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Virtual Recruitment Webinar 3: Recruit!

Outbound Recruiting

- As we are at the mercy of COVID-19, we are more reliant on outbound recruiting than ever. We cannot wait until fall formal recruitment begins to start talking to potential new members because the scenario, we may face in the fall might not allow us to have students come to us. The earlier we recruit, the better off we will be with numbers and quality.

Identify Your Selling Points

- Simon Sinek Video “The Golden Circle” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-89IO5M7Lc

  • Yes, Sigma Nu Headquarters uses this video for many leadership development conclaves and resources, but this theory speaks highly to recruitment
  • “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

- Your chapter must take a deep, DEEP dive into why you exist, why your membership matters, and why should a potential new member you speak to should care. These answers are your selling points.

- What is your chapter’s GPA? Why does that matter? What are your service and philanthropy? Why does that matter? What is the LEAD program?

Potential Virtual recruitment Events

- Zoom/FaceTime Group Call “Virtual Hangout” – These are supposed to be casual, fun, and meaningful. They can cover Ice Breakers/Convo starters like What's fun about our chapter, tips for coming to campus, best memories that align with why Sigma Nu is important. They can also be great Q & A – style meetings.

- Zoom Info Session – create a PowerPoint Presentation that gives an overview of Sigma Nu and your chapters history, facts, brand, and goals

- ALUMNI SPEAKER PANEL – Set up a Zoom call with key alumni that allows your potential new members to meet them, and allow them to ask questions about the lifelong commitment, and alumni can give advice on the collegiate experience

- VIRTUAL CHAPTER HOUSE / CAMPUS TOUR – Create a live video feed on your social media or a Zoom call that gives a walk-thru of your chapter facility or even the campus itself. Remember – many students will have never been given an in-person tour due to COVID

- CALL PNM & PARENTS WITH CHAPTER ADVISOR – As parents tend to be one of the biggest barriers to commitment, allow an opportunity for your potential new members (PNM’s) to invite their parents to a virtual roundtable with your Chapter Advisor. This gives them direct contact with chapter members, and an alumnus for them to understand the benefits of joining Sigma Nu.

Conversation Recommendations

“5 F’s”

- Friends: Do you know anyone in the chapter? What do you and your friends do on weekends etc…
- Family: How many siblings? What do your parents do? Where they greek? etc
- Firsts: First class, first football game, the first week of classes, etc. The first time you went to…
- From: Where are you from? What high school? What's it like growing up in…
- Favorites: Favorite sports, activities, vacations, etc


- How the potential new member is settling into college
- Roommates
- High school interests and activities
- Future plans and goals
- Classes and professors
- Movies, music, sports
- A typical week in a fraternity
- How chapter meetings are structured
- Hobbies and interests
- Mention something he is wearing, “I noticed your Jersey, are you a Braves fan?”
- Mention a recent event, “Did you watch Last Dance on ESPN last week?”

Recruitment Progression

- Try to have at least 3 touchpoints with each potential new member after your first contact with them. These touchpoints can include 1-on-1 calls, virtual event participation & attendance, follow-up calls, etc. The purpose is to allow each potential new member to get as much information and experiences as possible with your chapter as well as your chapter gets as much information about the potential new member. We want to make sure that it is mutually beneficial

Additional Resources

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