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Headquarters Staff Update

Updates from Lexington

The Fraternity is pleased to announce that several exceptional individuals have joined the Headquarters staff team this year.

Valerie Javins, Communications Coordinator

Valerie joined the staff in July of 2018. She graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. She is originally from Wilmington, De. but she relocated to Lexington a year ago with her husband. In her free time she enjoys running, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Ashton Harrison, Administrative Coordinator

Ashton joined the staff in July of 2018. She lives in Rockbridge County, Va. with her husband, two daughters and her german shephard Remmie. She is a native of the Lexington area. In her free time she enjoys photography and kayaking. She has a big family and loves spending time with them as often as she can. 

Evan Winebarger (Georgia Southern), Director of Expansion and Recruitment

Evan joined the staff in March 2018. Originally from Atlanta, Ga., Evan played football at Morehead State before transferring to Georgia Southern University. He graduated from Georgia Southern where he double-majored in Psychology and Recreational Therapy. During his undergraduate tenure with Theta Kappa Chapter he served as Commander.

Evan worked for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation as the Director of Programming and served as Chapter Advisor for Gamma Kappa (Colorado). Evan resides in Denver, Colo. and oversees all recruitment education and programming as well as expansion efforts and colony development.


Gabriel Castro (Jacksonville), Leadership Consultant

Gabe Castro Headshot Gabriel joined the General Fraternity staff in June 2018. He graduated from Jacksonville University with a degree in sports business and a minor in marketing.

During his time in the Kappa Theta Chapter he served as Historian, Recruitment Chairman, and Chaplain. He was recognized by his chapter with the Brother of Year award and as a two-time Athlete of the Year. In addition to his studies, Gabriel worked as a student manager for Jacksonville University’s Division I men’s basketball team.

Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Gabriel is a huge sports fan and enjoys watching and following a wide variety of sports teams from around the world. In his free time he likes to play soccer, basketball, video games, and listen to music.

Gabriel serves as the consultant for the following chapters and colonies: Beta Alpha, Beta Iota, Beta Rho, Delta Alpha, Delta Beta, Delta Gamma, Delta Kappa, Delta Phi, Delta Pi, Delta Sigma, Epsilon Theta, Gamma Delta, Gamma Pi, Iota Sigma, Kappa Delta, Kappa Lambda, Kappa Zeta, Lambda Eta, Mu Iota, Mu Pi, Mu Zeta, Zeta Gamma, Zeta Sigma. 

Adam Girtz (North Dakota State), Leadership Consultant

Adam Girtz Headshot

Adam joined the General Fraternity staff in June 2018. He graduated from North Dakota State University in May 2018 with a degree in business management. 

As a proud member of the Eta Theta Chapter at NDSU, Adam served as Commander and Recruitment Chairman. He also served his campus community as a Bison Ambassador and Welcome Week Leader. In all these positions, Adam developed a strong bond with his fellow students and took pride in his position as a role model for younger students.  

Adam and his two younger siblings were raised in Becker, Minnesota. He likes to spend his free time snowboarding, hiking and experiencing everything the world has to offer. Following his time on staff, Adam plans to lend his skills and talents to a non-profit organization focused on bettering our planet.

Adam serves as the consultant for the following chapters and colonies: Beta Beta, Beta Mu, Beta Upsilon, Beta Zeta, Delta Eta, Delta Rho, Delta Theta, Epsilon Delta, Epsilon Lambda, Epsilon Mu, Epsilon Rho, Eta Mu (A), Gamma Beta, Gamma Eta, Gamma Gamma, Gamma Kappa, Gamma Mu, Gamma Phi, Gamma Tau, Lambda Delta, Lambda Gamma, Lambda Pi, Theta Eta, Theta Nu, Theta Rho, Zeta Nu, Zeta Phi.

Zac Kolander (Cal State Fullerton), Leadership Consultant

Zac Kolander Headshot

Zac joined the General Fraternity staff in June 2018. He completed his undergraduate studies at California State University Fullerton, graduating with a degree in business finance focusing in real estate. 

During his time in the Lambda Upsilon Chapter, Zac served as Commander, Recruitment Chairman, and Social Chairman. Under his term as Commander the Lambda Upsilon Chapter received programming awards in Leadership Development, Community Service, Philanthropy, and Scholarship from the University. As an executive board member, Zac assisted his chapter in winning his university’s dean’s cup in 2015. Zac also volunteered with organizations throughout his collegiate career including Sierra Vista Elementary, Second Harvest, and Priceless Pet Shelter. Outside of Sigma Nu, Zac was involved in the Real Estate Association on campus.

Originally from San Jose, Zac is a California native who grew up in Orange County. In his free time, he enjoys soccer, following professional soccer, and playing FIFA. Zac loves traveling the U.S. and after a successful career hopes to enjoy traveling Europe. Following his time on staff, Zac plans to pursue a career in commercial real estate.

Zac serves as the consultant for the following chapters and colonies: Beta Omicron, Beta Tau, Delta, Epsilon Chi, Epsilon Eta, Epsilon Sigma, Eta Beta, Eta Epsilon, Eta Omicron, Eta Rho, Gamma, Gamma Iota, Gamma Omicron, Kappa Chi, Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Iota, Mu Eta, Mu Kappa, Nu Delta, Psi, Sigma, Theta Theta, Theta Zeta, Zeta Theta, UT Chattanooga Colony.

Tre Nelson (Northwestern State), Leadership Consultant

Tre Nelson HeadshotTre joined the General Fraternity staff in June 2018. He graduated from the Louisiana Scholars' College at Northwestern State University with a degree in liberal arts with a concentration in politics, philosophy, and law. 

During his time in the Mu Rho Chapter, Tre served as Lt. Commander, Alumni Relations Chairman, and Social Chairman. Outside of Sigma Nu, he was the President of the Student Government Association, Mr. Northwestern State University, Homecoming King, Greek Man of the Year, and Greek Senior of the Year. Additionally, Tre served as a Collegiate Grand Councilman for Sigma Nu Fraternity and sat on the national Board of Directors for the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee.

Tre was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He enjoys traveling, hiking, cooking, listening to music, and meeting people from different walks of life. After his time on staff, Tre intends to pursue an MBA and enter the political consulting field.

Tre serves as the consultant for the following chapters and colonies: Beta Theta, Delta Mu, Epsilon Xi, Epsilon Zeta, Eta, Eta Gamma, Gamma Alpha, Iota, Iota Gamma, Iota Lambda, Iota Pi, Kappa, Kappa Theta, Lambda Theta, Mu, Mu Beta, Mu Nu, Mu Psi, Mu Xi, Nu Beta, Theta, Theta Alpha, Theta Gamma, Theta Kappa, Theta Pi.

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