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Kentucky Wesleyan's First Annual Honor Week

Chapter & Alumni News 

Each week brothers gather around the country in meetings and recite the Creed of Sigma Nu – “To believe in the life of love, to walk in the way of honor, to serve in the light of truth.”  As with anything recited over time, that which is recited may lose significance.  It was that concern that led Faculty Advisor Ron Sharp to think about celebrating the Creed.  What would it look like to spend concentrated time reflecting on and hearing about the Creed? 
This past January, the fruit of Sharp’s thinking was realized as Eta Epsilon help its first Honor Week.  Throughout the week of January 20 – 24, 2019, the campus community at Kentucky Wesleyan College heard from alumni and actives within Eta Epsilon Chapter. Over five evenings, five talks were given concerning various aspects of honor. 
The keynote for the week was given by Brother Randall Capps. Capps is an alumnus of the Eta Epsilon Chapter, and holder of numerous leadership positions within the national fraternity, including past regent. Capps, drawing on his vast experience within education and within the fraternity, encouraged attendees to make a difference and to remain engaged, regardless of chapter size or personal position.  He also emphasized the importance of reading and staying current with events. Leadership is not a destination but is a road that must be travelled. In a breathtaking gesture, the chapter was presented a stein from Brother Capps, personalized from when Sigma Delta was the Sigma Nu local on campus at Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Prior to Brother Capps’ address, participants heard over a period of four days, Alumnus Wyatt Foust’s talk on “A Career with Honor.” Foust recently won his second coach of the year recognition for girls’ high school basketball.  He reminded those attending of the importance of mindset and the value in pursuing the best interests of others, not succeeding at the expense of someone else. Brother Cody Evans, “A Candidate with Honor”, followed with a reminder of students engaging responsibly within the campus community. Borrowing from President Theodore Roosevelt, Evans reminded attendees not to be among those “cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” The week continued with Brother Braxton Bratcher, “An Active with Honor”, emphasizing how important it is to constantly assess one’s own individual responsibility. Building on the collective them of Evans’ talk, Bratcher showed how the initial point must be an honest self-assessment. Faculty Advisor Ron Sharp’s talk, “A Mentor with Honor”, detailed how he has been mentored through various stages of his life – both formally and informally.  Mentors may be someone older than you, younger than you, or your same age.

Honor Week will continue as a fall tradition for Eta Epsilon. Plans are almost finalized for this fall’s event.


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