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Leadership Consultant Program

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.'s Leadership Consultant Program (LCP) has been a long standing service provided to the collegiate chapters of Sigma Nu. The program is a model of consulting that integrates the numerous programs and services provided by the General Fraternity. At the forefront, though, it provides each collegiate chapter with a face, a name, and a personality that is representative of the General Fraternity. Leadership Consultants are the "frontline" of the General Fraternity. Every day they work with our collegiate chapters and colonies by assisting with various issues from risk management to recruitment to social programming and scholarship. As go the Leadership Consultants, so goes the ability of the General Fraternity to properly service its constituents (collegiate chapters, alumni, volunteers, and university officials).

Nuts & Bolts of the Program

The leadership consultant program is managed by the General Fraternity's Directors of Leadership Development and Chapter Services and its primary role is to educate, train, and assist chapters in providing a positive Fraternity experience for the members. Additionally, the focus of the program and direct communication and service to the chapters extends far beyond the two to three days a consultant is on-site.


All Leadership Consultants receive thorough training to provide an understanding of the various programs and services available to Sigma Nu members, especially the collegiate chapters and colonies. Leadership Consultants complete an extensive training program that includes hands-on experience with each of the Fraternity's educational programs and interactive simulations to prepare them for addressing the needs of each individual chapter.

Learn more about the training, responsibilities, and work of our Consultants.

The Consultation

Two components make up the chapter consultation: The "Must Haves" and the "Menu." Both of these components are geared toward the improvement of the chapter. While the "Must Haves" set a minimum expectation for meetings, the "Menu" allows chapters to personalize the consultation to address issues they feel are important to them.

The "Must Haves" of the Leadership Consultation Program

Officer Meetings

One of the most important things a Leadership Consultant can do to assist the collegiate chapter is put them in a position to operate efficiently and effectively.

Leadership Consultants meet with and train the following officers at each consultation: Commander, Lt. Commander, Treasurer, Recorder, Marshal, Chaplain, LEAD Chairman, Recruitment Chairman, Risk Reduction & Social Chairman, and Scholarship Chairman.

Although these are not the only chapter officers a Leadership Consultant can meet with, our Consultants are expected to meet with these officers at a minimum. These officers have been included in the "Must Haves" because they most directly affect chapter operations AND the Fraternity experience provided within the chapter.

Non-Officer Meetings

In addition to the chapter officer meetings, Leadership Consultants also conduct the following meetings/workshops: Executive Committee/Board, Chapter (as a whole)– if applicable, Candidate Class– if the chapter has a candidate class that term, University Personnel (i.e. Fraternity/Sorority Advisor), Chapter Advisor(s)/Alumni Advisory Board and/or Board Chairman, Division Commander, and facilitation of a special educational program (e.g. Bystander or Social Strengths Workshop, Behind Happy Faces collegiate member program, A Different Look at Hazing workshop). 

Must Have Meetings and Descriptions

Review the above to learn more about the structure and expected outcomes for each of the "Must Have" meetings.

The "MENU" of the Leadership Consultation Program

The "Menu" is a listing of various workshops and meetings chapters/colonies work with their consultant to include in their consultation. The "menu" allows chapters to personalize the consultation and ensure the Leadership Consultant addresses the most important issues to the chapter at a given time. Moreover, the "Menu" gives chapters ownership in the consultation and puts the responsibility of ensuring the chapter benefits from the meetings and workshops on the officers and members.

Click here to learn more about the menu.

Our Leadership Consultants share the "Menu" with chapters early in their pre-consultation communication through the identification of potential focus areas for the consultation. After coming to agreement on the focus areas, the consultant guides the chapter in adding additional meetings to the consultation schedule to allow for each focus area to be addressed through an officer one-on-one, committee meeting, workshop, or creation of an action plan.

The End Result

Leadership Consultants are the bridge between the collegiate chapters/colonies and the General Fraternity. They are the means to the ultimate end that the General Fraternity is tasked to work toward every day: fulfilling the mission of Sigma Nu.

No two collegiate chapters will have the same experience working with their assigned Leadership Consultant. Some may be similar, but none will be exactly the same. This is a tribute to both the unique nature of individual chapters and the adaptive nature of our leadership consultant program and staff.

Every collegiate chapter of Sigma Nu has the potential to become a Rock Chapter. The overall goal of the Fraternity's leadership consultant program is to facilitate chapter success by educating, training, problem-solving, counseling, and providing necessary resources. Ultimately, the work our chapters and Consultants do together is THE most important service the General Fraternity offers collegiate chapters in their continual pursuit of excellence.

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