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5 Questions with Chairman Bob Lalanne (UC Berkeley) 


Brother Lalanne serves as Chairman of the Sigma Nu Educational Foundation Board. Professionally, Bob is President of The Lalanne Group, a real estate development company that has developed infill, residential, and retail mixed-use projects in the San Francisco Bay area.

Why did you choose to become a Sigma Nu? 

I was attracted to the Beta Psi Chapter at UC Berkeley because of the caliber of members I met during recruitment as a freshman. They were students, athletes, diverse, outgoing, were participants not spectators, and liked to have a good time but took their development and education seriously. Learning about Sigma Nu’s principles of Love (passion for what you do), Honor (respect), and Truth (facts) and opportunities for leadership and self-governance within the Fraternity was a big attraction for me.  

What do you value most about your experience and membership? 

I valued the opportunity to be a part of a team. The Beta Psi Chapter was a team in the truest meaning – a large group of men living and working together. I also appreciated the leadership opportunities to help run the chapter and its operations. It was a unique opportunity and very gratifying. 

How did your Sigma Nu experience prepare you for the world after college? 

No question, the leadership development I received was invaluable. I do not believe it is something you could ever get in the classroom. My time in the chapter instilled in me the desire to get involved and develop a passion in all aspects of my life. I also learned to respect those who came before me, while striving to improve upon their achievements and shortcomings based on metrics, facts, and honesty. 

You’ve been a longtime volunteer for the Fraternity and Foundation. Why do you feel called to continue to invest your time and money? 

I attended a Jesuit high school in San Francisco early in my life. There, I learned from the Jesuit priests that to give thanks meant to give back. I will always give back to Sigma Nu for all it gave me as a young man – educating me about the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth and preparing me for life after college with the leadership skills that I use to this day. 

What can a young alumnus or collegian do to support the Foundation? 

First, I would encourage our younger members to start giving, even if it is only a few dollars. Every gift makes a difference. But more importantly, I would encourage our members to talk to their older brothers and fellow alumni about the leadership education they received from the Fraternity. Encourage those brothers to consider giving to the Foundation to advance the Mission of the Fraternity and Foundation. Their impact can help future generations receive and benefit from the skills and education the Fraternity provides that has empowered them to be successful in their careers and involved in their community and industry. 

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