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5 Questions with Hall of Honor Inductee Dan Rodriguez (Arizona State)


Dan Rodriguez's fraternal career started with his initiation in 1969 and hasn't stopped since. We sat down with the 2018 Hall of Honor inductee to get some of his thoughts on his Sigma Nu journey.

What was your favorite Grand Chapter memory?

At the 49th Grand Chapter in 1980 in Atlanta, I was working for the Fraternity’s staff and our convention hotel was the Marriott. The Pittsburgh Steelers also happened to be at the same hotel playing a pre-season game against the Falcons. We had some sort of walkie-talkie system that made you look official. Well Steelers Head Coach Chuck Knoll walks towards me, thinking I worked for the hotel, and asked me where the team got on the busses. I didn’t know, so I assumed it was the same place the collegians got on the busses and told him there. I’m not sure if they ever got on the right busses.

What was your time like on the High Council?

It was a great time. I got to serve with men like Jim Cherry (Hampden-Sydney), E.G. White (Indiana), and Mike Long (Drury/Missouri State) to name a few. Our biggest challenge then was the alcohol situation. We had to work from a place of anything-you- want to something with guidance and guidelines. Out of that came some great policies and resources that helped us stay on the right track.

Looking back, what's changed the most?

The LEAD Program without a doubt. It’s only gotten better and better. The idea of offering an outstanding member development experience that complements and amazing brotherhood experience really begins with Dick Fletcher (Penn State). He understood that our Fraternity needed to mean something more than just hanging out at the house. Because of that vision, we are a leader in developing future leaders.

Biggest changes seen in the fraternal world?

People are recognizing that we must be above the mentality of “college kids will be college kids.” Things like alcohol abuse and sexual assault are serious issues. Fortunately, fraternities have taken ownership of their issues and are providing real solutions to those problems. In fact, they’ve usually been on the leading edge of addressing those issues.

Any piece of advice for today's alumnus?

If you live near a Sigma Nu chapter get involved. Just do it. Ask the Chapter Advisor what they need and what you can do to help. These chapters and students appreciate you giving them time and attention, and they appreciate hearing from people who have life experience. It’s so much fun for me to work with college students because I’m in my 70s, and while things like technology or membership changes the experience at its core doesn’t. Really, if you truly believe in what we do and the Sigma Nu experience, then you should get out and help preserve it for those coming after you.

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