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The PEP: Chapter Support Program

What is the Chapter Support Program?

The Grand Chapter created the Pursuit of Excellence Program to ensure that Sigma Nu chapters are advancing the Fraternity’s vision of “Excelling with Honor.” This program allows every chapter to complete a self-assessment, reporting what they have accomplished and achieved over the past academic year. The General Fraternity utilizes the chapter’s assessment team (Chapter Advisor, Fraternity/Sorority Advisor, AAB Chairman, Division Commanders, and Leadership Consultant) to provide ratings and feedback for the chapter based on the ten (10) subcategories defined within the Pursuit of Excellence Program. Within the Fraternity’s continual effort to ensure that every Sigma Nu chapter is meeting the minimum expectations of the Fraternity as defined by the Grand Chapter and moreover, striving to meets it long-term obligation to excellence, the Pursuit of Excellence Chapter Support Program was developed. Chapters deemed “deficient” or performing below acceptable standards of performance for at least five (5) subcategories will be identified for placement into the support program with the expressed purpose of providing those chapters with intensive rehabilitation and the chance to not only return to regular operations, but to thrive. The Chapter Support Program features year-long interventions that task chapters with developing a strategic plan, action plans for their 10 areas of operation, and completing necessary officer transitions to ensure the long-term sustainability of the chapter.

How does a chapter get placed into the Support Program?

“There is no honor in mediocrity.” – Robert Durham, 62nd Regent of Sigma Nu Fraternity

Following the standard Pursuit of Excellence self-assessment submission, rating, and feedback process, any chapter found deficient (beneath a rating of “Acceptable) in five or more subcategories (out of a total of 10 subcategories) will be placed into the PEP: Chapter Support Program.

What is included in the Chapter Support program?

The Chapter Support Program's primary purpose is to assist chapters in developing the necessary foundation to thrive within their fraternity/sorority community. As such, each component of the program is structured to guide a chapter through strategic planning, creating internal systems of effective operations and self-govenance, and developing the muscle-memory for behavior that will reorient the chapter toward long-term success. Below are the required components of the support program that chapters will experience throughout the academic year.

  • Early-Mid August - Chapter will receive it's ratings and feedback from its PEP self-assessment submission for the previous academic year and official notification of its placement into the Chapter Support Program.
  • Within Two Weeks of the Beginning of the Academic Term - Chapter will participate in a conference call with the Director of Chapter Services to go over the timeline and expectations of the program.
  • By September 30 - Chapter will need to show completion of at least one educational program on the topic of strategic planning and the chapter must complete and submit a copy of it's strategic plan.
  • By October 31 - Chapter will need to submit an action plan and/or component for each of the ten (10) sub-categories of the Pursuit of Excellence Program. Further information including submission requirements, templates, and formatting will be provided to each chapter by the Director of Chapter Services.
  • During the month of November - Chapter will participate in a progress check-in with the Director of Chapter Services to confirm progress, receive support, and address unanswered questions.
  • During College of Chapters (Jan. 3-6) - The Chapter's Commander will participate in the Fraternity's College of Chapters conclave which provides each Commander with intensive training on how to establish and execute on a vision for his chapter. The Commander will also have the opportunity to meet with the Director of Chapter Services and other Support Program chapters to receive additional support and best practices.
  • By February 28 - Chapter will need to submit a confirmation of the chapter's participation in an officer transition retreat.
  • During the month of March - Chapter will participat in a second and final progress check-in with the Director of Chapter Services to confirm progress, receive support, and address unanswered questions.
  • By April 30 - Chapter will submit it's Pursuit of Excellence Self-Assessment for the academic year. 
  • Mid-Late May - Chapter will recieve notification of the chapter's completion of the Chapter Support Program and its return to normal operations.

Additional Components of the Chapter Support Program

To assist with a chapter's completion of the Chapter Support Program the following components will be implemented:

  • Support Program chapters are prioritized for a three-day (3) consultation during the fall (August - December) and spring (January - May) semesters.
  • Support Program chapters are restricted from all events with alcohol with the following exceptions:
    • Chapters will be allowed one (1) event with alcohol during the fall (August - December) semester and two (2) events with alcohol during the spring (January - May) semester.
      • All events with alcohol must be approved by the Director of Health and Safety. Event requests must take place at least 30 days in advance of event taking place.
      • No event with alcohol will be permitted prior to the completion and approval of the chapter's Strategic Plan.
      • The Support Programs allowance of events with alcohol does not supersede other statuses (such sanctions or restrictions placed on the chapter for violation of university or fraternity policy) that may restrict the chapter's ability to host events with alcohol.
  • Any chapter that refuses to participate or knowingly violates any component of the Chapter Support Program may be considered for either Operational or Disciplinary Show Cause status. Failure to comply with Show Cause status will result in the consideration of a chapter's charter by the High Council. 

Any additional questions regarding the PEP: Chapter Support Program can be directed toward Austin Lloyd, Director of Chapter Services at austin.lloyd@sigmanu.org.

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