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Recruitment Call Talking Points

Use the following talking points as guide for conducting virtual recruitment calls with potential new members.

Meeting Items
  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Build rapport (see the “Discussion Ideas” section below)
  3. Transition to discussing the fraternity: What do you know about fraternities? What have you looked at to learn about Sigma Nu? How did you find out about us?
  4. History of Sigma Nu: After Civil War and during reconstruction, hazing was rampant at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). Our founders openly stood up to the hazing and with the support of the VMI administration formed Sigma Nu in 1869. 151 years later, our values of Love, Honor, and Truth and opposition to hazing is still the core of what and who we are.
  5. History of the chapter: When it was founded and how it was founded, what it does well on campus, and how it is a great organization.
  6. Pitch your values: Why does your chapter exist and why is our chapter something that will impact this person’s college experience and his time after college? What are the benefits to joining? Brotherhood, jumpstart campus involvement, service & philanthropy, alumni networking, leadership development, etc.
  7. What kind of guy we are looking for: We are looking for men that want to buy into a legacy bigger than themselves that will give them lifelong opportunities of leadership, friendship, and an experience that will enhance their college years onward.
  8. Two Tough Questions
    1. Money: $100 candidate fee as well as about $XX for the academic term to cover chapter activities and the candidate program. Next academic term dues will likely be between $XX and $XX.
    2. Time: We all are busy. We all have a lot of other things on our plate during these times. The thing about our group is that because we are all so involved on campus, in class, and everything else, we all are in an agreement that Sigma Nu is not THE priority, it is A priority. So, we do a lot of great things together, but in a way that adapts to everyone’s schedule. A typical week asks for about 1-3 hours depending on your involvement level. A candidate normally is looking at 2-3 hours including meetings, LEAD sessions, and other miscellaneous projects, etc.
  9. Questions: Now that was a whole lot of information I threw out at you. What questions do you have?
  10. Is this something that interests you?
  11. The next step
    1. If you like him and/or he is interested in Sigma Nu: Schedule another meeting. Ask him to look more at the information now that we have spoken and come up with questions for a second meeting. Also tell him about upcoming events.
    2. If you do not know if he is the right type of guy: Same as above.
    3. If you are not sure he is committed: Talk about upcoming recruitment events and invite him to attend. This puts the ball in his court. If he comes and you begin to like him more, then set up a meeting.
    4. If you get a red flag (i.e. partying, booze, etc.) then you have to be able to let him know that you are probably looking for different things and that this is probably not the opportunity he is looking for.
  1. This will vary by person. You can follow up with a “thanks for meeting with me” or letting him know about the next event or meeting time.
Second Meeting
  1. Continue to build rapport
    1. Make sure to reference things you discussed before.
  2. Ask if he looked at anything else online about Sigma Nu.
  3. Does he have any more questions?
  4. Talk about fraternity programs, like LEAD, as a means to go deeper and get at the value of Sigma Nu.
  5. Diving Board– to get a sense of if they are ready for a bid or need more time.
  6. Extend Bid, or set up another meeting or invite to recruitment event
    1. If given a bid, get the Handout that describes the next step in detail
  1. This will vary by person. You can follow up with a “thanks for meeting with me” or letting him know about the next event or meeting time.

Discussion Ideas

Good Questions to Ask
  • What is one quality your friends would say they like about you?
  • What is one accomplishment you’re most proud of?
  • Why are you interested in joining a fraternity?
  • What do you know about Greek life?
  • What other organizations are you interested in getting involved with other than our fraternity?
  • What types of community service work have you been involved in or would you like to be involved with?
  • What are some things you look for in your friends?
  • What is your favorite thing to do in your hometown? What’s been the biggest change for you coming to college?
  • What is something unique that you can bring to our chapter?
  • What would you like to get involved with in our chapter?
  • How the potential new member is settling into college
  • Roommates
  • High school interests and activities
  • Future plans and goals
  • Classes and professors
  • Movies, music, sports
  • Typical week in a fraternity
  • How chapter meetings are structured
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Mention something he is wearing, “I noticed your jersey, are you a Braves fan?”
  • Mention a recent event, “Did you watch Last Dance on ESPN last week?”
5 F’s
  • Friends: Do you know anyone in the chapter? What do you and your friends do on weekends etc…
  • Family: How many siblings? What do your parents do? Where they greek? etc
  • Firsts: First class, first football game, first week of classes etc. First time you went to…
  • From: Where are you from? What highschool? Whats it like growing up in…
  • Favorites: Favorite sports, activities, vacations etc

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