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National Hazing Prevention Week

National Hazing Prevention Week (NHPW) is a time when communities, institutions, organizations, and individuals make a concerted effort to raise awareness and increase education about hazing. NHPW is officially held the last full week of September each year; however, anyone is welcome to organize a hazing prevention week at any point of the year. The fundamental objective is to have a specific time in which the entire community is focused on engaging in intentional discussions about the problem of hazing.

NHPW is organized by HazingPrevention.Org (HPO). Review our HPO webpage to learn about Sigma Nu’s longstanding partnership and support of HPO’s mission “to empower people to prevent hazing.”

How to Get Involved

Nationally, Sigma Nu regularly participates in NHPW through the #40Actions campaign in the 40 days leading up to NHPW and various anti-hazing blog posts and articles during NHPW.

Locally, chapters throughout the country organize and participate in a variety of activities in support of NHPW.  If your campus or chapter does not currently participate in NHPW, below are several resources to help in starting a NHPW initiative in your community:

  • The official NHPW website has a number of helpful resources and ideas to get NHPW started on your campus.
  • The free NHPW Resource Guide includes numerous articles detailing ideas and strategies on how to support NHPW and other hazing prevention initiatives. 
  • The #40Actions campaign is an easy way for your chapter to publicly participate in NHPW through the chapter’s Twitter account. You could also encourage other organizations in your local community to participate.
  • The “A Different Look at Hazing” workshop and accompanying PowerPoint presentation was intentionally designed to be appropriate for both Greek and non-Greek audiences so it could be used as part of NHPW.

If you need any other ideas or want some advice on how to get NHPW started on your campus, feel free to contact the General Fraternity office at (540) 463-1869. Also, please let the General Fraternity know when and how your chapter participates in NHPW by emailing news@sigmanu.org.


The following articles address topics and concepts related to hazing. These articles can be helpful resources to spark important discussion and reflection on the importance of creating a values-based new member experience devoid of hazing. 

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