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Become A Consultant

Interested in gaining employment with Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. as a member of the General Fraternity's staff team?

Ever considered expanding your Fraternal experience on a professional level?

Looking for something more than a boring 9-5 job?

If you've never considered employment with the General Fraternity, now is a great time to START THINKING!

What We Do

Leadership Consultants are the "frontline" of the General Fraternity. Each and every day our Leadership Consultants work with the undergraduate chapters assisting them in dealing with various issues from risk management to recruitment to social programming and scholarship. As go the Leadership Consultants, so goes the ability of the General Fraternity to properly service its constituents (undergraduate chapters, alumni, volunteers and university officials). In the 2021-2022 academic year alone, our consultants performed over 450 chapter consultations and conducted over 3,600 face-to-face meetings with chapter officers.


    • Work with collegiate members, officers and alumni to support Sigma Nu chapters
    • Provide training in areas including LEAD and chapter operations
    • Assist with planning and running Grand Chapter and College of Chapters
    • Partner with college and university administrators and staff to support Sigma Nu
    • Represent Sigma Nu at regional interfraternal and higher education conferences

Professional Development

Serving as a Leadership Consultant provides many opportunities, responsibilities and freedoms that most entry level positions cannot offer. Here are just some of the skills our Consultants develop and use on a regular basis:

    • Facilitation
    • Leadership Development
    • Professional Writing
    • Event Planning
    • Time Management
    • Recruitment Training
    • Networking
    • Customer Service
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Professionalism
    • Etiquette
    • Project Management
    • Financial Planning and Budgeting
    • Negotiation

Still don't think this is the opportunity you're looking for? See how the experience has even shocked some of our past and current Leadership Consultants.

"I Never Thought…"

    • I would get so much responsibility so early on.
    • I could recruit 37 people in four weeks (on a campus of only 6,000 undergraduates).
    • Working for a Fraternity would prepare me for so many other opportunities.
    • That I would have bosses/supervisors that were my friends.
    • I would facilitate at an international convention.
    • Visit 60+ chapters in 25+ states.
    • Put so much of my paycheck into my pocket.
    • That my coworkers would become as close as many of my chapter brothers.
    • I would be able to have an impact on so many of our chapters and in the lives of so many of our constituents.


Not everyone who works for Sigma Nu was a Chapter Commander. Many of our Leadership Consultants were officers in their chapters, IFC presidents, judicial board officers, on the student programming board, or employed during college. The Fraternity is interested in an applicant's leadership skills, academic performance, communication skills, and their campus, community, and overall chapter involvement, among other things. That being said, a few items are required, including but not limited to: a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada, being an initiate in good standing with Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc., able to travel, possession of a valid driver's license, and provision of all legally-required automobile insurance.

Training Program

All Leadership Consultants receive a complete and thorough training to ensure they are fully capable of fulfilling their job responsibilities. Traditionally, conducted over the course of the summer months (or, in the case of mid-year hires, during the month of January), the training is designed in such a manner as to ensure that consultants have a complete understanding of the various programs and services available to the Sigma Nu members, especially the undergraduate chapters. Additionally, Leadership Consultants receive a complete training on Sigma Nu's consulting model and their specific role in working with undergraduate chapters.


"I learned more about myself and others than I ever could have in a chapter or any other first job out of college. I learned what made me work and what talents I had, or needed to have, to work with a variety of others, from collegians to university presidents and coast to coast, north to south. Even one year with Sigma Nu will prepare an individual tenfold for whatever career choice he makes. You can't get the same experience, travel, responsibility, self development, and brotherhood anywhere else." – Torr Brush

"I do have close brothers from my chapter, but some of my closest Sigma Nu brothers are those who dedicated a part of their lives to the Legion of Honor. The adventures, the joy, even the struggles; these were all shared. We learned to work and play together and truly enjoyed life to the fullest. The experiences built true friendships I will always cherish. One of the best skills I gained from Sigma Nu was the ability to adapt. I learned to assess the environment and the people around me and to quickly understand the dynamics of complex situations. The ability to adapt and be self reliant was very useful when I ventured to Japan after leaving Sigma Nu. I discovered the interpersonal skills were perfect skills for teaching English and used my experience and ability to talk to almost anyone as a teaching tool.

I really wanted to give back to the Fraternity and have the opportunity to travel all over the country and share my knowledge and build more understanding of the organization that continues to be a guiding principle in my life.

It is simple. You will never have an opportunity like this again. You have the opportunity to give back to an organization that has, hopefully, shaped your life. You have an opportunity to impact other people's lives. You have the opportunity to build skills that are connected with principles that help you achieve your greatest dreams and aspirations." – Michael McKenzie


Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis, with the primary hiring period being in February-April. Applicants hired in the spring months typically begin their employment and training in June, while those hired in the fall months typically begin their employment and training in January.

Learn about the Fraternity's Consultant Programs

Download a Consultant Application.

Completed applications should be mailed to the attention of Scott Smith, Director of Leadership Development, at:

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.
P.O. Box 1869
9 North Lewis St.
Lexington, VA 24450

If you are unable to download the application file, please contact Scott Smith at Sigma Nu Headquarters for an application (Phone: 540.463.1869 or email: headquarters@sigmanu.org).

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