Welcome to the General Fraternity Resource Page for the Office of Commander. As Commander, there are numerous duties and expectations placed upon you. Fortunately, for all of these responsibilities, there have been just as many resources created aimed at assisting you meet them.

This webpage consolidates the many resources pertinent to your specific position in order to provide a 360 degree view of what tools are available. It is recommended you take the time to review the resources on this page shortly after election, as it will help you better prepare as Commander. Throughout your tenure in this position, you will undoubtedly be faced with some difficult challenges. Trust that this webpage will serve as an easily accessible source to help you meet those challenges. Good luck!

Primary Resources

These resources pertain to the specific duties of your position. It is recommended that you start by reviewing your officer manual, as all other links on this webpage stem from the information in the manual.

Office of Commander Manual

The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc.

The Law is the three part document (Constitution, Statutes, and Trial Code) which governs Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. The Law sets membership requirements, standards of conduct, and the framework for the operation of all entities of the Fraternity, including collegiate chapters.

Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines

Along with The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. the Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines provides our constituents with specific policies on areas such as the education of initiates and candidates, activities of the chapter, premises of the chapter and hazing. The Risk Reduction Policy and Guidelines is updated every 2 years, as needed by the Grand Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity.

Important Due Dates

This quick reference sheet covers regular paperwork and billings chapters need to turn in to the General Fraternity. Major events are also included.

Trial Code Procedures

A tutorial on correctly and effectively utilizing the Trial Code.

Members Area Instructions for the Commander

An overview of the Members Area for the Commander. This document includes instructions for each of the Members Area functions the Commander controls. More specific how-to instructions for updating the chapter's roster and other information can be found in the documents below.

How To Update The Roster in the Members Area

Step-by-step instructions with website screenshots make updating the roster easy.

How To Update Officers in the Members Area

Step-by-step instructions with website screenshots make updating the chapter's officers easy.

How To Verify Candidates in the Members Area

Step-by-step instructions with website screenshots make verifying candidates easy.

How To Verify Initiates in the Members Area

Step-by-step instructions with website screenshots make verifying initiates easy.

Supplemental Resources

Although not directly related to the expectations of the position, these resources can help you execute them.

Generating Positive Press

This resource explains the basics on earned media, or the practice of getting reporters and news media outlets to cover your chapter's events and accomplishments. From philanthropy events to innovative LEAD sessions to recruitment milestones, generating positive media coverage begins with mastering the press release.

Best Practices Library

This library includes activities, programs, processes, and practices that result in or lead to excellent performance. Practices were collected from Sigma Nu chapters across North America of every size, institutional type, and region of the country. The best ideas and practices that could and should be replicated by other chapters are found here.

The library allows users to sort through over 200 ideas, examples, and templates. Best practices are sorted by area of operations (as defined by the Pursuit of Excellence Program) and subcategorized by type (e.g. accountability ideas, events, finances).

The LEAD Program

Strategic Planning

Quick access to the All Chapter LEAD session and resources.

Goal Setting

Quick access to the All Chapter LEAD session and resources.

Officer Transition

Quick access to the All Chapter LEAD session and resources.


Quick access to the All Chapter LEAD session and resources.


Quick access to the All Chapter LEAD session and resources.

Effective Meetings

Quick access to the All Chapter LEAD session and resources.

All-Chapter LEAD


What you need to know to have your members participate in this proven effective course. Members will experience a personalized, confidential experience that addresses healthy behaviors and to effectively deal with the behaviors of their peers.

GreekLifeEdu FAQ

Answers to everything GreekLifeEdu what it is, who should complete it, when it needs to be completed, how the chapter will benefit, and details about the financial incentive policy.

Pursuit of Excellence

Everything you need to understand the program and put your chapter on the road to excellence.

#40Answers Responses

Over 2,000 responses to the most common excuses for hazing. Twitter responses were solicited from students, athletes, coaches, student affairs professionals, alumni and hazing prevention experts over a 40 day period leading up to National Hazing Prevention Week.

Common Alcohol-Related Issues
Many of the most important decisions a chapter must make do not necessarily present themselves in a formal chapter setting, but rather on the weekends or during special campus sporting and alumni events. How to handle situations that could potentially alter the future of a chapter and its members is a pressing issue. This collection of "white papers" addresses common alcohol-related topics and instances that chapter leaders and members face on a potentially regular basis and at most, if not all, colleges and universities.

We Have A Situation

NIC Standards

What Is The NIC?

  1. Expansion: Agree to and support open expansion policies and practices.

    Open Expansion is the policy of all NIC member fraternities and it means that the IFC and the NIC member organizations on a given campus will support another NIC member fraternity in their efforts to establish a chapter, believing that the expansion of the fraternity community will be a benefit to ALL the chapters on a given campus.
  2. Recruitment: The NIC's member fraternities are sympathetic to the concerns of colleges and universities in dealing with the multiple challenges associated with alcohol and its relationship to dysfunctional behavior. We are also dedicated to high academic achievement. We favor cooperative/partnering actions that will lead to positive change in a campus' culture. Deferred recruitment is not such an action.

    Agree to and support:
    • open recruitment practices
    • alcohol-free rush/recruitment events
    • alcohol-free new member/pledge/associate member programs
    • maximum twelve (12) week new member programs

  3. Auxiliary Groups: Little sister/women's auxiliary groups are not allowed.

    The prohibition of little sister/auxiliary groups is one of the most important elements of protecting our Title IX exemption. Those chapters that maintain these groups put our single-gender status at risk by their behaviors.
  4. Risk Management: Risk management policies address alcohol use, fire safety, hazing and sexual assault/abuse.

    When fraternities have risk management policies firmly in place there is no question as to the appropriate undergraduate behavior in these high risk situations.
  5. Academic Success: Academic Success is part of founding principles of all NIC member fraternities.

    Support academic success by:
    Each of your chapters have an annual cumulative GPA at 2.5 or higher
    Each of your new members have a 2.3 GPA or higher
  6. Ritual: Each member will communicate its values through its ritual as least annually.

    By far the most important element in the existence of our organizations. The Ritual is the personification of the values of our organizations and is used to not only set individual fraternities apart from one another but also provide a guide to what it means to belong to a fraternity.

General Leadership Resources

Ten Commandments of Leadership

Leadership rules to live by from Lynn Little.

The Art of Delegating

Introductory strategies for sharing the workload, empowering others, and getting things done.

College of Chapters

College of Chapters is an intense, interactive program for our collegiate chapter Commanders focusing on chapter management, leadership and core competencies.

Registration deadlines are in November.

College of Chapters takes place at the beginning of each January.

College of Chapters Resources

2015 Participant Manual

A copy of the manual each participant received at College of Chapters. Includes the core and chapter curriculum each participant experienced, as well as supplemental notes to some of the breakout program offered at College of Chapters. The manual also includes the information and activities that led each participant in their development of a vision (why), strategy (how), and goals (what), for their term in office.

Sigma Nu Policies & Guidelines Presentation

A condensed presentation on The Law of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. and Sigma Nus Risk Reduction Policy & Guidelines. This presentation could be used to train officers/members on sections of The Law most relevant to chapter operations and how to successfully implement important policies in order to plan a safe event.

Rosters, Finances, and Budgeting Presentation

Use this presentation to educate members on General Fraternity billings and assessments as well as how the chapter should be planning its budget each term.

The Visual Trial Code

A visual, step-by-step guide to properly completing Trial Code procedures.

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