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"The need has never been more urgent for all people to be educated in all matters related to dignity - both the human vulnerability to being violated and the remarkable effect on people when they feel that they are seen, heard, understood, and acknowledged as worthy."

Dr. Donna Hicks, Expert Consultant to DignityU

We all deserve to know we are worthy. We all deserve to know that we are valuable. We all deserve to be treated like we matter.

In essence, this is what dignity is all about. Consider the number of issues your chapter has had to confront that are a direct or indirect result of members violating another's dignity - not valuing the worth of an individual, not recognizing the harm of the actions, not respecting another's feelings. Think of how many issues could have been prevented or minimized if members truly understood and committed to the understanding and honoring of the dignity of all persons. One of the most important elements of ethical leadership is learning how to have civil discourse with others and, perhaps most importantly, to have such discourse when we may even disagree with the opinions and/or beliefs of others. 

Sigma Nu is proud to be a founding sponsor of DignityU, a project created and produced by Mike Dilbeck (Texas Christian), with support from expert consultant Dr. Donna Hicks, to provide needed education on this important topic of dignity. 

DignityU is comprised of an 18-minute video with accompanying facilitators notes to conduct a 45, 60, or 90-minute workshop. The ideal audience would be the entire chapter but the workshop can be useful with any subset of the chapter (e.g. incorporate into the chapter's new member program, facilitate as part of the officer transition workshop, build it into the chapter retreat agenda). While the 90-minute version of the workshop is the most comprehensive, pick the workshop length that would work best for when you intend to deliver it! 

All the materials you need to facilitate the DignityU Program can be found below. 

Facilitator Guides



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