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All-Chapter LEAD

All-Chapter LEAD sessions are designed to include the entire chapter membership and are organized into four modules - Module A: Personal Development, Module B: Chapter Development, Module C: Risk Reduction, and Module D: Mental Health. All sessions are performed in a large-group workshop format.

All-Chapter LEAD is designed so that chapters complete one session per month. Ideally, this includes one session from each module every semester, for a total of six to eight in an academic year (depending on the chapter's academic calendar). This allows for a rotational scheduling of sessions in which chapter members may experience each session at least once over the course of their collegiate career.

Also check out the Sigma Nu Talks guides for videos and discussion guides for leading conversations on key topics relevant to the collegiate membership. These talks may be used as conversation starters or mini-LEAD sessions to introduce important discussions in the chapter.

All-Chapter LEAD Session Descriptions

All-Chapter LEAD Introduction

Module A: Personal Development 

Session 1: Wellness

Taking care of yourself is a key to how you feel about yourself and how your body is running. Participants will learn about how they can use stress reduction, nutrition and reflection to achieve a sense of balance in their lives. 

Session 2: Etiquette

How do you properly use all the utensils at a dinner place setting? What is proper etiquette for introducing someone? What should you know about business etiquette? Through an interactive format, participants will learn about dining etiquette and how to display better manners. 

Session 3: Scholarship

This session will focus on scholarship, the reason you are in school. Through an interactive format, participants will learn ideas they can utilize to improve their study skills, note taking, test taking and overall success in the classroom. 

Session 4: Stress Management

Stress is a factor in everyone's life. How well you learn to deal with stress will be important to your overall health and well-being. Participants will learn how to recognize stress, apply stress management strategies, and learn tips on creating a happier and healthier life. 

Session 5: Spirituality

Participants will learn about spirituality, how it is defined and the benefits of including spirituality in their life. 

Session 6: Diversity

Participants will learn about the importance of maintaining a diverse chapter and will engage in expressions of deep feelings and reflective listening surrounding issues of difference.

Module B: Chapter Development 

Session 1: Goal Setting

Everyone talks about goal setting, but people rarely understand how to correctly set goals as a group and create objectives to meet their goals. This session will focus on goal setting and how it can be used as a powerful tool in your chapter. Participants will learn about steps in goal setting and engage in several goal setting activities for the chapter. 

Session 2: Delegation

This session will focus on delegation and how to be an effective committee member and manager. Too often, people are hesitant to delegate because they are afraid that projects won't get completed. By using the steps in this workshop, you'll be prepared for success and in the process, will begin developing others in your chapter. 

Session 3: Effective Meetings

This session will focus on both the role of the meeting organizer and the participant and how to partner together to get results. Participants will learn about how to prepare an agenda, how seating affects the dynamics of the meeting, and ideas for brainstorming, voting, and consensus building. 

Session 4: Strategic Planning

What is strategic planning? What are the steps involved in designing a strategic plan? How can we involve all chapter members in the process? This session will focus on strategic planning and provide a roadmap for how to conduct the strategic planning process in your chapter. Participants will learn about S.W.O.T. analysis, the essential components of a strategic plan, and begin work on the plan for the chapter. The result will be a document that can help the chapter reach its goals and objectives for the future. 

Session 5: Officer Transitions

An effective officer transition is key to building a strong foundation for success. Participants will review their successes and challenges, share recommendations for next year, and begin the process of establishing expectations, a vision, and goals for the chapter. 

Session 6: Campus Involvement

Are you getting everything you can out of your college experience? Participants will learn the benefits of campus involvement. Participants will also understand how campus involvement may positively affect the chapter and provide balance to the brothers. 

Session 7: Accountability

People rarely understand what accountability truly is or how to hold someone accountable. In this session, participants will learn the importance of accountability and how to take ownership for results, both individually and as a chapter. 

Session 8: PEP Strategy Session

This session is designed as a complement to the Pursuit of Excellence Program, intended to be conducted by chapters at the beginning of each academic year. The session engages chapter members in the strategy and problem-solving process to create direction for the chapter's continued improvement. Participants will gain an understanding of the Pursuit of Excellence Program, complete a self-assessment of the chapter and create goals and action plans for the upcoming year in relation to the Program's Criteria for Excellence. 

