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Omega Society

In July 2001, the mortgage on the Headquarters property stood at $732,000 and the annual property maintenance budget was only $25,000. Later that year, the Foundation board developed a Strategic Plan. The goals for the mortgage and property maintenance were to retire the mortgage and to increase the annual maintenance budget from $25,000 to $100,000 - both by 2006.

As you know, Omega means “the end” and, for this reason, the Fraternity does not use Omega in chapter designations. However, the Foundation has determined that Omega was appropriate as we sought to retire the mortgage on the Headquarters Shrine. Thus, the Omega Society was formed in 2001.

The purpose of the Society is to ensure that our Headquarters Shrine remains the “crown jewel” of Sigma Nu for generations to come. Initially, this has been accomplished in two ways. First, members of the Omega Society contributed $2,000 annually which was applied directly to the mortgage until it was retired in 2004. Secondly, since the mortgage was retired, members of the Omega Society have had a choice to give $1,000 each year for life or to continue giving $2,000 annually.  These contributions are being used for the maintenance, upkeep, and renovation of our beautiful and historic Shrine. Today, almost $75,000 of the funds budgeted for maintenance, upkeep, and renovation come from Omega member contributions.

Mr. Sigma Nu, Brother Dick Fletcher had this to say about our Headquarters. When explaining why our headquarters was moved from Indianapolis to Lexington in a 1957 Delta Article, Brother Fletcher wrote “Sigma Nu is going home…to give added emphasis to history, traditions and ideals; to provide greater operational effectiveness…to stimulate pride in our heritage and encourage pilgrimages to our birthplace.” Brothers, these words continue to ring true, even some 50 years after our moving back home to Lexington.  We hope that you can join us in helping keep this dream alive for generations to come!

If you are interested in joining the Omega Society, please contact us at (540) 463-1030.

Alumni Testimonials – Omega Society 

Truthfully, I knew very little about the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, its mission, and various programs until I was invited to visit our Headquarters shrine. Spending a weekend at Headquarters was a real eye-opener and made me realize, once again, the true impact Sigma Nu had on my personal development. The maintenance and upkeep of our property, buildings, and relics are a requirement as each year more collegiate chapters make the trek to visit the place of our founding and learn, much sooner than I, the importance of this place. I support the Omega Society to help preserve our history and allow younger brothers the opportunity to understand the importance of our values early in their brotherhood experience. 

Steve Brown (Oklahoma State/Epsilon Epsilon Chapter)

It has become clear to me during these difficult times that the lessons of Non-Hazing, Ethical Leadership along with Love, Honor, and Truth are more needed now than ever. In my life, these lessons have been delivered clearly through my Sigma Nu experience and I have chosen to support this mission with my contributions to the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation.

Jimmy Bryan (West Georgia/Theta Pi Chapter and Kennesaw State/Iota Pi Chapter)

It has been important to me to both pay back and pays forward with my financial support of Sigma Nu Fraternity through the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation. The Educational Foundation’s mission is to raise and administer charitable and educational resources not only for its operations but also for the Fraternity’s educational programming. This is clearly evident with Sigma Nu’s acclaimed LEAD program (Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, Development) which has been recognized as the best by its peers. This educational programming, along with the additional Fraternity support for our chapters, is vital to the development of young men as they prepare to move on from their undergraduate days toward their chosen careers.

While most of my financial support is given unrestricted to the Educational Foundation, I have also participated in special efforts including the Omega Society and support for my collegiate chapter. I would urge all Sigma Nu Brothers to be generous with their financial support of the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation.  

E.G. White (Indiana/Beta Eta Chapter) 

