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In Memoriam

Perspectives on Our Past

Hall of Honor inductee and Grand Historian Robert A. “Bob” McCully (San Diego State) entered the Chapter Eternal on July 3, 2019. As Grand Historian, Brother McCully wrote a regular column for The Delta on Sigma Nu’s history, heroes, and traditions. In honor of Brother McCully and his peerless contributions to The Delta, we have elected to reserve his regular column space here for some thoughts shared by brothers across the nation upon news of his passing. In a future issue, we will share additional information in memory of our beloved Brother.

“We will miss you Bob. We will miss the conversations and your guidance about our chapter and our conversations about life in general. You were the best of us.” — Guillermo Alvarez Jr. (San Diego State)

“So honored to have had the opportunity to meet Brother McCully and dig around with him for a minute in the archives. It was an incredible time with an incredible gentleman.” — Tyler Ansel (Dartmouth)

“I, along with a few other Leadership Consultants at the time, had the pleasure of helping Bob complete his research for the War Memorial. Even when he couldn’t be in Lexington, he recognized that work needed to be done and would call us from California while we dug up information in Sigma Nu’s archives. I will always cherish the time I got to spend speaking with and working alongside Bob. His curiosity and dedication to the preservation of Sigma Nu’s history will never be forgotten. Love, Honor, and Truth personified.” — Jesse Thomason (Texas Christian)

“His speech on the USS Midway in San Diego was one of the best memories of that trip. He had a way with words.” — Alexander McCall (Auburn)

“Bob’s kindness and positive nature, combined with his very clear dedication to Honor and excellence, were impeccable. He embodied the life, the way, and the light and I will miss him.” — David Glassman (Eastern Michigan)

“I only had the pleasure of talking to him a handful of times, but he represented exactly what Sigma Nu stands for. RIP brother McCully. We will remember you always.” — Ryan Wiggins (Eastern Kentucky)

“Over the years I personally watched him ‘tap brothers on the shoulder’ and inspire their lifelong commitment to Sigma Nu. He quietly went about his service to Sigma Nu, never asking for or seeking recognition – it was always enough for him to know that he had deepened the bonds of the brotherhood. He wasn’t just a mighty Oak, he inspired a forest of mighty oaks of which we are but a few.” — Jim Cherry (Hampden-Sydney)

“As tender and sweet a man as Sigma Nu has ever called its own. He would not utter an unkind word. He universally loved and was loved. His honor was sterling; his touch, common. He inspired us all by his passion for unearthing our fraternal truth. May his spirit now fill our deep abyss, as he takes his rest.” — Don Densborn (Indiana)

“I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Brother McCully. He was the first alumnus I met during my first national convention. His knowledge, love, and kind heart were such an inspiration to me. He truly lived a life of love, honor, and truth. I imagine him shaking hands with our Founders at heaven’s gate and wowing them with his knowledge and love.” — Kyle Svoboda (Kansas)

“Many a heavy heart with this news. Indebted to him for his numerous contributions to Sigma Nu. A true gentleman.” — Craig Frazier (Northwestern)

“While my heart aches knowing that I will not see or speak with Bob anymore, I have to remind myself that he is at peace. I am extremely grateful and blessed to have known Bob in his final seven years of life and will never forget meeting him in St. Louis. Bob sat with me in the lobby and expressed the importance of my generation understanding our fraternal history. He was soft, yet direct in sharing that our history must be preserved not just through artifacts, but in the way we live our lives, with a full heart and ethical decisions.” — Tom Bymark (Minnesota)

“He was great Sigma Nu in his quiet way! We miss him as a Brother and as caring and thoughtful human being.” — Dan Rodriguez (Arizona State)

“Bob put in so much work and spent so much time over the years volunteering for the general fraternity in a number of capacities. He was also a fixture at all national conclaves and I always looked forward to spending some time with him when I was able to attend.” — Jeremy LaCombe (Northwestern State)

“I’m so grateful for Bob. He grew my love and knowledge of Sigma Nu. He’ll be dearly missed.” — Gabe Ford (Presbyterian)

“Bob meant a lot to me both personally and as a Sigma Nu. As many can attest, there is a special bond between those coming from West Coast chapters. Bob showed a selfless love for Sigma Nu that is a path I am sure we all hope to emulate.” — Josh Green (Arizona)

“Bob was always a great inspiration to all Knights in the Legion of Honor. He was the very personification of a Sigma Nu. He not only preached but he practiced the ideals of love, truth, and honor every day of this life. I miss him already and I will never forget him. Farewell my old California friend. May God rest your soul.” — Rick Wright (Southern Maine)

“We will miss you Bob McCully! We’d love to hear the stories when you interview the three Founders.” — Bill Geddy (Georgia Southern)

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