Session 9: PEP Chapter Self-Assessment Session

This session is designed as a complement to the Pursuit of Excellence Program, intended to be conducted by chapters at the end of each academic year. The session engages chapter members in the annual assessment and documentation process. Participants will gain an understanding of the Pursuit of Excellence Program, complete a self-assessment of the chapter and create the raw data to be used in the chapter's annual submission of documentation via the self-assessment booklet.

Module C: Risk Reduction 

Session 1: Alcohol Abuse

Participants will learn about the abuse of alcohol and warning signs of alcoholism. The workshop will also focus on responsible use of alcohol and the psychological, physiological, legal, and social effects of alcohol abuse.

Session 2: Sexual Assault (Social Strengths Workshop)

The Social Strengths Workshop is Sigma Nu's sexual assault, relational aggression, healthy relationships, and bystander intervention educational program for collegiate members. Schedule a Social Strengths Workshop with your Leadership Consultant or attend a similar campus-sponsored session on sexual assault by a trained professional for this All Chapter LEAD session.

What precautions should the chapter be taking in fire safety? How can the chapter meet the fire code? Participants will learn about fire safety and how to make a chapter home a safer environment. 

Session 4: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's)

Participants will learn about sexually transmitted infections (STIs); how they are transmitted; and their physiological, psychological, and legal effects. 

Session 5: Safe Medication Practices for Life (facilitator notes) and Safe Medication Practices for Life presentation

This session focuses on the dangers of prescription drug misuse and abuse. It aims to educate on the risks and potential implications of misusing prescription opioids and stimulants and help participants understand and apply safe medication practices. The session includes facilitator notes and accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Module D: Mental Health

There is a widespread stereotype that men never talk about emotions or express them in a genuine fashion. But think about it. When you're at a big game, guys are expressing every emotion possible. Men talk, cry, embrace, resolve conflicts, and express more emotion than most people recognize.

There’s a big difference between men not having emotions and men not feeling comfortable expressing emotions.

Most men don’t have a problem talking about their physical health – we discuss how we’re working out, what we’re eating, and what we’re doing to get stronger. It’s time to do the same with our mental health.

So, we have partnered with the Human Power Project to offer the Behind Happy Faces Collegiate Member Program to help Brothers learn the basics, develop skills, and start these necessary conversations.

The program includes five (5) 15 to 25-minute lessons, with four (4) optional add-on lessons, to facilitate with your chapter to help your brothers understand mental health, learn coping skills, and talk to a brother who may be experiencing a mental health challenge. Each lesson includes facilitator notes, a short video (except Lesson Four), and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Lesson One – Understanding Mental Health
  2. Lesson Two – Your Mental Health
  3. Lesson Three – Changing Ineffective Coping
  4. Lesson Four – Talk to a Brother
  5. Lesson Five – Before the Breakdown

Four optional add-on lessons:

  1. Lesson Six - Acute Stress vs. Chronic Stress
  2. Lesson Seven - Good Stress and Stopping Procrastination
  3. Lesson Eight - Sympathy, Empathy, and Compassion
  4. Lesson Nine - Neuroscience of Happiness

If needing to facilitate a lesson virtually, review the Behind Happy Faces Virtual Facilitation Tips

Lastly, consider using the Behind Happy Faces Weekly Check-In Prompts to facilitate a short conversation checking in on the mental wellbeing of members.

Sigma Nu Talks

Sigma Nu Talks are a series of curated TED Talks and YouTube clips paired with discussion guides and application ideas to be shared during chapter or candidate meetings, as part of a retreat, or as their own mini LEAD session. The concept is simple - gather together a group of Sigma Nus, watch one or more of the suggested talks, and create a conversation using the included discussion guides.

Sigma Nu Talks...Leadership

This series of talks covers the topics of Change, Leadership, and Trust. 

Sigma Nu Talks...Values

This series of talks covers the topics of Character, Motivation, Personal Development, and Success.

Sigma Nu Talks...Social Issues

This series of talks covers the topics of Diversity, Men's Issues, and Mental Health.


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