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Why a Mentor Network

Mentorship and networking have long been recognized as important aspects of the collegiate and fraternity experience. 

The Sigma Nu Mentor Network, an on-demand mentoring platform focused on professional and career development, is the Fraternity's key effort to offer its collegiate brothers and young alumni global access to the professional knowledge and career experience of its broader alumni membership.



Results from research conducted by Sigma Nu and 12 other leading fraternities indicates that collegiate fraternity members have strong beliefs in the value of fraternal networking and the benefit of a formal networking platform as part of their membership.

  • 86% of Sigma Nu's collegiate respondents indicated a belief that their membership in Sigma Nu would be influential in making business contacts for the future.
  • 82% believed their mebership would have an influence in preparing them to start their career.
  • 81% indicated that alumni support through mentoring and advising was important.

Alumni respondents agreed on the importance of acting as mentors and advisors to support the professional and career advancement of collegiate and young alumni members.

  • More than half of alumni respondents indicated a willingness to provide such assistance to collegiate members and young alumni.

The Sigma Nu Mentor Network is a direct result of our members' voices and is an opportunity for our collegiate brothers and young alumni to access the experience and knowledge of Sigma Nu alumni across the world.


Mentor Network advisors play an integral role in the professional development of their fellow Sigma Nu brothers. The only requirements to be an advisors are to be an alumnus brother and to be willing to share your knowledge and experience. LEARN MORE>


Advisees are the driving force of the Sigma Nu Mentor Network. With hundreds of advisors to choose from, it is incumbent on advisees to take advatange of this opportunity to connect with alumni who have been where advisees want to go in their careers. LEARN MORE>

Flash Mentoring

Mentoring is generally defined as "a process that enables an individual to learn and seek guidance from a more experienced person who can pass on relevant knowledge and experience." In a traditional mentoring model, the process occurs over an extended period of time - weeks, months, or even years - and the relevant knowledge and experience may cover an array of topics and issues. In contrast, flash mentoring is a one-time meeting/consultation and the topic to be addressed is more specific. 

Individual advisors and advisees may choose to extend their mentoring relationship beyond the inital consultation, but doing so is a choice of those individuals and is not an expectation of the Sigma Nu Mentor Network.

Some of the benefits of flash mentoring are:

  • Allows advisees to choose an advisor for a single, brief, one-on-one career conversation.
  • Advisees are not locked into any one advisor; therefore, they can schedule additional consultations with the same or other advisors.
  • Access to multiple advisors allows advisees to learn, and gain insight, from multiple points of view while also expanding their personal network.
  • Because consultations are more specific and targeted, a single consultation is typically under 60 minutes in length, with most lasting, approximately, 30 minutes.
  • Geography can be a significant barrier to mentoring; however, the flash mentoring platform of the Sigma Nu Mentor Network eliminates geography as a barrier.
  • No exchange of personal contact information.

How It Works

The Sigma Nu Mentor Network provides a secure, user-friendly, online platform where users can register quickly and create their profile using either an existing LinkedIn or Facebook account, or by manually inputting their information in just a few minutes. After completing their profile...

  • Advisees can search the network to identify advisors they wish to consult with about professional development and career advice.
  • Advisors specify their availability for consultations as well as the field(s) and services they wish to offer. For example, advisors may offer Career Conversations about marketing, advice about the transition from school to work, Mock Interviews for accounting positions, and/or steps to take when conducting a job search.
  • The platform also assists in scheduling consultations and connecting advisors and advisees without the need to exchange personal contact information.
  • Advisees then connect with their selected advisor at the scheduled time. Following the session, advisees have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to provide feedback about their experience with the advisor.

It's all done from wherever you are...at home, work, or on vacation. If you have an internet connection you can schedule a consultation.

 Ready to expand your professional network? Connect with Sigma Nu alumni now by registering on the Sigma Nu Mentor Network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional information to enrich the advisee/advisor experience. LEARN MORE>

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