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Omega Society

In July 2001, the mortgage on the Headquarters property stood at $732,000 and the annual property maintenance budget was only $25,000. Later that year, the Foundation board developed a Strategic Plan. The goals for the mortgage and property maintenance were to retire the mortgage and to increase the annual maintenance budget from $25,000 to $100,000 - both by 2006.

As you know, Omega means “the end” and, for this reason, the Fraternity does not use Omega in chapter designations. However, the Foundation has determined that Omega was appropriate as we sought to retire the mortgage on the Headquarters Shrine. Thus, the Omega Society was formed in 2001.

The purpose of the Society is to ensure that our Headquarters Shrine remains the “crown jewel” of Sigma Nu for generations to come. Initially, this has been accomplished in two ways. First, members of the Omega Society contributed $2,000 annually which was applied directly to the mortgage until it was retired in 2004. Secondly, since the mortgage was retired, members of the Omega Society have had a choice to give $1,000 each year for life or to continue giving $2,000 annually.  These contributions are being used for the maintenance, upkeep and renovation of our beautiful and historic Shrine. Our current annual maintenance, upkeep and renovation budget is $125,000 per year. Today, over $75,000 of the funds budgeted come from Omega member contributions.

Mr. Sigma Nu, Brother Dick Fletcher had this to say about our Headquarters. When explaining why our headquarters was moved from Indianapolis to Lexington in a 1957 Delta Article, Brother Fletcher wrote “Sigma Nu is going home…to give added emphasis to history, traditions and ideals; to provide greater operational effectiveness…to stimulate pride in our heritage and encourage pilgrimages to our birthplace.” Brothers, these words continue to ring true, even some 50 years after our moving back home to Lexington.  We hope that you can join us in helping keep this dream alive for generations to come!

If you are interested in joining the Omega Society please contact us at (540) 463-1030.

