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Chapter Scholarship Accounts

Chapter Scholarship Accounts are established by alumni for the benefit of a specific chapter. These Funds further the charitable, educational and other tax-exempt purposes of the Foundation by implementing scholarship programs for the benefit of initiates and candidates of the chapter.

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation affords donors the ability to receive tax-deductions for contributions made to these funds. As contributions are received, they are "earmarked" and placed into an account in the chapter's name.

Establishing a Chapter Scholarship Account

Chapter Scholarship Accounts may be established with a minimum of $1,000, and within five (5) years, contributions to the Chapter Scholarship Account must equal at least $10,000. The first scholarship will be awarded in the fiscal year after contributions totaling $10,000 or more have been made to the Chapter Scholarship Account. The earnings on the Chapter Scholarship Account can be awarded annually to scholarship recipients.

The Foundation Staff will work with the donor to create the criteria for each scholarship. Scholarships are generally awarded based on merit and leadership and may help chapters attract and retain members.

Scholarship Guidelines and Distribution

The donor(s) and Foundation will develop the guidelines for the scholarship. As determined by these guidelines, a Scholarship Committee (usually comprised from alumni of the chapter) will recommend recipients to the Foundation. The Foundation will assist the Scholarship Committee in this process and verify that the Chapter Scholarship Account guidelines are followed.

As specified by the guidelines, a portion of the earnings over the $10,000 minimum may be distributed in the form of scholarships. It is recommended that a portion of these earnings be retained each year to increase the earning capability of the Chapter Scholarship Account. This conservative approach will help to ensure that even in bear markets the scholarship can be awarded.

Alumni are encouraged to contribute to existing funds rather than endowing a new scholarship for their chapter.

If you would like more information on Chapter Scholarship Accounts or would like to establish a Chapter Scholarship Accounts for your chapter, please contact us at (540) 463-1030 or via email at foundation@sigmanu.org.

Chapter Scholarship Accounts

Unnamed Chapter Scholarship Funds

    • Beta (Virginia) Scholarship Account
    • Eta (Mercer) Scholarship Account
    • Theta (Alabama) Scholarship Account
    • Mu (Georgia) Scholarship Account
    • Nu (Kansas) Scholarship Account
    • Sigma (Vanderbilt) Scholarship Account
    • Phi (LSU) Scholarship Account
    • Psi (North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Scholarship Account
    • Beta Zeta (Purdue) Scholarship Account
    • Beta Kappa (Kansas State) Scholarship Account
    • Beta Mu (Iowa) Scholarship Account
    • Beta Xi (William Jewell) Scholarship Account
    • Beta Rho (Pennsylvania) Scholarship Account
    • Beta Phi (Tulane) Scholarship Account
    • Beta Psi (California, Berkeley) Scholarship Account
    • Beta Tau (North Carolina State) Scholarship Account
    • Gamma Mu (Illinois) Scholarship Account
    • Gamma Chi (Washington) Scholarship Account
    • Delta Alpha (Case Western Reserve) Scholarship Account
    • Delta Theta (Knox) Scholarship Account
    • Delta Iota (Washington State) Scholarship Account
    • Delta Pi (George Washington) Scholarship Account
    • Delta Tau (Oregon State) Scholarship Account
    • Epsilon Beta (Drury) Scholarship Account
    • Epsilon Delta (Wyoming) Scholarship Account
    • Epsilon Epsilon (Oklahoma State) Scholarship Account
    • Epsilon Zeta (Florida) Scholarship Account
    • Epsilon Theta (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Scholarship Account
    • Epsilon Lambda (Utah) Scholarship Account
    • Epsilon Omicron (Southern California) Scholarship Account
    • Epsilon Chi (Bowling Green State) Scholarship Account
    • Zeta Gamma (Kent State) Scholarship Account
    • Zeta Theta (Kent State) Scholarship Account
    • Zeta Rho (Rhode Island) Scholarship Account
    • Zeta Upsilon (Arizona State) Scholarship Account
    • Eta Alpha (Davidson) Scholarship Account
    • Eta Gamma (Georgia State) Scholarship Account
    • Eta Zeta (Louisiana Tech) Scholarship Account
    • Eta Kappa (San Diego State) Scholarship Account
    • Eta Mu (Kettering) Scholarship Account
    • Eta Tau (Texas State) Scholarship Account
    • Eta Phi (California State, Los Angeles) Scholarship Account
    • Theta Eta (Northern Illinois) Scholarship Account
    • Theta Kappa (Georgia Southern) Scholarship Account
    • Theta Pi (West Georgia) Scholarship Account
    • Theta Sigma (Missouri State) Scholarship Account
    • Iota Beta (Virginia Wesleyan) Scholarship Account
    • Iota Nu (Southern Maine) Scholarship Account
    • Iota Pi (Kennesaw) Scholarship Account
    • Kappa Zeta (Villanova) Scholarship Account
    • Kappa Eta (California, Santa Barbara) Scholarship Account
    • Kappa Theta (Jacksonville) Scholarship Account
    • Kappa Lambda (Akron) Scholarship Account
    • Lambda Epsilon (Texas Christian) Scholarship Account
    • Lambda Eta (Rochester) Scholarship Account
    • Lambda Iota (Southern Utah) Scholarship Account
    • Lambda Upsilon (California State, Fullerton) Scholarship Account
    • Lambda Chi (California State, San Bernardino) Scholarship Account
    • Mu Beta (Alabama, Huntsville) Scholarship Account
    • Mu Zeta (R.I.T.) Scholarship Account
    • Mu Lambda (Southern Illinois) Scholarship Account
    • Mu Psi (Central Florida) Scholarship Account

