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History from The Deltas


100 Years Ago... 

The May 1919 issue of The Delta showed the start of the organization of Divisional Alumni Association meeting in smaller divisions. These types of meetings were already being organized in larger cities in states, but some alumni wanted to get them going in smaller divisions. This article written by Lieutenant Lawrence C. Brewer (Iowa State University) talks about the first Sigma Nu banquet held on German soil, during the war at the time. He tried to locate as many brothers as possible for this old fashion dinner. Th Y.M.C.A helped circulate notices and after a week 10 reservations were received. Unfortunately, due to a horrific rain storm that hit Germany, only 4 brothers were in attendance, Captain Arthur C. Hansen, Beta Upsilon, First Engineers, Lieutenant Joseph O. Genereux, Beta Sigma, First Engineers, Lieutenant Frank F. Fox, Lambda and Gamma Pi, Sixteenth Infantry, and Lieutenant Lawrence C. Brewer, Gamma Sigma, Assistant to Division Quartermaster. The attendance was small, but it set the tone for beginning Divisional Alumni Association meetings in small divisions such as this.

50 Years Ago…

The hunt for the oldest living Sigma Nu at the time of the centennial was underway.  Dick McCauley former commander of Zeta Sigma (Gettysburg) set aside his graduate studies at Florida State and started the search that began14 months prior to the centennial. McCauley found Brother Preston Brooks Sowell (Alabama), born August 27, 1869. He went to his home in Quincy, Florida and had good conversation about his life and legacy and the Brotherhood of Sigma Nu. A couple weeks later he passed away, but his memory made a lasting impact. McCauley then found the next in line, Reverend John Scott Meredith who was 101 years old on May 15. He was a retired Episcopal clergyman living in Warrenton, VA, he was badge #30 in the Lambda Chapter at Washington and Lee. He was the oldest living alumnus at the time which made him a perfect fit for the centennial celebration.

25 Years Ago…

Construction at headquarters began during the year of 1994, they wanted to not only enhance the facility and efficiency of headquarters but wanted to build a memorial rose arbor and pathway of honor. This wing at headquarters has been a dream and it was dedicated to “fraternal staff”. Robert L. Marchman III (Emory), president of Sigma Nu Educational Foundation at the time was at headquarters for this groundbreaking event. Sigma Nu headquarters made the move to Lexington, Va. from Indianapolis, In. in 1957 and the growth went from 70,000 living alumni brothers to 135,000 and 6,400 collegiate to 9,000. Marchman stated “Truly this growth alone mandates the building of additional facilities”, “to make a lasting difference, to make better men”. The construction was scheduled for completion in Fall 1995, this represented the “fifth” architectural dimension of the Foundations property.

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