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Operational Excellence

All active alumni chapters in good standing have met, or are working towards meeting, the following requirements:

  1. Chartered.
  2. Alumni chapter officers updated, and bylaws ratified, annually.
  3. Annual report submitted.

An important benefit to fulfilling these expectations will be the alumni chapter's ability to have both a voice and a vote at the Grand Chapter, provided for in Article 14, Section 2.2, of The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. 

"A Collegiate Chapter in Good Standing shall be entitled to two Representatives. An Alumni Chapter in Good Standing shall be entitled to one Representative." 

Best Practices for Basic Operations

The responsibilities of daily life, often very different from those as a collegiate member, must be taken into consideration for alumni chapter operations. It is important that membership in, and service to, the alumni chapter is not burdensome. It is equally important, though, that the alumni chapter fulfill some basic operations reflective of its ultimate purpose - To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity.

  1. Hold an annual meeting of the alumni chapter. This meeting should include the election of officers and the updating/ratification of the chapter's bylaws.
  2. At least one communication (e.g. newsletter), per year, to all chapter alumni for whom contact information is available.
  3. Host at least one alumni event for all chapter alumni, per year.
  4. Complete and submit an annual report to the General Fraternity in May.

Click here to see additional best practices for general operations: A Spectrum of Operational Excellence

Additional benefits that come with being recognized as an active Alumni Chapter include:

  • Listing of living alumni of the chapter, to be used for alumni chapter business, provided by the General Fraternity annually.
  • Alumni chapter update published in The Delta magazine.
  • Eligibility for the Alumni Chapter Officer of the Year award.
  • Support and promotion of alumni chapter events.

Dormant Alumni Chapters

Those alumni chapters that do not meet the voting eligibility requirements will be considered dormant.

  • If an alumni chapter has been dormant for two years or less, it may be reinstated as an active alumni chapter by providing an updated list of alumni chapter officers and bylaws to the General Fraternity.
  • If an alumni chapter has been dormant for more than two years, or if an alumni chapter charter has not been previously granted, then it must complete the alumni chapter petitioning process.

What's Next

It is one thing to understand the operational basics of an alumni chapter, but it is quite another to do it. Alumni brothers have a lot going on in their daily lives so, it is important that the alumni chapter is not burdensome to officers or members. The following resources have been provided to assist in the development of the various operational components of the alumni chapter.

CONNECT: A Guide to Alumni Chapter Communication

ENGAGE: A Guide to Alumni Chapter Events

INVEST: A Guide to How Alumni Chapters Provide Support

Best Practices Library - Alumni Development

Best Practices Library - Alumni Engagement

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