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General Information

Sigma Nu is a lifetime commitment and has positively impacted the lives of its members across North America. Do you, or someone you know, want to be a part of an organization that will enhance their college experience? This will highlight the beginning point to familiarize yourself with Sigma Nu. Learn More >

Why Sigma Nu?

What sets Sigma Nu apart from any other fraternity? How do we continue to achieve our vision of Excelling with Honor? This section explains everything from our four-year/five-phase ethical leadership development program called LEAD, our expectation of leadership on campus, the importance of community service through our Helping Hand Initiative, to the strong emphasis on academics, Sigma Nu’s Anti-Hazing Initiative, and most importantly, the value one will receive from joining The Legion of Honor. Learn More >


Since our founding on January 1, 1869, at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va., Sigma Nu Fraternity has been a pioneer in the fraternal world. Originally founded and known to this day as The Legion of Honor, Sigma Nu is the only social fraternity in existence founded in firm opposition to hazing and based on the principle of honor. Learn more about what Sigma Nu has achieved over the last 140 years in this section. Learn More >

Prospective Member Form

Are you interested in learning more about Sigma Nu on your campus? Please enter here and fill out a Prospective Member Questionnaire and your information will be forwarded to the local chapter at your school. Learn More >

Are You A Legacy

A legacy is defined by our constitution, The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., as a man whose father, grandfather, uncle, or brother was initiated into a chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Continue in this section if you are a legacy and would like to learn more about contacting a specific chapter or confirming your status. Learn More >

Membership Referral

We hope you’ll take a moment to think of any high-achieving young men you know who will be or are attending a school with a Sigma Nu chapter. With your help our chapters will have a head start on recruiting the top leaders on their campus. Learn More >

Active Chapter & Colony Listing

Enter here for a listing of all active Sigma Nu chapters. Learn More >

Famous Alumni

Famous Sigma Nu alumni have included men of note in the arts, media, politics, sports, and numerous other fields. Enter here to learn more about prominent Sigma Nu alumni. Learn More >


Sigma Nu is dedicated to the idea that our members are students first and fraternity men second. Many chapters across the country offer scholarships to assist members in their academic endeavors. To learn more about a potential scholarship opportunity on your campus, continue to read more in this section. Learn More >

Information for Parents

A resource for parents of prospective members. Learn more about what Sigma Nu Fraternity has to offer your son. Learn More >


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