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2020 Alpha Affiliates

William C. DeLaney (Presbyterian) – Alpha #660

William graduated from Presbyterian College with a 3.86 GPA majoring in Religion-Christian Education. He served Zeta Theta Chapter (Presbyterian) as Recorder in 2019, Chaplain in 2018, and Chaplain and Philanthropy Chair of the Fall 2017 Candidate Class.

Within his campus community he is Director of the 4th Tuesday Soup Kitchen and has served on a variety of leadership committees at his local church, First Presbyterian Church of Laurens.

The Pastor and Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church of Laurens, Rev. Dr. Frank M. McCracken met William in August of 2018 while visiting the Zeta Theta Chapter and continued to keep in touch with DeLaney. “In the fall of 2019, we were pleased to have Will complete a semester internship with First Presbyterian Church and during that time I came to see and deeply admire his character and work ethic,” Rev. Dr. McCracken says.

Dakota D. Fletcher (Montana State) – Alpha #661

Dakota graduated from Montana State University with a 3.68 GPA majoring in Biochemistry. He served the Zeta Nu Chapter (Montana State) as Scholarship Chairman in 2020, Recruitment Chairman in 2019, and LEAD Chairman in 2019.

Within his campus community he was a member of the MSU Miracle Network Dance Marathon Team from 2019-2020 and was able to help raise money for Shodair Children’s Hospital. Dakota was also Vice President and Treasurer of the MSU Undergraduate Chemistry Society in 2017.

After serving alongside Dakota in the Fraternity, Eminent Commander Ethan Turner stated, “There is no one who is more deserving of this award than Dakota, for he has taken the founding values of our fraternity and shaped them into mechanisms of success.”

Nicholas G. Girardi (Colorado) – Alpha #662

Nick graduated from the University of Colorado with a 3.96 GPA majoring Neuroscience. He served Gamma Kappa Chapter (Colorado) as Social Chairman in 2019, served on the Philanthropy Committee in 2019, and was a member of the executive board in 2019.

Within his campus community he volunteered with the Global Down Syndrome Association. Nick also served as a teacher’s assistant to an introduction to anatomy course, where he was able to help fellow students succeed in areas they struggled.

After serving alongside Nick, Alumni Advisory Board Chairman Randolph A. Rowland says, “Nick is the consummate brother who genuinely cares about the well-being of the chapter and its members. He leads by example and genuinely wants every brother in the house to succeed in their lives by pushing brothers to pursue scholastic excellence and make good life choices.”

William E. Hensley (Tennessee) – Alpha #663

William graduated from the University of Tennessee with a 3.73 GPA majoring in Business Analytics. He served Epsilon Eta Chapter (Tennessee) as Commander in 2019, Treasurer in 2017, and Candidate Class President in 2016.

Within his campus community he volunteered with Junior Achievement, where he was able to teach and share the basics of business. William also served on the Interfraternity Council (IFC), as a member of the Dean of Students’ Advisory Council, and as an Ambassador for the Haslam College of Business.

2019 Interfraternity Council (IFC) President at the University of Tennessee, Caden Throneberry, worked alongside William during his time with the IFC. Caden said, “Not only was it incredible to work with him last year, I consider him a great friend and someone who will make it far in life. I’ve never met someone who better embodied what it meant to be a leader and a fraternity man.”

Michael C. Lay (Arkansas – Fort Smith) – Alpha #664

Michael graduated from University of Arkansas – Fort Smith with a 2.80 GPA majoring in Media Communication. He served Nu Alpha Chapter (Arkansas – Fort Smith) as Chaplain, Philanthropy Chairman, and Social Chairman in 2018.

Within his campus community he served in the Student Government Association. Michael was also a part of the LionHeart and Alternative Spring Break Programs which helped him discover his passion for volunteering.

Coordinator of Greek Life and Leadership Programs, Shannon Garcia, advised Michael during his time as a student. Garcia states, “Michael persevered, he is the best example of a dutiful leader and a strong follower. Even now, without any specific officer roles, Michael is looked upon by his peers as a mentor and advisor to help them be as successful as possible.”

Paul C. Markos (Mississippi) – Alpha #665

Paul graduated from the University of Mississippi with a 3.80 GPA majoring in Public Policy Leadership. He served Epsilon Xi Chapter (Mississippi) as Risk Reduction Chairman in 2019 and House Manager in 2018. Markos also served on the Fraternity’s High Council as a Collegiate Grand Councilman in 2019.

Within his campus community he was a founding member of the Center for Intelligence and Security Studies’ Society for Future Intelligence Leaders, an honors society whose purpose was to bring defense and policy professionals from all backgrounds to the University of Mississippi.

“I have known Paul for years and have had the opportunity to observe his academic and personal progress,” said Peery Professor of Accountancy Emeritus, James W. Davis. “He is an outstanding young man, highly intelligent, dependable, and focused on his future.”

Javier E. Ramirez (Oklahoma) – Alpha #666

Javier graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a 3.74 GPA majoring in Human Relations. He served Delta Epsilon Chapter (Oklahoma) as Homecoming Chairman in 2017, 2018, and 2019, Philanthropy Chairman in 2018, and has served on numerous committees throughout his time with the Fraternity.

Within his campus community he participated in the Ronald E. McNair Scholar Program since 2018 which he says has impacted every aspect of his life. Through the program he found a love for research and was able to utilize his story as autoethnographic research.

Research Associate for the Corix Plains Institute – University of Oklahoma, Sara Mata, Ph.D. says, “Mr. Ramirez has proven to be a very determined student and was passionate about seeking endeavors to enrich his undergraduate experience. Javier possesses resilience and perseverance and uses these strengths to his advantage to achieve success in anything he puts his mind to.”

Noah P. Rogers (East Carolina) – Alpha #667

Noah graduated from East Carolina University with a 3.84 GPA majoring in Engineering. He served Eta Beta Chapter (East Carolina) as Historian in 2020, Marshal in 2019, and served on numerous committees throughout his time in the Fraternity.

Within his campus community he was involved with the Pirates for Down Syndrome Awareness Fashion Show. Noah also served as a representative on the Student Safety Committee, where he was able to advocate for student welfare on campus.

Assistant Director of Central Reservations, Brandon W. Carta was able to work alongside Noah on numerous occasions where he discovered, “Noah is intelligent, committed, confident, team-oriented, thoughtful, ambitious, and innovative.”

Daniel C. Smith (Illinois) – Alpha #668

Dan graduated from the University of Illinois with a 3.05 GPA majoring in Chemical Engineering. He served Gamma Mu (Illinois) as Social Chairman in 2019, Eminent Commander in 2018, and Chaplain in 2017.

Within his campus community he was involved with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, where he was provided a variety of opportunities to explore his field of study. Dan was also selected by the university to be a member of the Lunch Bunch Student Advisory Committee.

Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Amanda Wahba says, “Dan is not a leader because of the things he does – he is a leader because he sees his role in the bigger picture and helps others find theirs – he is a sounds advice-giver and seeker.”

Kyle R. Svoboda (Kansas) – Alpha #669

Kyle graduated from the University of Kansas with a 3.40 GPA majoring in Architectural Engineering. He served Nu Chapter (Kansas) as LEAD Chairman in 2019, Commander in 2018, and Recorder in 2017.

Within his community he has served on staff for the past five years at the American Legion Missouri Boys State Program, a program that teaches leadership, government, and the importance of democracy in our country.

Al Wurster served with Kyle on the High Council and states, “I have seen Kyle step up to the plate to share his thoughts and challenge others in their thinking. He seemed to be one to always speak what was on his mind and in his heart.”

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