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Alumni Advisory Boards

Typically, an Alumni Advisory Board is made up of several chapter alumni who support the collegiate chapter in various aspects of chapter management. Board members can be Sigma Nu alumni, parents, faculty or staff members of the host institution, men or women who want to support the collegiate chapter.


  • Advise, guide, and mentor collegiate members and officers
  • Provide ongoing support for the chapter and its officers through periods of transition
  • Create long-term continuity among the chapter and the alumni
  • Preserve organizational knowledge from year to year

Makeup & Overview

The Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) is an entity that will share the workload of the traditional Chapter Advisor position. Rather than one individual working with a chapter or colony, a board of seven or more alumni will be assembled to serve this role. The board should be at least seven (7) members strong or one board member for each chapter officer.  One board member will serve as Chairman of the Board to coordinate all communication and future meetings among the Board.

Alumni Advisory Board Model

  • Allows more alumni to be involved, creating a larger pool of skills and talents
  • Prevents one person from being overcommitted
  • Creates continuity for the chapter officers
  • Provides a strong and lasting foundation for the chapter

General Expectations

Each alumni advisor should lead the training and advising of one collegiate officer. The advisor should become an expert in his area of chapter operations and should help maintain continuity through officer transition and long-term planning in that area.

Additionally, the advisor is expected to be involved with the officer’s committee. The advisor is not expected to attend every committee meeting; however, he is expected to attend the first committee meeting of the term and other committee meetings when possible, as well as provide advice, assistance and encouragement between visits.

Time Commitment

  • Business meetings with the Chapter Executive Board once per academic semester.
  • Individual Board Members to attend chapter meetings once every six-eight weeks.
  • Weekly/biweekly meetings or phone calls with their designated Chapter officer.
  • Attendance at other Chapter functions when available.
  • Facilitation of educational and leadership programming when available.

Positions & Expectations

The members of the Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) are expected to attend weekly chapter meetings in rotation, ensuring there is at least one alumnus at every meeting without overburdening any individual’s schedule. Attendance at other Fraternity functions will work in similar fashion.  The members of the AAB should also take on various mentorship roles with officers. The positions on the Board are:

Chairman of the Board

  • Coordinate the quarterly meetings of the AAB
  • Coordinate the rotating schedule of which AAB members attend each chapter meeting
  • Ensure AAB members are maintaining their mentoring relationship with their respective officers
  • Maintain contact with the General Fraternity with updates on any successes or troubles the chapter or AAB experiences

Chapter Advisor

  • Train and advise Chapter Commander, Lt. Commander and the Executive Council
  • Assist the Executive Council in creating a chapter strategic plan for the upcoming term
  • Serve as liaison between the AAB and:
    • ­ The chapter
    • ­ University administration
    • ­ The General Fraternity
  • Train all new Alumni Advisory Board members

Finance Advisor

  • Train and advise the Treasurer and Finance Committee
  • Assist the Finance Committee with annual budgeting and financial goal setting
  • Assist in establishing payment plan(s) to vendor(s)
  • General oversight of chapter finance with Chapter Treasurer

LEAD Advisor

  • Train and advise the LEAD Chairman and the LEAD Committee
  • Assist LEAD Chairman and committee with LEAD Program management
  • Assist LEAD Chairman with scheduling and facilitator assignments
  • Assist LEAD Chairman with active recruitment of guest facilitators
  • Assist Marshal with Candidate Education Program (scheduling, format, etc.)
  • Work to ensure that Candidate education is free from hazing

Social & Risk Management Advisor

  • Train and advise the Risk Reduction Chairman, Social Chairman and their committees
  • Assist the Risk Reduction Committee in creating the risk reduction plan for the year
  • Promote education on the Risk Reduction Policy
  • Assist social committee in establishing well-balanced social calendar
  • Help to ensure that chapter social events are in accordance with university policies, as well as Risk Reduction Policy of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.
  • Work with Risk Reduction Chairman and committee to ensure that all chapter functions are in accordance with university, state, and Fraternity policies

Recruitment Advisor

  • Train and advise the Recruitment Chairman and Recruitment Committee
  • Assist Recruitment Committee in creating a year-round recruitment plan
  • Encourage the use of the Values Based Recruitment program
  • Assist with active recruitment of alumni involvement in the chapter’s recruitment process

Alumni Relations Advisor

  • Train and advise the Alumni Relations Chairman and his committee
  • Assist the Alumni Relations Committee in creating the alumni relations plan for the upcoming year
  • Assist in establishing an alumni calendar-of-events
  • Final review and edit of alumni newsletter
  • Active recruitment of alumni involvement at chapter events

Members at Large

  • Assist chapter as a general advisor and, specifically, where needed

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