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A New LEAD Program is Coming...

The Fraternity will unveil a new LEAD Program later this year. The original LEAD Program was rolled out in 1988 as a first-of-its-kind, ethical leadership development program for Sigma Nu’s collegiate members. Since then, the program has received several national recognitions, been the subject of third-party scientific assessment to show its efficacy, and undergone two major updates (in 1998 and 2008). 

Today, the LEAD Program – an acronym for Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, Development – is Sigma Nu’s four-year, multi-phase ethical leadership development and membership education program deliberately designed and implemented to achieve the Fraternity’s Mission of “develop[ing] ethical leaders…foster[ing] the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart, and character…and perpetuating lifelong friendships.” 

The LEAD Program’s emphasis on the development of all members, regardless of their tenure or position in the chapter, and on ethical leadership development within the framework of the Fraternity’s principles is unique in higher education. Each phase consists of a specific curriculum designed to be implemented in an interactive, experiential learning environment. Fraternity members participating in the program gain important knowledge and skills that will benefit them while in college and later in their personal lives, careers, and communities. 

To inform development of the new LEAD Program, the Fraternity brought together an advisory committee of alumni volunteers, subject matter experts in leadership, ethics, and curriculum development, students, and chief student affairs officers across multiple campuses. The committee was tasked to “evaluate the LEAD Program to ensure it offers effective, innovative, and technologically advanced ethical leadership development opportunities.” This included a review of:  

    • Existing curriculum. 
    • Current and available implementation models. 
    • Current and potential desired outcomes for participants. 
    • Existing evaluation data on participant outcomes. 
    • Prevailing student and leadership development theories. 
    • Knowledge, skills, and abilities desired by employers but not sufficiently met by general higher education offerings.  

The LEAD Advisory Committee recommended reformatting the Phase II-IV experience to create a core curriculum for all participants that can be locally supplemented by a series of add-on sessions, individual personal development activities, and signature experiences for each cohort (collection of participants from the same class or year in school). Phase I will continue to have a standard format for all chapters, and a rotating library of experiences will still be available for All-Chapter. An open-access online resource library of supplemental material related to each cluster of content will be available in a stand-alone site filled with deep dives into specific content, videos, and other learning tools.  

In-person interaction, personal connections, and practical experiences navigating conflict, relationships, and mental health are needed now more than ever. The new LEAD Program will lean into an in-person approach where brothers will learn from one another and subject matter experts, alumni volunteers, and local community leaders. To facilitate alumni volunteer involvement, the Fraternity will also develop a national database of facilitators who can lead sessions virtually or in person.  

The new LEAD Program will offer: 

    • Updated, enhanced, and new content (including brand new sessions). 
    • Redesigned and expanded facilitator, participant, and officer/advisor content. 
    • An online resource library including supplemental and reference material for participants, how-to guides, and activities for facilitators, LEAD Committee members, and advisors. 
    • A new tracking system and Sigma Nu Transcript that: 
        • Records member participation and completion of LEAD sessions and phases. 
        • Includes a new certificate program to award education and completion in the areas of Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development.  
        • Tracks attendance at Fraternity events, academic performance, and Sigma Nu leadership experiences (e.g., officer and committee roles). 
        • And provides a co-curricular Sigma Nu & LEAD Transcript that members can use to track their Sigma Nu experience, helps them write their resumes and cover letters, and assists them in describing the skills, experiences, and achievements resulting from their Fraternity membership for job interviews. 


Be on the lookout for more information in late 2024 as the Fraternity celebrates 35+ years of LEAD and welcomes a new age of leadership development. 

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