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Best Practices Library

Intellectual Development

Academic Assistance and Support

ID1 - The chapter has a buddy system as part of their scholarship program.  Two members are paired together based on class schedule and push the other to attend class.  

ID2 - The chapter has created a tutoring program where active members tutor candidates to raise the candidate GPA.

ID3 - The candidates are paired with brothers in the same major or class. The candidates who have a C or below will be required to meet with the teacher. Each A grade will receive a drawing ticket for prizes. Brothers with 3.5 GPA or higher will be treated a dinner paid by the chapter. The chapter has study files in the house. 

ID4 - Brothers who are found to not be completing their study hours are brought before the Honor Board for judgment and punishment if deemed necessary. The brothers' GPA determines the study hours. There will be fine for missing study hours and classes. The fine goes into scholarship account given to brother with most improved, highest, second highest, and third highest GPA.

ID5 - The chapter website lets its members log in and access the chapter's bank of practice tests and helpful items. Every quarter the Scholarship committee collects practice mid terms and test and scans them to PDF or similar format to keep this test bank up to date.

ID6 - The scholarship chairman collects all of the members' syllabi for their classes and puts together a test / assignment calendar to help with mutual scholastic accountability.

ID7 - Chapter has Academic mentors for Candidates in week two of the program to help solidify their academic goals and mentor them into the Fraternity scholastically.  

ID8 - All brothers who are below a 3.0 are required to participate in at least one hour of study sessions each week and all brothers below a 2.5 are required to participate in at least 2 hours of study sessions. Study sessions are qualified as attending a Teaching Assistant or Professor proctored study session. Brothers must get their TA or Professor to sign off on attendance. 

ID9 - *NEW* The chapter Scholarship Chairman has members fill out monthly grade report sheets and professors sign off the current grade for those members. The chapter is able to determine how a member is doing through these monthly grade reports.

ID10 - *NEW* For brothers with a 3.0 GPA or above, the chapter allows library hours to be tracked using Snapchat. Brothers send a Snapchat message to a member of the scholarship committee to check in and check out of the library.

ID11 - Sample Academic Assistance Plan Voucher

ID12 - Sample Academic Progress Report

ID13 - Sample Academic Social Probation Agreement

ID14 - Sample Midterm Self-Evaluation

ID15 - Sample Scholarship Survey

ID16 - Sample Scholastic Inventory

ID17 - *NEW* Scholarship Tiers Resource

ID18 - *NEW* Academic Goals Sheet

ID19 - *NEW* Sample Academic Mentoring Program

ID20 - *NEW* Sample Annual Grade Report Analysis

Academic Incentive Programs and Ideas

ID21 - The chapter entered into 'Grade Wars' with sorority on campus as a way to encourage brothers to achieve high GPA. The losing organization will prepare spaghetti dinner for the winning one. The Chapter will give out awards for GPA. 3.0 GPA below will have study hours. The scholarship chairmen organizes brothers into study groups according to major. Speakers from Career Services and Study Abroad Department made presentations to the chapter.

ID22 - The chapter currently passes out gift cards to chapter members based on their GPA for the previous semester. The highest gift card will be $25 for 3.75 or above and the lowest will be a $10 gift card for those above a 3.0.  

ID23 - The chapter created an award for the "Scholar of the Month," which recognizes a brother with strong academic performance. Receipients of the award also receive a $20 gift card to a popular restaurant such as Chipotle. 

ID24 - Chapter hosts and event called the "Dean's List Dinner" where all members who made the Dean's list during the previous semester (quarter) receives an invitation to dinner at a nice restaurant at the expense of the chapter.  

ID25 - Chapter has a "fantasy academics" competition every semester. The brothers with the top 4 GPAs serve as team captains and take turns "drafting" the other members of the chapter. At the end of the semester, the team with the highest cumulative GPA wins and is rewarded.

ID26 - The chapter sets a chapter-wide GPA goal and if met the chapter purchases something to improve the house.

ID 27- Sample Academic Scholarship Application

ID28 - Sample Scholarship Point System

Scholarship Plans

ID29 - Sample Scholarship Plan 1 

ID30 - Sample Scholarship Plan 2

ID31 - Sample Scholarship Plan 3

ID32 - Sample Scholarship Plan 4

ID33 - Sample Scholarship Plan 5

ID34 - Sample Scholarship Plan 6

General Fraternity Resources

GFID1 - Scholarship Key Application *UPDATED* - Provided by the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation

GFID2 - Scholarship Plan Components Guide *UPDATED*

GFID3 - Role of A Faculty Advisor Guide *UPDATED*

GFID4 - 10 Ways to Improve Grades *UPDATED*

GFID5 - Effective Study Behavior Model *UPDATED*

GFID6 - Tips for Better Lecture Note Taking *UPDATED*

GFID7 - *NEW* Chapter Scholarship Audit 

GFID8 - *NEW* Guide for Time Management and Effective Studying

Call for Practices

If you have a great example or resource that you think should be included in the Best Practices Library, we want to know about it. Send your examples and resources via e-mail to Christopher Brenton, Associate Director of Leadership Development at christopher.brenton@sigmanu.org.

Additional Officer Resources

The perfect complement to the Best Practices Library is the specific chapter officer resources page. Here you can access additional resources and the chapter officer manual for each officer. Also be sure to check out the following pages on the Fraternity's service and philanthropy related resources: 

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