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Frequently Asked Questions

What is flash mentoring? 

Mentoring is generally defined as "a process that enables an individual to learn and seek guidance from a more experienced person who can pass on relevant knowledge and experience." In a traditional mentoring model, the "process" occurs over an extended period - weeks, months, maybe years - and the "relevant knowledge and experience" shared may cover an array of topics. In contrast, flash mentoring is a one-time meeting/consultation and the topic to be addressed is more specific. Individual advisors and advisees may choose to extend their mentoring relationship beyond the initial consultations, but doing so is a choice of those individuals and is not an expectation of the Sigma Nu Mentor Network. 

Why is Sigma Nu using flash mentoring? 

One of the primary challenges in a traditional mentoring relationship is the lack of, or perception of a lack of, available time and, in many cases, geography. The Sigma Nu Mentor Network provides for ease of scheduling consultations and removes the limitations of geography. 

Are all the advisors on the Mentor Network Sigma Nu alumni? 

Yes. All advisors on the Sigma Nu Mentor Network are alumni of Sigma Nu Fraternity. There are more than 280 advisors on the Mentor Network with experience and expertise across a vast array of industries and fields. 

How do I know if the advisor I select is right for me? 

Before requesting a consultation, advisees can review advisors' profiles online, including any available feedback from other advisees. You can also view an advisor's current title, work experience, academic background and, when available, general schedule. 

How do consultations take place? 

Consultations scheduled through the platform will occur via phone. Advisees identify and send consultation requests to advisors. Once an advisor has accepted a consultation request, both parties will be provided call-in information for a conference line. On the agreed upon day and time, the advisor and advisee will be connected when they call into the conference line. 

Will my contact information be shared? 

No. Neither yours, nor advisors', contact information will ever be publicly shared on the platform. The platform is set up for advisees to request consultations with advisors. Advisors may accept or reject requests, or suggest a different meeting time. When an advisor accepts a consultation request, the platform will provide call-in information to both the adivsor and the advisee. The platform does provide a mechanism for an advisor and advisee to communicate prior to their actual consultation via a consultation dashboard/homepage. Through the dashboard, either party may send a message or upload relevant documents and resources to aide in the consultation; however, please note that a consultation dashboard is only established if an advisor accepts a consultation request from an advisee. 

What kind of advice should I expect to receive during a consultation? 

The primary focus of the Sigma Nu Mentor Network is professional/career development and networking. As a part of the registration process, advisors will be asked to identify the industry and areas of interests for which they are willing to provide advice (e.g. Finance, Human Resources, Consulting, etc.). Advisors will also be asked to identify the services they are willing to offer, which may include Career Conversations, Resume Critiques, Mock Interviews, Transitioning from School to Work, Job Search, Salary Negotiations, LinkedIn Profile Critique,etc. 

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