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A Broader Sense of Brotherhood

The ultimate purpose of alumni clubs is relationship building – “To perpetuate lifelong friendship” – and that purpose is fulfilled by creating opportunities to bring together alumni.

Unlike alumni chapters, which are tied exclusively to their chapter designation, alumni clubs are open to Sigma Nu alumni of any chapter. The only certainty of an alumni club event is its intention – to bring together brothers for the purpose of enjoying this brotherhood.


Alumni clubs build a sense of community among the alumni in an area.

  • Family interactions
  • Giving back, together

Alumni clubs offer opportunities to build personal connections:

  • Meeting new people
  • Rekindling old friendships
  • Experiencing something with fellow alumni

Alumni clubs can create new professional connections:

  • Expanding social and professional networks
  • Igniting potential professional opportunities

For many alumni, especially young alumni, moving to a new city/area can be intimidating. Likely, they do not know much about the area and they may not know anyone. For alumni who have resided in an area for a long time, social opportunities can become stagnant and mundane. Alumni clubs can spark the local alumni with events that gather these brothers “to perpetuate lifelong friendship” and enjoy a broader sense of brotherhood.

What’s Next

With an understanding of what an alumni club does, the next step is to determine how a club can be structured and how it operates – How Alumni Clubs Work

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