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Brothers Mentoring Brothers

Brothers Mentoring Brothers (BMB) is an opportunity for collegiate brothers to engage with chapter and local alumni for professional development and mentorship. 

This component of Sigma Nu's Mentor Network is intended to be a one-on-one mentoring relationship between a soon-to-be-graduate of a collegiate chapter and an alumnus. This one-on-one relationship allows for more in-depth and position/field-specific mentoring.

Unlike the "Careers In" and "Navigators" components of Sigma Nu's Mentor Network, BMB is to be managed locally by an alumni entity, such as the Alumni Chapter, Alumni Advisory Board, or housing corporation. Many chapters have established mentoring programs between the collegiate chapter and alumni. BMB is not intended to replace those existing programs. Instead, the intent is to include those existing programs as BMB chapters and create opportunities to share best practices. The only thing existing mentoring programs are asked to do is register with the General Fraternity.

For chapters that do not have an existing mentoring program, though, BMB can serve as a program model. The General Fraternity has developed a resource that details the various components of a one-on-one mentoring program, including best practices for running a mentoring program: Brothers Mentoring Brothers Startup Guide. Further, our staff is available to advise and assist. 

Whether a local mentoring program follows the BMB model or some other model, all local mentoring programs are requested to register with the General Fraternity. This registration allows the Fraternity to:

  • Recognize and promote the efforts of local programs as a value-add to those chapter members.
  • Collect and share best practices with other chapters and brothers.
  • Maintain an accurate record of chapters with local mentoring programs.
  • Accurately recognize and reflect all alumni participating as mentors throughout the Fraternity.

How to get started

Register to be a BMB chapter. If registering for an existing local program, please provide a list of alumni participating as mentors. The General Fraternity uses this information for historical purposes and to keep an accurate record of alumni who give back to the Fraternity through mentorship.

If registering a chapter that does not have an existing local mentoring program, please let the General Fraternity know if you would like to schedule a startup consultation with the staff. An opportunity to schedule a consultation with our staff is available in the registration process. 


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