OMEGA SOCIETY MEMBERS as of December 31, 2023

Ω 1 - Michael D. Long (Drury/Missouri State)
Ω 2 - Howard C. Pickett (North Carolina State)
Ω 3 - James C. Cherry (Hampden-Sydney)
Ω 14 - Anthony B. Fair (Georgia Southern)
Ω 18 - Donald K. Densborn (Indiana)
Ω 19 - William D. Barron (Maine)
Ω 22 - Roma D. Thomas, Jr. (Georgia)
Ω 23 - Joseph M. Gilman (Morehead State/Georgia)
Ω 25 - Michael E. Grant (Oklahoma)
Ω 27 - Shon M. Christy (Akron)
Ω 30 - James A. Owens (Charleston)
Ω 34 - Daniel Rodriguez (Arizona State)
Ω 35 - E. G. White (Indiana)
Ω 38 - Todd M. Denson (Nicholls State)
Ω 39 - Stephen E. Ratterman, Sr. (Indiana/UT Chattanooga)
Ω 40 - Joseph A. Weber, Jr. (Michigan State/Washington in St. Louis)
Ω 41 - Duane H. Dreger (MIT)
Ω 45 - Don K. Martin (Georgia State)
Ω 46 - Jason M. Lyons (Jefferson)
Ω 49 - Sean P. Killion (Jefferson)
Ω 53 - Albert W. Wurster (Purdue)
Ω 54 - Maury D. Gaston (Auburn/Georgia)
Ω 55 - Erik M. Tomalis (Duquesne)
Ω 57 - Jerry D. Fields (Texas State)
Ω 59 - Charles R. Eitel (Oklahoma State)
Ω 60 - Timothy C. Huffmyer (Michigan State)
Ω 61 - Ralph W. Thomas, Jr. (UT Knoxville)
Ω 62 - Bruce W. Lawson (Arizona State)
Ω 63 - R. Matthew Tudor (Eastern Kentucky)
Ω 64 - Jeremy S. LaCombe (Northwestern State)
Ω 65 - Jason L. Dooley (Kennesaw State)
Ω 66 - James H. Paxton (Case Western Reserve)
Ω 67 - H. Cameron Williams, Jr. (San Diego State/Arizona State)
Ω 68 - Christopher W. Graham (Lamar/Stephen F. Austin State/Houston/Southern Methodist)
Ω 69 - William B. Geddy (Georgia Southern)
Ω 70 - Jimmie D. Walker, Jr. (Georgia Southern)
Ω 71 - Troy R. Barrentine (Georgia Southern)
Ω 73 - Todd E. Kalish (Georgia Southern)
Ω 74 - John A. Hearn (Georgia)
Ω 76 - Todd E. Eliason (Montana State)
Ω 77 - John A. Shaner (Georgia Southern/Penn State)
Ω 78 - Matthew A. Camden (Nebraska-Lincoln/Oregon State)
Ω 79 - Brent E. Myers (Georgia Southern)
Ω 80 - Frank D. Bracken, Jr. (North Texas)
Ω 81 - Jamison J. Keller (Cal State San Bernardino)
Ω 82 - Derek A. Pulos (Cal State San Bernardino)
Ω 83 - Dino N. Bozonelos (Cal State San Bernardino)
Ω 84 - J. Harry Shannon (Samford/Alabama)
Ω 86 - William R. Hickman, Jr. (Georgia Southern)
Ω 88 - Jordan C. P. Wu (Cal Poly Pomona)
Ω 89 - Fred Dobry (Indiana State)
Ω 90 - Jonathan D. Sprenger (Drury)
Ω 91 - James J. Ehrmann (Iowa)
Ω 92 - Timothy J. Braddick (Cincinnati)
Ω 93 - James W. Bryan, Jr. (West Georgia/Kennesaw State)
Ω 94 - Steven M. Brown (Oklahoma State)
Ω 95 - Ralph P. Moore (Jacksonville State)
Ω 96 - Noah G. Borton (Southern Utah)
Ω 97 - W. Carter Hutchins, Jr. (Mississippi)
Ω 99 - Edwin W. Chapman (Houston)
Ω 100 - Hubert F. Hawthorn, Jr. (Lamar)
Ω 102 - B. G. Dugan (Butler)
Ω 103 - John J. Cummins (Washington in St. Louis)
Ω 104 - Robert L. Moody, Jr. (UC Santa Barbara)
Ω 105 - Robert J. Lalanne (UC Berkeley)
Ω 106 - Maxwell W. Wurster (Ball State/Kansas)
Ω 108 - Ben A. Buettell (Northwestern)
Ω 109 - Daniel W. Maslauski (Northwestern)
Ω 111 - Aaron J. Whomsley (Jefferson)
Ω 112 - David R. Christian (Arizona State)
Ω 113 - Stephen R. Gregg, Jr. (Texas State)
Ω 114 - David A. von Nirschl (Illinois)
Ω 115 - James R. Mounier (Illinois State)
Ω 118 - Andrew H. Jackson (Texas Tech)
Ω 119 - Jacob H. Rigsby (Colorado State)
Ω 120 - Sam H. Martin (Texas Tech)
Ω 121 - Preston G. Sam (Cal State Fullerton)
Ω 123 - Christopher C. Albertson (North Dakota)
Ω 124 - Patrick P. Bobo (Alabama in Huntsville/UT Chattanooga)
Ω 125 - David J. Glassman (Eastern Michigan)
Ω 126 - Paul L. Dobbins (Southeast Missouri State)
Ω 127 - Jason D. Smith (Louisiana Tech)
Ω 128 - Victor J. Boschini, Jr. (Mount Union)
Ω 129 - William W. Siddons, III (Texas State)
Ω 130 - Patrick F. Siddons (Texas State)
Ω 131 - Roderick S. Tumlin, Jr. (Georgia State)
Ω 132 - Glenn T. Dallas (Cornell)
Ω 135 - Scott C. Rutledge (Arizona State)
Ω 136 - Joe B. Francis (Oklahoma State)

For more information on the Omega Society or to join contact foundation@sigmanu.org or (540) 463-1030

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