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Rock Chapter Awards

The Rock Chapter Award is meant to honor collegiate chapters that have achieved excellence in all areas of chapter operations. To be granted the award, a chapter should be expected to attain the ideals or a nearly perfect state across a broad range of areas of fraternity operations. It should also be noted that risk management and behavioral issues are included in the judging process. In addition, to win the award, a chapter should be expected to maintain a state of excellence for a given period of time, not just for a semester of one school year. Furthermore, the award once granted, should not be considered recognition for future achievement (i.e. once a Rock Chapter, always a Rock Chapter), but rather recognition for past achievement with an appropriate date inscribed indicating the precise year which the award represents.

Finally, the Rock Chapter Award is only presented at Grand Chapters, (i.e. every two years), providing there are chapters that qualify.

Rock Chapter award recipients will be those chapters which consistently achieve very good to excellent ratings in the Pursuit of Excellence Program over the course of the biennium.

2018 Rock Chapters

  • Beta Theta (Auburn)
  • Delta Alpha (Case Western Reserve)
  • Delta Gamma (Columbia)
  • Epsilon Epsilon (Oklahoma State)
  • Epsilon Mu (Butler)
  • Epsilon Xi (Mississippi)
  • Eta Zeta (Louisiana Tech)
  • Gamma Mu (Illinois)
  • Gamma Tau (Minnesota)
  • Gamma Zeta (Oregon)
  • Kappa Epsilon (Appalachian State)
  • Kappa Pi (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
  • Lambda Epsilon (Texas Christian)
  • Lambda Eta (Rochester)
  • Mu (Georgia)
  • Nu (Kansas)
  • Theta (Alabama)
  • Theta Kappa (Georgia Southern)
  • Zeta Xi (UC Davis)

Most Improved Chapter Award

The Most Improved Chapter Awards are meant to recognize those collegiate chapters that have displayed the greatest operational gains over the course of the biennium. Qualifying chapters are those that have shown significant improvement in their Pursuit of Excellence Program ratings from the first to the second year of the biennium. These chapters, should they maintain performance at their current levels, are expected to rise to the level of Rock Chapter in the subsequent biennium.

  • Lambda Chi (Cal State San Bernardino)
  • Mu Iota (Hartford)

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