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Expansion FAQ

What is expansion?

Expansion is a term we use to describe the growth process for Sigma Nu Fraternity. Although Sigma Nu would like to give our fraternity experience to as many students as possible, we are not in a race for size. The Fraternity will expand only to where we are welcomed, and where there is adequate support for developing a strong chapter. Colonization sites are evaluated based upon the acceptance of the Fraternity's principles and the quality of the host institution and its students. The presence of qualified support from the university administration, area alumni, and interested membership is paramount to each decision. In essence, there must be evidence that an atmosphere exists for Sigma Nu to achieve its objectives.

Why is starting a new fraternity any different from joining an existing chapter?

Simply put...YOU HAVE AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT! In most existing chapters, you have to wait until you have the opportunity to lead, to voice your opinion, or see the fruits of your labors. Since there are not any old local traditions with a new organization, you can mold this experience how you see fit.

What makes Sigma Nu different from other fraternities?

We could say that it is the size of our membership, our ethical leadership program entitled LEAD, possibly our military heritage, or even our unique founding in opposition to hazing that makes us different from other fraternities. But the simple quality that sets us apart from any other fraternity in existence is Honor. In fact, Sigma Nu is the only fraternity in existence that was founded upon the principle of Honor and remains so today.

My parents don't like fraternities; what should I do?

Many parents have falsely stereotyped fraternities because of the media's portrayal the Greek system. To fight these stereotypes, encourage your parents to research the purpose of fraternities or to visit the campus, meet members of the brotherhood, talk to local alumni, and visit our web site. It is important to understand that Sigma Nu was established to develop young men as leaders and well-rounded students.

What is Sigma Nu's policy on hazing?

Sigma Nu has a strict non-hazing policy. Remember, our founding fathers met and established this fraternity in strict opposition to the practice of hazing. Therefore, the hypocrisy of hazing should and will never be tolerated by our National Organization.

What is the difference between a pledge and a member?

The differences between a candidate, which is our term for pledge, and a member are minimal. A candidate and a member are offered the same opportunities within the group. Each has the opportunity to share his opinions and ideas. Each has opportunities for leadership and personal growth. Both have the choice to become involved in other activities on campus and within the community. The difference between the two revolves around the knowledge about Sigma Nu and its values and principles. These are things that you will be taught during your candidate period.


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