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Best Practices Library 

Inclusive Brotherhood

IB1 - Chapter has developed a Mental Health Chairman position. A member of the Chaplain's committee, this officer is tasked with monitoring and supporting the mental health culture within the chapter. One brother from each class serves under the Mental Health Chairman. All mental health representatives serve to support the mental wellbeing of their class. The committee conducts lessons from the Behind Happy Faces program each year and shares campus and community resources to their respective class. This format - representatives from each class, including the current candidates, working with their fellow classmates - removes the struggles of age intimidation which prevents newer members from becoming emotionally vulnerable with older brothers. Seeing a brother in your own class acting out of character or "down" is much easier to spot as a comfortable relationship and line of communication has already been established during the candidate program. The Mental Health Chairman also works with the Commander and LEAD Chairman to bring in guest speakers form the campus counseling, wellness, alcohol & other drug, student involvement, and other appropriate campus offices to give presentations to the membership and review the available on-campus resources. 

IB2 - Chapter has a program called Peer Coaching. Each chapter member is paired with another member and works through a developed program for members to coach each other on personal goals and to challenge each other on a personal level. Overall the chapter has seen great success from this program in that officers are willing to be open to the suggestions from members, and members trust their officers. 

IB3 - Chapter implements a "Brother Book", where a member recognizes another member in the chapter for an honorable deed and then hands the book to that member. That member then holds the book until he is ready to recognize another member for being honorable by writing it in the book and then handing the book down to that member. This process continues until the book is filled. 

IB4 - To ensure continuing campus leadership, the chapter has in place a bylaw that requires members to be involved in one other campus organization. 

IB5 - The chapter has a committee responsible for maintaining good working relationships with sororities, fraternities, the administration, and additional student organizations and entities on campus. The committee is flexible in that its work can benefit recruitment efforts, ensure maximum on-campus participation, and serve as an additional mouthpiece for publicizing chapter events. 

IB6 - The chapter elects an involvement chairman that not only keeps track of all the campus organizations members are involved in, but also announces meetings/events related to those organizations members are involved with. 

IB7 - The chapter assists candidates in landing on-campus jobs, meeting key university officials, and introducing each candidate to the campus’ Fraternity/Sorority Advisor, Vice President of Student Affairs, and President of the university (when possible). This practice allows key university leaders to learn the names and faces of candidates early and helps candidates find involvement opportunities. Doing this has assisted the chapter in landing leadership positions such as Student Body President, IFC President, and the like. 

IB8 - Chapter holds an optional weekly spirituality session/discussion that is open to both brothers and candidates. Each week is centered around a different topic or theme and the lesson plan for each week is provided to the Chaplain via campus ministries. 

IB9 - Membership Development Plan

General Fraternity Resources

Anti-Discrimination Policy of Sigma Nu Fraternity

As adopted by the 67th Grand Chapter (2016, San Diego, California)

No member of Sigma Nu Fraternity shall discriminate, with respect to fraternal decisions, on the basis of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation, disability, age, and/or national origin.

Call for Practices

If you have a great example or resource that you think should be included in the Best Practices Library, we want to know about it. Send your examples and resources to Austin Lloyd, Director of Chapter Services, at austin.lloyd@sigmanu.org.

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