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Chapter Resources

Many of the resources offered by Sigma Nu Fraternity can be broken down into Chapter Resources and Officer Resources. While Officer Resources are intended for one specific officer position, Chapter Resources focus on assisting the chapter as a whole through education and accountability. Take a moment to look through these resources and consider how they could positively impact your chapter. In some cases these are educational programs that are not exclusively pertinent to Sigma Nu and can be used as an all-campus program or all-Greek programming.


Anti-Hazing Workshop

Does your chapter want to lead the fight against hazing on your campus? How about increasing awareness about the perils of hazing? Are you looking for a way to participate in National Hazing Prevention Week? If so, this workshop is for you. "A Different Look at Hazing" workshop is intended to be presented to members of any campus organization, not just Greek-letter groups. "A Different Look at Hazing" workshop is designed to be appropriate for both Sigma Nu members or an audience of any segment of the student body. It is recommended that the chapter invite members of all campus student organizations including, but not limited to athletic teams, student government association, professional associations, and other fraternities and sororities. Ideally, the workshop should be facilitated as part of the chapter's National Hazing Prevention Week participation but the message is relevant at any point during the year.

A Different Look at Hazing Workshop facilitator notes and accompanying PowerPoint presentation

Mental Health

College presents many opportunities and challenges. An important component of a person’s development is learning how to navigate different stresses and challenges that are going to arise throughout their life. In the unique context of a chapter environment, members can play a helpful role in supporting each other in successfully dealing with these challenges.

The Fraternity has partnered with the Human Power Project to offer Behind Happy Faces – Collegiate Member Program and Advisor Resource Series to provide important education to members, chapter officers, and volunteers on the critical concepts of mental health.

The Collegiate Member Program is a series of five (5) 15 to 25-minute in-person workshops designed for all collegiate members. The program has been included as Module D of All Chapter LEAD. One lesson should be facilitated each academic term as part of the chapter’s All Chapter LEAD implementation, which is recommended to be one All Chapter LEAD session facilitated for the chapter each month of the academic year.

The Advisor Resource Series is comprised of five (5) 5-10 minute online lessons designed for collegiate officers and alumni volunteers. Participants are welcome to complete all five sessions in one sitting or spread it out over as many sessions as they would like. While not required, participants are advised to complete the sessions in sequential order.

Prevention Programs

The best way to avoid an incident is to not have it at all. These prevention programs are designed to equip every member of your chapter with the knowledge and skills to intervene at critical moments to avoid a major incident from occurring. Also, visit the Educational Programs section of the Fraternity's website for additional resources to complement your chapter's prevention efforts. 

Social Planning Guide

”The Social Planning Guide” helps chapters address the planning and execution of safe social events in easy-to-understand terms. The guide includes explanations of policy, a rationale for determining what constitutes a chapter event, event planning templates, examples for managing alcohol and guest lists, and assorted tips for applying sound risk management.

Social Planning Guide

We Have a Situation

The most effective way to address a risk reduction incident is to avoid it altogether. “We Have a Situation” is a series of one page guides on a variety of risk reduction related situations. They provide suggestions for how to best prevent a violation or incident from occurring and can be useful tools for chapter discussions or handouts.

We Have a Situation


Every organization operates with some sort of disciplinary system that assists in holding its members accountable to the values, mission, and vision of that respective organization. Sigma Nu is no different and neither are our chapters. Here are some resources to assist your chapter with addressing this delicate topic at a chapter level. 


Sigma Nu embraces the philosophy of chapter self-governance, and in that endeavor we believe that all members should be held accountable for their decisions as individual members. This can range from a brother directly violating The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity to a chapter member failing to attend meetings. A great resource to have this discussion on an annual basis is All Chapter LEAD Module B Session 7 titled “Accountability.” This LEAD session will help chapter members identify the steps of accountability, understand the victim cycle, and visualize where they have fallen short in living up to their obligations.

All Chapter LEAD

Internal Judicial Procedures

Judicial boards, honor boards, honor councils, and j-boards are all different names typically for the same core piece of chapter operations: Internal Judicial Procedures. The Law of Sigma Nu allows each chapter to use an internal judicial body that can address member accountability that is not deemed appropriate for the Trial Code level of adjudication. Per The Law of Sigma Nu this judicial body has to be chaired by the Lt. Commander. The link below will take you directly to the Lt. Commander’s Officer Resource Page where you can find resources to help your chapter run an effective and efficient internal judicial procedure.

Lt. Commander's Officer Resources

Membership Review

Sometimes a group needs a full top-to-bottom assessment of the members. Most chapters are familiar with this as something the General Fraternity staff does on-site with chapters. Unfortunately, this is also viewed negatively but that’s not the case! A Membership Review is an effective way of having one-on-one discussions with every member of your chapter. Membership Reviews also do not require a General Fraternity staff member to participate or organize and can be done internally as a chapter. Contact your Leadership Consultant if you have any questions about how to conduct an internal membership review or request a review led by the General Fraternity staff.

How Risk Reduction Affects Your Chapter and Fraternity

Risk Reduction is one of the most important initiatives of Sigma Nu today. Every chapter’s Risk Management Assessment is often their largest expense paid to the General Fraternity. But why is that? It can be extremely beneficial for every member to understand how their actions and the actions of their brothers across the country affect not only Sigma Nu at a national level but also at a chapter level. 

Hazing/Alcohol Financial Penalty Resolution

At the 62nd Grand Chapter in Indianapolis, voting delegates adopted a policy change that fines chapters found guilty of hazing and/or alcohol violations to cover the related investigation expenses.

Financial Penalty Resolution 

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