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The Dos and Don'ts of Sigma Nu Merchandise

Updates from Lexington

With fall semester comes recruitment, social events, Homecoming, and many other impactful events for every chapter. It also means new men beginning their journey on the pathway of honor to becoming initiates of Sigma Nu.

And with those two paths comes a desire for Sigma Nu merchandise. Your chapter may want to have a custom designed shirt for Homecoming, candidates may want their first badge-emblazoned piece of apparel, and returning brothers may want some new items to accompany their wardrobe.

With all of this comes the importance of protecting Sigma Nu’s over 150-year-old brand.

This is why the Fraternity requires any business using its protected marks to be approved as specially licensed vendor. Licensed vendors are required to adhere to high standards when making use of the Fraternity’s trademarks — including our name and symbols — to ensure no piece of merchandise causes harm to our reputation.

Licensed vendors also pay a small royalty for use of Sigma Nu’s trademarked items, which in-turn plays a small part in assisting the Fraternity in executing its mission.

Fortunately, the Fraternity has made the process of utilizing licensed vendors as simple as possible.

General Merch

All you have to do is visit the Fraternity’s website, hover your cursor over “About Us,” and click on “Merchandise” in the drop-down menu.

On this page you can see an explanation of the Fraternity’s trademark and license policy and several links to direct you to a search for licensed vendors, SigmaNuStore.com, and Headquarters merchandise. For most members, SigmaNuStore.com will be the first stop to find individual merchandise for purchase


But let’s say your chapter wants to design a shirt for a social event that members and guests can purchase or receive. In that event, you’ll want to click on the “Find Sigma Nu Vendors” link.

That will take you to FindGreek, a website that also offers individual merchandise for sale, but more importantly has a menu option at the top titled “Vendors” that will allow your chapter to search through all the licensed vendors for Sigma Nu.




From there, you can search through many of the most popular vendors for fraternity and sorority merchandise, including vendors that allow for customized designs that adhere to the Fraternity’s trademark and license policy and specialize in bulk orders.

In summary…

DO use licensed vendors for purchase of all Sigma Nu merchandise. It helps you, your chapter, and the Fraternity.

DON’T use or purchase items from an unlicensed vendor.

DO use the resources on the Fraternity’s website to find licensed vendors or shop for merchandise. Why make it harder on yourself?

DON’T hesitate to reach out to us at headquarters@sigmanu.org with any questions or concerns you may have about licensed vendors.

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