Named Chapter Scholarship Funds

    • J. Paul and Alice R. Scheetz (Rho - University of Missouri, Columbia) Scholarship Fund
    • Beta Beta (DePauw University) Memorial Scholarship Account
    • Raymond C. Ewry Library (Beta Zeta - Purdue University) Scholarship Fund
    • Joseph F. Akers Memorial (Beta Theta - Auburn University) Scholarship Fund 
    • Herman B Wells Hall of Fame (Beta Eta - Indiana University) Endowment Fund
    • Gamma Xi (University of Missouri at Rolla) Memorial Fund
    • Irvin K. Garrett (Epsilon Pi - UCLA) Memorial Fund
    • Michael L. Crow (Epsilon Rho - Michigan State University) Scholarship Fund
    • Robert J. Schonberg, Jr. Memorial (Theta Gamma - University of Southern Mississippi) Scholarship Fund
    • Eastern Kentucky University Colonel Award
    • Ronald R. Fisher Memorial (Kappa Lambda - University of Akron and Gamma Beta - Northwestern University) Scholarship Fund
    • Dr. James R. Wilson (Kappa Nu - Central Missouri State University) Scholarship Fund
    • Ricardo F. Bau Memorial (Mu Iota - University of Hartford) Scholarship Fund
    • Ian McCambridge Tupper Memorial (Mu Pi - Philadelphia University) Scholarship Fund
    • Michael Patrick Joyce (Mu Xi - Columbus State) Scholarship Fund

Unnamed Chapter Endowment Funds

    • Epsilon Nu (Miami University) LEAD Endowment Fund

Named Chapter Endowment Funds

    • Hawpe-Worrell Scholarship (Delta - University of South Carolina) Endowment Fund
    • Henry E. Harris Memorial Commander's Badge (Eta - Mercer University) Endowment Fund
    • John M. Roberts Memorial (Beta Gamma - Missouri Valley College) Endowment Fund
    • William D. Trahan Scholarship (Beta Omicron - University of the South) Endowment Fund
    • Arthur A. Barlow (Gamma Tau - University of Minnesota) Endowment Fund
    • George A. Bowman (Delta Alpha - Case Western Reserve University) Educational Fund
    • Roy L. Bovard Memorial (Delta Delta - Pennsylvania State University) Endowment Fund
    • William D. Barron Educational (Delta Nu - University of Maine) Endowment Fund
    • Arthur E. Davenport Memorial (Delta Nu - University of Maine) Endowment Fund
    • Nelson E. "Nemo" Smith Memorial (Delta Nu - University of Maine) Endowment Fund
    • Richard D. "Dick" Van Allen Scholarship (Delta Tau - Oregon State University) Endowment Fund
    • Harry W. Wilcott Educational (Zeta Eta - Tufts University) Endowment Fund

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