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The Omega Society

Sigma Nu Educational Foundation

The Omega Society is a committed group of Sigma Nu alumni who have pledged to help fund the upkeep and renovations of the Sigma Nu Fraternity Headquarters. The pledge is $1,000 annually (or $84/month) for life.


To ensure that the Sigma Nu Fraternity Headquarters is maintained properly. This allows the Fraternity to provide collegiate members, alumni, and friends with an opportunity to visit and learn more about Sigma Nu's history, view our archives, connect their experiences to those of more than 250,000 initiates, and add meaning to their experience as Sigma Nu.


    • Preserves our Headquarters - Without the Omega Society, Sigma Nu could not provide for the upkeep and renovations of our headquarters. Inevitably, the cost would be passed along to collegiate brothers.
    • Adds Meaning to the Sigma Nu Fraternity Experience - For many Sigma Nu alumni, their Sigma Nu Fraternity experience has focused mainly on their local chapter. Visiting Headquarters helps collegiate and alumni brothers see the larger view and opportunity that a group of 190,000 brothers has to improve their communities and nation. This helps make Sigma Nu one of the leading fraternities in the nation.
    • Principles, History, and Ritual - For many Sigma Nu brothers, our principles, history, and Ritual are a key part of what initially drew them to Sigma Nu Fraternity. Alumni and collegiate members who visit can immerse themselves in the details of the Fraternity’s founding principles and history that uniquely make us the Legion of Honor. The fraternity’s archives hold priceless historical artifacts such as Founder Hopkins’ bible from his time as a VMI cadet, original badges of the founders, and original paintings like “A Serpent, A Rose, A Star.” Maintaining the Headquarters, its beautiful grounds, facilities, and archives requires a significant financial cost.
    • Brings Alumni Together - Headquarters provides an opportunity for alumni to come together and rekindle their memories of how Sigma Nu helped them develop into the men they are today. Each year, small groups of alumni make a weekend trip to Lexington, Va., to see our beautiful Headquarters and VMI, the birthplace of Sigma Nu.
    • Pilgrimages for Collegiate Brothers - By taking care of Headquarters, we can host collegiate brothers on pilgrimages from their chapters. Several chapters hold their Initiation or Installment ceremonies at Headquarters each year and have LEAD Sessions facilitated by the Fraternity’s staff.


The following initiates have made the lifelong commitment to supporting the upkeep and preservation of the Headquarters Campus:

Ω 1 - Michael D. Long (Drury/Missouri State)
Ω 2 - Howard C. Pickett (North Carolina State)
Ω 3 - James C. Cherry (Hampden-Sydney)
Ω 14 - Anthony B. Fair (Georgia Southern)
Ω 18 - Donald K. Densborn (Indiana)
Ω 19 - William D. Barron (Maine)
Ω 23 - Joseph M. Gilman (Morehead State/Georgia)
Ω 25 - Michael E. Grant (Oklahoma)
Ω 27 - Shon M. Christy (Akron)
Ω 34 - Daniel Rodriguez (Arizona State)
Ω 35 - E. G. White (Indiana)
Ω 38 - Todd M. Denson (Nicholls State)
Ω 39 - Stephen E. Ratterman, Sr. (Indiana/UT Chattanooga)
Ω 40 - Joseph A. Weber, Jr. (Michigan State/Washington in St. Louis)
Ω 41 - Duane H. Dreger (MIT)
Ω 43 - J. Wiley Long (Arkansas, Fayetteville)
Ω 45 - Don K. Martin (Georgia State)
Ω 46 - Jason M. Lyons (Jefferson)
Ω 49 - Sean P. Killion (Jefferson)
Ω 53 - Albert W. Wurster (Purdue)
Ω 54 - Maury D. Gaston (Auburn)
Ω 57 - Jerry D. Fields (Texas State)
Ω 59 - Charles R. Eitel (Oklahoma State)
Ω 60 - Timothy C. Huffmyer (Michigan State)
Ω 61 - Ralph W. Thomas, Jr. (UT Knoxville)
Ω 62 - Bruce W. Lawson (Arizona State)
Ω 64 - Jeremy S. LaCombe (Northwestern State)
Ω 65 - Jason L. Dooley (Kennesaw State)
Ω 66 - James H. Paxton (Case Western Reserve)
Ω 67 - H. Cameron Williams, Jr. (San Diego State/Arizona State)
Ω 68 - Christopher W. Graham (Lamar/Stephen F. Austin State/Houston/Southern Methodist)
Ω 69 - William B. Geddy (Georgia Southern)
Ω 70 - Jimmie D. Walker, Jr. (Georgia Southern)
Ω 71 - Troy R. Barrentine (Georgia Southern)
Ω 72 - Raymon E. (Shane) Ragan II (Georgia Southern)
Ω 73 - Todd E. Kalish (Georgia Southern)
Ω 74 - John A. Hearn (Georgia)
Ω 76 - Todd E. Eliason (Montana State)
Ω 77 - John A. Shaner (Georgia Southern/Penn State)
Ω 78 - Matthew A. Camden (Nebraska-Lincoln/Oregon State)
Ω 79 - Brent E. Myers (Georgia Southern)
Ω 80 - Frank D. Bracken, Jr. (North Texas)
Ω 81 - Jamison J. Keller (Cal State San Bernardino)
Ω 82 - Derek A. Pulos (Cal State San Bernardino)
Ω 83 - Dino N. Bozonelos (Cal State San Bernardino)
Ω 84 - J. Harry Shannon (Samford/Alabama)
Ω 86 - William R. Hickman, Jr. (Georgia Southern)
Ω 88 - Jordan C. P. Wu (Cal Poly Pomona)
Ω 89 - Fred Dobry (Indiana State)
Ω 90 - Jonathan D. Sprenger (Drury)
Ω 91 - James J. Ehrmann (Iowa)
Ω 92 - Timothy J. Braddick (Cincinnati)
Ω 93 - James W. Bryan, Jr. (West Georgia/Kennesaw State)
Ω 94 - Steven M. Brown (Oklahoma State)
Ω 95 - Ralph P. Moore (Jacksonville State)
Ω 96 - Noah G. Borton (Southern Utah)
Ω 97 - W. Carter Hutchins, Jr. (Mississippi)
Ω 99 - Edwin W. Chapman (Houston)
Ω 101 - Griffin E. Jones (Oklahoma State)
Ω 102 - B. G. Dugan (Butler)
Ω 103 - John J. Cummins (Washington in St. Louis)
Ω 104 - Robert L. Moody, Jr. (UC Santa Barbara)
Ω 105 - Robert J. Lalanne (UC Berkeley)
Ω 106 - Maxwell W. Wurster (Ball State/Kansas)
Ω 108 - Ben A. Buettell (Northwestern)
Ω 109 - Daniel W. Maslauski (Northwestern)
Ω 111 - Aaron J. Whomsley (Jefferson)
Ω 112 - David R. Christian (Arizona State)
Ω 113 - Stephen R. Gregg, Jr. (Texas State)
Ω 114 - David A. von Nirschl (Illinois)
Ω 115 - James R. Mounier (Illinois State)
Ω 119 - Jacob H. Rigsby (Colorado State)
Ω 120 - Sam H. Martin (Texas Tech)
Ω 121 - Preston G. Sam (Cal State Fullerton)
Ω 122 - Raymond S. Williams III (Georgia State)
Ω 123 - Christopher C. Albertson (North Dakota)
Ω 124 - Patrick P. Bobo (Alabama in Huntsville/ UT Chattanooga)
Ω 125 - David J. Glassman (Eastern Michigan)
Ω 126 - Paul L. Dobbins (Southeast Missouri State)
Ω 127 - Jason D. Smith (Louisiana Tech)
Ω 128 - Victor J. Boschini, Jr. (Mount Union)
Ω 129 - William W. Siddons III (Texas State)
Ω 130 - Patrick F. Siddons (Texas State)
Ω 131 - Roderick S. Tumlin, Jr. (Georgia State)
Ω 132 - Glenn T. Dallas (Cornell)
Ω 135 - Scott C. Rutledge (Arizona State)
Ω 136 - Joe B. Francis (Oklahoma State)
Ω 137 - Eric D. Ferrara (Georgia)

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