The Omega Society Members

Ω1    Michael D. Long  (ΕΒ 806, ΘΣ 500)
Ω2    Howard C. Pickett  (ΒΤ 851)
Ω3    James C. Cherry  (ΗΠ 118)
Ω4    David C. Underwood  (ΒΚ 475)*
Ω5    Craig H. Haesemeyer  (ΒΜ 998)*
Ω6    James L. Burton  (ΔΕ 739)
Ω7    Peter T. Straub  (Λ 706)
Ω8    Joseph G. Cutler  (ΓΧ 622) *
Ω9    John C. Thoren, Jr.  (ΖΥ 135) *
Ω10    Richard D. Marcks  (Β 675)*
Ω11    C. David Nyman  (ΛΙ 30)
Ω13    Richard W. Dodderidge  (ΒΚ 488)
Ω14    Anthony B. Fair  (ΘΚ 9)
Ω15    Virgil W. Duffie, Jr.  (Δ 420) *
Ω16    Carl G. Berry  (ΔΟ 738)
Ω17    William K. Stoffer  (ΓΓ 1173)
Ω18    Donald K. Densborn  (ΒΗ 1398)
Ω19    William D. Barron  (ΔΝ 465)
Ω20    Robert N. Maddox  (ΓΥ 532) *
Ω22    Roma D. Thomas  (Μ 1175)
Ω23    Joseph M. Gilman  (ΘΤ 2)
Ω24    Tom J. Lightsey (ΘΠ 62) *
Ω25    Michael E. Grant (ΔΕ 1471)
Ω27    Shon M. Christy (ΚΛ 222)
Ω28    Robert A. Gingras  (ΕΧ 752)
Ω29    Joseph F. Wood  (ΔΤ 680)
Ω30    James A. Owens  (ΙΡ 101)
Ω31    Austin S. Landry  (ΗΝ 88, ΛΘ 18)
Ω35    E.G. White  (ΒΗ 1324)
Ω37    Robert L. Marchman, III  (Ξ 611)*
Ω39    Stephen E. Ratterman  (ΒΗ 1653)
Ω40    Joseph A. Weber  (ΕΡ 906, ΓΟ 1034)
Ω41    Duane H. Dreger  (ΕΘ 529, Α 452)
Ω42    Bradley L. Hastings  (ΘΠ 688)
Ω43    J. Wil Long  (ΓΥ 2177)
Ω45    Don K. Martin  (ΗΓ 248)
Ω46    Jason M. Lyons  (ΜΠ 43, A 465)
Ω48    Perry E. Loyless  (ΗΓ 264)
Ω49    Sean P. Killion  (ΜΠ 1, A 444)
Ω50    Nicholas L. Grim  (ΖΚ 671)
Ω51    George M. Grim  (ΖΚ 578)
Ω52    D. Stacy Sims  (ΕΞ 1089)
Ω53    Albert W. Wurster  (ΒΖ 1334, Α 336)
Ω54    Maury D. Gaston  (ΒΘ 1752)
Ω55    Erik M. Tomalis  (ΚΔ 190)
Ω57    Jerry D. Fields  (ΗT4)
Ω58    Joseph S. Baxter  (ΛΥ 41)
Ω59    Charles R. Eitel  (ΕΕ 1096)
Ω60    Timothy C. Huffmyer (ΕΡ 1413)
Ω61    Ralph W. Thomas, Jr. (ΕΗ 756)
Ω62    Bruce W. Lawson (ΖΥ 279)
Ω63    R. Matthew Tudor (ΘΘ 456, A 598)
Ω64    Jeremy S. LaCombe (ΜΡ 18)
Ω65    Jason L. Dooley (ΙΠ 335)
Ω66    James H. Paxton (ΔΑ 1082, A 449)
Ω67   H. Cameron Williams (ΗΚ 220)
Ω68   Christopher W. Graham (ΖΨ 454, ΜΥ 154)
Ω69   William B. Geddy (ΘΚ 219)
Ω70   Jimmie D. Walker (ΘΚ 150)
Ω71   Troy R. Barrentine (ΘΚ 275)
Ω72   Raymon "Shane" E. Ragan (ΘΚ 254)
Ω73    Todd E. Kalish (ΘΚ 311)
Ω74   John A. Hearn (M 2000)
Ω75   Spencer J. Montgomery (ΘΑ 750)
Ω76    Todd E. Eliason (ΖΝ 450)
Ω77   John A. Shaner (ΘΚ 587, ΔΔ 1501)
Ω78   Matthew A. Camden (ΔΤ 1341)
Ω79   Brent E. Myers (ΘΚ 295)
Ω80   Frank D. Bracken, Jr. (ΖΟ 268)
Ω81   Jamison J. Keller (ΛΧ 43)
Ω82   Derek A. Pulos (ΛΧ 172)
Ω83   Dino N. Bozonelos (ΛΧ 98)
Ω84   J. Harry Shannon (Ι 852)
Ω85   German Arteaga (ΗΦ 602)
Ω86   William R. Hickman (ΘΚ 62)
Ω88   Jordan W. Wu (ΚΓ 237)
Ω89   J. Fred Dobry (ΙΨ 329)
Ω90   Jonathan D. Sprenger (ΕΒ 1264)
Ω91   James J. Ehrmann (ΒΜ 1545)
Ω92   Timothy J. Braddick(ΗΛ 385)
Ω93   James W. Bryan (ΘΠ 3)
Ω94   Steven M. Brown (ΕΕ 1026)
Ω95   Ralph P. Moore (ΙΛ 15)
Ω96  Noah G. Borton (ΛΙ 197)
Ω97   W. Carter Hutchins (ΕΞ 947)
Ω98   Dennis R. Kittler (ΒΕ 218)
Ω99   Edwin W. Chapman (ΖΧ 156)
Ω100   Hubert F. Hawthorn, Jr. (ΖΨ 86)
Ω101   Griffin E. Jones (ΕΕ 1724)
Ω102  Bill G. Dugan (ΕΜ 446)
Ω103   John J. Cummins (ΓΟ 561)
Ω104   Robert L. Moody, Jr. (ΚΗ 29)
Ω105   Robert J. Lalanne (ΒΨ 1030)
Ω106   W. Scott Murray (ΒΖ 1535)

* Indicates Alumnus is Deceased

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