22/2022
Zachary Denais Eta Nu 3/23/2022
Blake Marcantel Eta Nu 3/23/2022
Joseph Caldwell Eta Nu 3/27/2022
David Sikes Eta Nu 3/27/2022
Ryan Killeen Eta Nu 3/27/2022
Nicholas C. Campo Eta Nu 1/3/2022
Cedric Hyman Eta Nu 2/17/2022
Nicholas Streets Eta Nu 2/17/2022
Kyle Langlois Eta Nu 2/17/2022
Cruz M. Theriot Eta Nu 1/3/2022
Collin C. Bertram Eta Omicron 1/4/2022
Grant Chapman Eta Omicron 2/2/2022
Marc A. Vasquez Eta Phi 11/3/2021
Bailey N. Graham Eta Upsilon 1/4/2022
Marshall A. Baxter Gamma Alpha 1/4/2022
Charles L. Trimble Gamma Alpha 1/4/2022
Matthew McCullough Gamma Kappa 1/5/2022
Henry J. Curcio Gamma Mu 1/5/2022
Aaron D. Leshuk-Morita Gamma Mu 1/5/2022
William E. LeVan Gamma Omicron 1/4/2022
Thomas Elliot Gamma Tau 1/4/2022
Henry P. Larson Gamma Tau 1/5/2022
Jacob A. Murrell Gamma Upsilon 1/5/2022
Grant L. Johnson Gamma Zeta 1/4/2022
Ricardo Gonzalez-Mora Iota Lambda 1/4/2022
Anthony J. Perrotti Iota Pi 1/5/2022
Christian Osborne Iota Pi 2/15/2022
Eric H. Mrozek Iota Sigma 1/4/2022
Gabriel A. Kennedy Iota Theta 1/4/2022
Louis J. Wallace Kappa 1/4/2022
Nicholas C. Ives Kappa 1/5/2022
John F. Genther Kappa Chi 1/5/2022
Ethan Radeschi Kappa Delta 2/18/2022
Evan L. Capurro Kappa Eta 1/4/2022
Nathan C. Murach Kappa Lambda 1/3/2022
Joseph C. Casebolt Kappa Pi 1/4/2022
Thomas Gallagher Kappa Pi 2/13/2022
Benjamin N. Ervin Kappa Theta 1/5/2022
Franklin A. Vega Lambda Chi 1/5/2022
Jose Melendez Lambda Chi 1/5/2022
Keegan R. Gilbert Lambda Delta 1/5/2022
Michael P. Limo Lambda Eta 1/4/2022
Hunter Kidwell Lambda Gamma 1/3/2022
Austin Bandow Lambda Omicron 1/5/2022
Bradley H. Bulice Lambda Phi 1/5/2022
Nathan B. Simieng Lambda Upsilon 1/4/2022
Dominic Torres Lambda Upsilon 1/5/2022
Chad Watkins Lambda Upsilon 2/17/2022
David Mancia Lambda Upsilon 4/11/2022
Walker S. Clark Mu 1/5/2022
James D. Bruno Mu 1/5/2022
Huntley King Mu 2/17/2022
William Z. Niles Mu Beta 1/4/2022
William A. Yeager Mu Chi 1/4/2022
Logan T. Phillips Mu Kappa 9/13/2021
Daniel L. Frew Mu Kappa 1/4/2022
Nicholas A. Vincent Mu Pi 1/4/2022
Nathan T. Rowland Mu Upsilon 1/4/2022
Joshua B. English Mu Xi 1/5/2022
Tarique K. Sylvester Mu Zeta 1/5/2022
Maxwell D. Kiracofe Nu 1/5/2022
Jesse D. Witt Nu Alpha 1/3/2022
Robert A. Hall Nu Delta 1/4/2022
Andrew J. Hicks Nu Epsilon 1/5/2022
James Williams Nu Epsilon 2/23/2022
Charles A. McKenzie Phi 1/5/2022
Harper F. Doerr Phi 1/5/2022
Andrew M. Cannon Rho 1/5/2022
Andrew J. Herzog Rho 1/5/2022
Gabriel M. Lichlyter Theta Eta 1/3/2022
Matthew P. Niziolek Theta Eta 1/3/2022
John T. Radcliffe Theta Kappa 1/4/2022
Joseph P. Cody Theta Kappa 1/4/2022
Evan N. Trumpey Theta Nu 1/5/2022
Grant C. Lane Theta Rho 1/4/2022
Benjamin O. Mount Theta Rho 1/4/2022
Christopher A. Hernandez-Herrera Theta Xi 1/5/2022
Benjamin C. Walker Zeta Chi 1/4/2022
Tristen T. Castellanoz Zeta Kappa 1/4/2022
Ryan J. Lew Zeta Kappa 1/4/2022
Chrystian D. Marshall Zeta Lambda 1/3/2022
Cameron M. Allen Zeta Nu 1/4/2022
Jacob Zink Zeta Nu 2/8/2022
Gabriel Kristiansen Zeta Nu 2/28/2022
Anders C. Cox Zeta Omicron 1/4/2022
Anthony G. Aguilar Zeta Omicron 1/4/2022
Alexander B. Hamilton Zeta Phi 1/3/2022
Daniel Mar Rios Zeta Psi 1/4/2022
Eric J. Gill Zeta Sigma 1/4/2022
Rodolfo O. Garcia Zeta Upsilon 1/4/2022
Jason J. Whittington Zeta Upsilon 1/4/2022
Hunter Stephan Zeta Upsilon 1/31/2022
John Nethers Zeta Upsilon 1/31/2022
John Hopkins Zeta Upsilon 1/31/2022
Kyle Farrell Zeta Upsilon 2/1/2022
Alexander Arnold Zeta Upsilon 2/8/2022
Dylan DeVito Zeta Upsilon 2/8/2022
Bailey Powledge Zeta Upsilon 2/21/2022
Blake Kokoska Zeta Upsilon 2/21/2022
Andrew Polston Zeta Upsilon 2/21/2022
Matthew Rich Zeta Upsilon 2/21/2022
Trenton Ochoa Zeta Upsilon 4/29/2022
Drake Tasev Zeta Upsilon 4/29/2022
Brandon Heffern Zeta Upsilon 4/29/2022
Eduardo V. Sanchez Zeta Xi 1/4/2022

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