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Finding employment in one’s field of study can be difficult. Economic downturns only magnify the stiff competition that exists for any opportunity, especially internships and entry-level positions. That is why Sigma Nu has partnered with Scholars – a career resource that matches students with potential employers based on their skills, interests, and experiences.

  1. Create a Profile – Instead of creating dozens of cover letters and resume versions, Scholars prompts you to create a general profile that will stand out to employers. To start, you add the basics like a profile picture and education. Start your profile.
  2. Make it Personal – Write a detailed bio, describe your campus involvement, talk about your past experiences, and showcase your skills.
  3. Get Creative – To complete your profile, you have the opportunity to answer a few short-answer questions, like “What’s your favorite class and why?” and “Describe a difficult decision you’ve had to make this year.”

Once your profile is complete, you will begin receiving texts and emails when your profile matches the qualifications desired for an open position. The message you receive will include the role you matched with and give you the opportunity to accept or decline the match.

When a match is accepted, you will have an opportunity to message, share files, and schedule interviews with a recruiter/representative from the potential employer.

The Scholars+Sigma Nu platform is a unique twist to the traditional job search based on skills, interests, and experiences.


The Scholars Blog is a resource library of articles developed by the Scholars team. Articles range from how to find internships to what it is like to work at specific companies.

How to Land Your Dream Internship is the result of conversations from The Internship Show podcast. This ebook explores internship programs at companies in all industries from tech to healthcare. There are articles that highlight application and interviewing processes, as well as what it is like to work at these highlighted companies.


Scholars was founded by three young graduates from Rhodes College, in Memphis, Tennessee, after experiencing the struggles and frustrations of the entry-level job search and recruitment. Building off their own experiences, these friends set out to “…ensure every college student has access to resources and support when looking for that perfect fit with their future employer.”

The COVID-19 pandemic placed immense pressure on the global job market in 2020, including the loss of millions of jobs and canceled internships in the United States. These losses have impacted many of our collegiate brothers. The partnership between Scholars and Sigma Nu is just one of the steps the Fraternity has taken to provide brothers access to resources that may assist in their professional development.

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