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Just as Sigma Nu Fraternity took the lead in 2004 by offering online alcohol education to its membership with AlcoholEdu for College, the Fraternity is again taking steps forward to educate its membership. In a continued partnership with EverFi, the Fraternity is excited to offer the redesigned and updated GreekLifeEdu course, a program that addresses not only alcohol use but also hazing and sexual assault. As more campuses come on board with online prevention education, the Fraternity takes another step ahead in offering a new and exciting program - one that is more interactive, engaging, and shorter than the previous version.

For those chapters on campuses that are already offering, or requiring, students to complete AlcoholEdu, GreekLifeEdu will serve as a complementary educational piece. It will act as a co-curricular course to AlcoholEdu for College and Haven (an understanding of sexual assault course), as it is better suited to fit the needs of students joining Greek organizations. About 10-20% of the content in GreekLifeEdu overlaps with AlcoholEdu and/or Haven to reinforce critical content for those students participating in both programs.

About GreekLifeEdu

Since the Spring of 2004, Sigma Nu Fraternity has partnered with EverFi to offer online education and prevention programs to its members. Starting with AlcoholEdu for College, an interactive, online alcohol misuse and abuse prevention program which was offered from 2004-2008 and then GreekLifeEdu, from 2008 to the present day.

We realize that by joining Sigma Nu, you are not only entering a new environment with new friends and social opportunities but also with new responsibilities. With so many exciting things going on around you, you need to be prepared to deal with all sorts of situations that may come your way, especially those situations involving alcohol.

We are excited to offer GreekLifeEdu – a non-opinionated, science-based course addressing the critical issues of alcohol awareness, sexual assault, and hazing for fraternity and sorority members. By leveraging the latest research and trends and incorporating multiple evidence-based learning theories, GreekLifeEdu achieves behavior change objectives, helps students practice safe decision-making, and empowers students to make well-informed decisions by providing simple strategies to help keep them and their friends safe.

What is GreekLifeEdu?

GreekLifeEdu offers a confidential, personalized experience for each student. The course includes:

    1. Five modules of content featuring videos, scenarios, interactive activities and more
    2. Helpful tools, like a BAC calculator, national and organization-specific resources, and social norming messages 
    3. Refusal and protective strategies and tips for helping a friend
    4. Answers to students’ most common questions about alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault

GreekLifeEdu is a 60-90 minute, Web-based prevention program using the latest prevention techniques and science-based research to educate students about alcohol consumption, hazing, and sexual assault.

GreekLifeEdu will empower our members to make well-informed decisions and help them better cope with the behavior of their peers.

Learn how to create a user account and get started with GreekLifeEdu.

GreekLifeEdu FAQ

Why GreekLifeEdu? 

  • 7 out of 10 students involved in a team or social organization experience at least one hazing behavior*
  • Alcohol consumption and sexual activities are common hazing practices across all types of student groups* 

*Allan, E.J. and M. Madden. (2008). Hazing in View: College Students at Risk, Initial Findings from the National Study of Student Hazing. Retrieved on March 12, 2008, from the National Center for Hazing Research and Prevention: http://www.hazingstudy.org/publications/hazing_in_view_web.pdf.

Since partnering with EverFi, over 5,000 of our members have completed AlcoholEdu and more than 30,000 have completed GreekLifeEdu, including over 80% of current collegiate members. After engaging with AlcoholEdu and/or GreekLifeEdu, Sigma Nu members have a higher rate of abstention and lower rates of heavy episodic and problematic drinking. Consider this: more than two-thirds of those having completed the courses are under the legal drinking age of 21. It is becoming quite clear that Sigma Nu members are becoming better educated on the perils of alcohol abuse and misuse earlier in their collegiate careers. Additional GreekLifeEdu data shows that Sigma Nu members overwhelmingly agree that the course: helped them acquire new skills, stimulated them to tell their friends about something they learned and helped them learn new facts about hazing and sexual assault.

"These [AlcoholEdu for College and GreekLifeEdu] are the most effective programs we've seen in terms of changing attitudes and behavior," said Brad Beacham, Executive Director of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. "Knowledge gives college students the power to make informed, healthy decisions about alcohol use. We want our student members to not only have the education, but also the know-how to apply it. Based on our past successes with Outside the Classroom and now EverFi we are excited about offering the new and improved GreekLifeEdu course to our students as we believe it will better prepare them to make well-informed decisions when it comes to alcohol, hazing, and sexual assault."

We can help empower our chapters by encouraging the undergraduate membership to complete this program. 

Utilizing GreekLifeEdu

It is our goal to have all members - initiates and candidates - who have not previously completed GreekLifeEdu, complete the online program by May 1, with a passing grade of 80% or higher on the final exam. Reaching this goal will benefit not only the individual members but the entire chapter.

Member Instructions: 
  • Log in to the Members Area.
  • Select the "GreekLifeEdu" link.
    • The program opens in a new window and prompts for a confirmation of your personal information (name, college/university, and age range).
  • Click "Submit" to establish a GreekLifeEdu account and begin the program right away.
  • Users may log in and out of the course at the end of each activity. The end of an activity is marked with an arrow pointing to the right of the screen. DO NOT log out until clicking the arrow that moves you to the next activity or the recently completed activity may have to be redone.
  • To return to the course, log in through the Members Area. The course will pick up in the same place it left off.
  • Complete the first portion of the program (through the Final Exam and Survey 2) by May 1.
  • Complete the second portion of the program (includes Survey 3 and key concepts review) by June 1.

An administrator account can also be created to track member progress. Review the Administrator Account Instructions resource for more information on setting up a new administrator account.

The online course has two parts:

  • Part 1 of the course takes approximately 60-75 minutes to complete, and it may be completed in multiple sittings. After completion of this first portion, users will take a comprehensive final exam. A grade of 80% or higher on this exam will result in credit for completing the first portion of the GreekLifeEdu program. This should be completed by May 1Completion of Part 1 is required for a member to be counted towards the chapter's incentive percentage.
  • About one month after completing Part 1, users will receive an email asking them to complete Part 2. Upon completion of Survey 3 and a review of key concepts, users will receive credit for the completion of the GreekLifeEdu program in its entirety.  This should be completed by June 1.

The GreekLifeEdu Online Technical Support Center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week should users experience any difficulties or require support. Simply click on the "Technical Help" button located in the upper-right corner of every GreekLifeEdu screen (to access the Technical Support Center without logging in please visit http://greeklifeedu.com/help.html).

The key to GreekLifeEdu being effective for your chapter is for all members - initiates and candidates - to complete the program. We expect that chapters and individual members will accept this special invitation to help strengthen our Fraternity and to position themselves and their chapter for success.

Financial Incentive Policy

As an incentive to participate, the High Council of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. has approved the following policy:

Collegiate chapters of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. may qualify for the lowest available, per member risk management assessment within their applicable tier after 90% of the chapter’s membership has completed the GreekLifeEdu education and prevention program. A per member risk management assessment surcharge of $25 per member will be billed to a collegiate chapter in which less than 90% of the chapter’s membership has completed the program. Any such surcharge will be applied annually, toward the end of the applicable academic year (with a specific time to be determined by the Executive Director).

To qualify for this incentive and to avoid the per member surcharge, all members of a chapter should complete the program by May 1.

ANNOUNCEMENT - In consideration of the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the deadline to achieve 90% member completion of GreekLifeEdu has been extended to May 18, 2020.

GreekLifeEdu FAQ

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