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Phase I: The Way of Honor

Phase I establishes a foundation of knowledge for all new members including Sigma Nu’s history, mission, why it exists and its structures and policies. As participants progress through each of the sessions, they will begin to understand who they are as men, leaders and brothers.

LEAD Phase I Facilitator Manual

The Facilitator Manual provides instructions and updated session guidance notes for implementing the redesigned Phase I programming.

Online Resource Library

Each phase also includes an online resource library of supplemental and reference material for session facilitators and participants who are interested in learning more. Review of this content provides a deeper dive into each topic.

LEAD Phase I Session Descriptions


This session will serve as an introduction to the LEAD Program and the expectations of fraternity membership. Participants will begin creating a community through interactive activities and candidate class goal setting.

Session 1: Fraternity

What is fraternity? Why do fraternities exist? What stereotypes of fraternities do you bring with you from high school and the media? Participants will learn about the origin and history of fraternities, the responsibilities that come with fraternity membership and hot topics in Greek life.

Session 2: History

Learning the history of Sigma Nu and why we were founded is the core of our fraternity. Participants will learn about the three founders and the challenges they faced in establishing Sigma Nu and fighting hazing at Virginia Military Institute. Emphasis will also be given to the history of the local chapter. Initiates and alumni will share what makes them proud to be brothers of Sigma Nu.

Session 3: Leadership & Working in Groups

Learning to work together as brothers and as a candidate class is vital. It will determine how successful you are later in your individual leadership positions and as a chapter. Communication. Teamwork. Learning about each other. You will experience all this and more as you complete an outdoor teams course.

Session 4: Sigma Nu: International Organization & Chapter Operations

Sigma Nu is bigger than you, bigger than your chapter. This session will focus on the entire brotherhood-more than 150 chapters and 10,000 collegiate members strong. Participants will learn how Sigma Nu's High Council (governing board) is organized, how Headquarters operates, how their chapter runs, how chapter elections are set up and expectations of chapter officers.

Session 5: Risk Reduction

Participants will learn the basics of Sigma Nu’s Risk Reduction Policy, test their knowledge, and participate in an online education program (CommunityEdu).

Session 6: Values & Ethics

What values are most important to you? How did you develop your values? How do the values of Sigma Nu (Love, Honor, and Truth) fit into your life? Candidates will examine their values and how they can live up to them daily. What are the basic expectations when it comes to fraternity membership? How should we act? What is acceptable? What isn’t? Candidates will learn about basic expectations, face several ethical dilemmas and come up with solutions, and discuss the Sigma Nu lifestyle.

Session 7: Alcohol Misuse Prevention

The decisions you and your chapter brothers make regarding alcohol can have potentially life-altering consequences. This session is designed to explore relevant scenarios that confront college students, learn laws and policies, and identify effective techniques for intervention, response and consumption.

Session 8: Leadership: The Basics

What is leadership? Is there a difference between leadership and a leader? How is leadership defined by Sigma Nu? How important are followers in the leadership process? These are just a few of the questions that will be addressed in this session.

Session 9: Project Management

The success of all projects is determined by attention to details and teamwork. Participants will examine their experiences in project planning and learn the essential steps in planning.

Session 10: Ritual

Why do you really want to become a Sigma Nu? What can you add to the brotherhood? Participants will reflect on their experience as a candidate in Sigma Nu and what is possible in their journey to knighthood. It's time to put everything they've learned to use.

Session 11: Community Service (Optional Session)

What is Community Service? How is it different from Philanthropy? Why are both important to Sigma Nu? Why do we do service? Participants will learn the answers to these questions, focus on the five elements of service and work to select a long-term service placement.

Session 12: Time Management (Optional Session)

This session features practical time management tips for first year students. Specific strategies will be presented for combating procrastination, maximizing time and setting priorities.

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