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Risk Reduction

Fraternity of Men, Not Boys

“Sigma Nu is an association of congenial minds and kindred souls founded for the specific purpose of influencing the development of mind, heart and character of its members.  Its Creed – To Believe in the Life of Love, to Walk in the Way of Honor, to Serve in the Light of Truth – represents the basic principles that form the philosophical underpinnings which guide its actions in the development of future leaders.”

The above quote is from the first paragraph of the preamble in the Risk Reduction Policy. This reminds us of the overall purpose of Sigma Nu.  While there must be specific policies and rules governing our activities, the opening paragraph of the Risk Reduction Policy reminds us to not lose sight of the philosophical purpose of Sigma Nu.

Ritual SwordAnd with this higher purpose in mind, Sigma Nu’s Risk Reduction program has been molded and formed over the years.  The Fraternity’s risk reduction program is titled “Fraternity of Men, Not Boys.”  This was selected to remind us all that this Fraternity will not tolerate childish behavior such as hazing, sexual assault, and alcohol or drug abuse and misuse. We are a Fraternity dedicated to developing the ethical leadership capabilities of collegiate men at higher education institutions.

Sigma Nu is an organization that firmly believes in chapter self-governance.  A few pivotal lessons that membership in Sigma Nu provides are learning how to effectively hold your peers accountable and understanding there are consequences for your actions.  However, it must be noted, the General Fraternity has a legal and ethical responsibility to investigate and respond to allegations of chapter violations of Fraternity policy and/or law. The resources within this section of the Sigma Nu website will assist you and your chapter in understanding, managing, and reducing risk.  If you have any questions or need any assistance in this important area, do not hesitate to contact your chapter’s Leadership Consultant and/or the Directors of Risk Reduction at (540) 463-1869.

Where to Find What

The risk reduction section of the Sigma Nu website is comprised of eight different sections:

  • Landing page - this is where you are currently.  Provides a basic explanation of the Fraternity’s philosophy regarding risk reduction, including a link to the Risk Reduction Policy.
  • Chapter Resources - this section has resources dedicated to reducing and managing risk within the chapter.
  • Risk Reduction Chairman - this section includes resources dedicated to helping the Risk Reduction Chairman effectively manage his important duties and responsibilities.
  • Social Chairman - like the Risk Reduction Chairman section, this webpage includes resources that will help the Social Chairman perform his duties effectively.
  • Social Planning - this section includes the Fraternity's resources for effectively planning chapter social functions.
  • GreekLifeEdu - this section explains the GreekLifeEdu program and the financial incentive policy.
  • HazingPrevention.Org - this section shares information about Sigma Nu’s longtime partnership with HazingPrevention.Org.
  • National Hazing Prevention Week - this section discusses Sigma Nu’s efforts to support National Hazing Prevention Week and highlights several resources chapters can use to organize and support local National Hazing Prevention Week efforts.
  • Educational Posters - this section includes a series of posters and accompanying discussion guides on a variety of student health and safety topics.
  • Don’t Play Doctor - this section includes the Don’t Play Doctor video the Fraternity created to urge members to seek medical attention whenever they see a person exhibiting signs of alcohol poisoning.

Updates to Risk Reduction Policy

In keeping with its Mission to develop ethical leaders, Sigma Nu is committed to helping collegiate chapters create safe and healthy experiences for members and guests at all events. In fact, the entire fraternity and sorority community shares that commitment. 

In fall 2018, representatives of Sigma Nu participated in legislative meetings of the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), a trade association for 66 men's fraternities including Sigma Nu. A primary purpose of the NIC is to strengthen the fraternity community as a means of ensuring its continued viability and success for current and future generations.

With that focus, the 66 NIC member fraternities, including Sigma Nu, felt it was imperative to act with one voice to implement industry-wide alcohol and drug guidelines to be enacted by all NIC member organizations by September 1, 2019. 

The High Council, Sigma Nu's board of directors elected by the 68th Grand Chapter, adopted numerous changes, in consultation with legal counsel, to the Fraternity's Risk Reduction Policy to align with the NIC Alcohol and Drug Guidelines. 

There are several resources to assist chapters and alumni entities in understanding and implementing the updated policy expectations:

  • Announcement Memo - this memo introduces the policy changes and highlights the important items members need to know.
  • FAQ Resource - this document addresses commonly asked questions about the policy changes.
  • Summary of Changes Resource - this document details each amendment made to the Risk Reduction Policy.
  • Risk Reduction Policy - the updated policy that went into effect on August 1, 2019
  • NIC Alcohol and Drug Guidelines - all 66 NIC member organizations are to adopt policy or amend current policy to comply with the NIC Alcohol and Drug Guidelines.
  • Risk Reduction Policy Update Webinar - The video below is a recording of the webinar presented to advisors and volunteers concerning the new updates to the Risk Reduction Policy.

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