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Phase II: The Life of Love

Phase II continues the development of ethical leaders that began in Phase I. Participants in Phase II will begin to develop and refine the skills necessary to become and remain successful leaders in society. 

LEAD Phase II Facilitator Manual

The Facilitator Manual provides instructions and updated session guidance notes for implemented the redesigned Phase II programming.

Online Resource Library

Each phase also includes an online resource library of supplemental and resource material for session facilitators and participants who are interested in learning more. Review of this content provides a deeper dive into each topic.

LEAD Phase II Session Descriptions

This session will serve as an introduction to Phase II of the LEAD Program. Participants will begin creating a community through interactive activities. Participants will also being work on their Personal Leadership Development Plan and their goals for the semester.

Session 1: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
This workshop will focus on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Seven Habits are an effective tool in helping people take a closer look at who they are and who they want to be. Participants will create their personal mission statements, draft a weekly plan based on the Seven Habits and discuss and how to apply them to daily life.

Session 2: The Leadership Challenge
What does it take to become a better leader? How can you make a difference in your chapter? Through interactive exercises and sharing, participants will learn the five practices of exemplary leadership. Participants will complete an inventory to determine how often they use the five key leadership practices. Ideas will be shared on how to improve as a leader in each of the five areas.

Session 3: Visionary Leadership
Do you know where your chapter is headed? Is your chapter spinning its wheels? Sliding backwards? This session focuses on vision, why it is important to an organization, how to create an effective vision and how to have others take ownership of the vision. Participants will create the short- and long-term vision for the chapter. Information on how to use the vision to create a strategic plan will also be shared.

Session 4: Effective Change
Change is a constant in today's world. Understanding the cycle of change and how it applies to organizations is essential to making progress. Participants will understand the attitudes they bring to the change process, learn the steps to effective change and discover how to implement a change initiative.

Session 5: Personality Types
This session will focus on helping participants identify theirs and others' personality types, using either the Myers-Briggs Inventory or Keirsey Temperament Sorter. The Myers-Briggs and Keirsey are inventories that measure personality types. Participants will learn about different personality types and how to work effectively with others.

Session 6: Teams and Decision Making
Participants will rank the items they will try to salvage from a survival simulation as well as the action steps they'll take in order to survive. Participants will learn how to build an effective team and the four types of decision-making strategies. Through interactive exercises, participants will practice consensus building and learn about team roles.

Session 7: Controversy with Civility
Have you ever had problems with officers or committee members not doing their jobs? Have you ever had to discipline a brother or confront someone who had an alcohol problem? This session will focus on the steps to effective confrontation. Participants learn about the three types of confrontation, effective confrontation skills and how to use them in their daily lives and roles as chapter members. Includes role-playing.

Session 8: Living Our Values
How well are you living up to the principles of Sigma Nu? This session will focus on the values that make Sigma Nu unique. Participants will identify those actions they have taken recently to live by the ideals of Sigma Nu and situations where they did not. Discussion will focus on what makes living an ethical life challenging and what you can do to be more honorable.

This session will serve as a conclusion to Phase II. Participants will reflect on their Phase II experience and provide feedback on the program.

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