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Our Story: The Oral History Project

The Fraternity celebrates the recent completion of The Oral History Project, which has captured stories of our brotherhood from over 1,400 alumni. 

With a mission to celebrate the profound impact Sigma Nu has had on the lives of its members, the Oral History Project, has been a unique initiative dedicated to capturing the individual narratives of our alumni. At the heart of this project was the belief that every brother has a story worth sharing, and those stories should not only be heard but also preserved for generations to come.  

Launched in summer 2022, the Oral History project aimed to compile a comprehensive collection of personal accounts in a dedicated book, “Our Story.” This literary endeavor now serves as a testament to the diverse journeys and experiences that define the Sigma Nu brotherhood.  

“This project was important for many reasons,” said Senior Director of Engagement, Justin Wenger (William Jewell). “We collected personal accounts of the impact Sigma Nu has played in the lives of more than 1,400 alumni, and their stories come together as a wonderful mosaic that reflects the impact our principles of Love, Honor, and Truth can have on a person, a community, and a population.” 

Every passing year is an opportunity lost to preserve the invaluable stories that shape our Fraternity’s legacy. “Our Story” is an effort to bridge this gap, ensuring that the voices of our brothers resonate through time.  

“The result of the Oral History Project is tremendous. The common threads that run through each personal account become clear, but the different contexts of experience are incredible. With the success of this effort, I am excited about the possibility to continue this project in the future,” concluded Wenger. 

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